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Thank you guys for the suggestions.   The armholes feel ok.  Do they look way off?  I was thinking a little trimming around the back/waist was in order.  Any other obvious changes?  Thanks again!!
Unfortunately I agree Nine.  No, it doesn't make much of a difference fixing the bottoms.  
Well, below is my second suit attempt with KW.   I am not sure what to think about the back of the coat and I feel the back of the trousers are too big.  I went with belt loops on the my first suit and the trousers were fine but I went with no belt loops so Kent recommended increasing the waist size which left me with the results below.  Any thoughts on these pics?  Thank you!                
Ok, here is a shirt I ordered recently.  Would sure appreciate some feedback before ordering more.  Thank you!        
Thanks for the opinions, keep them coming!  Yes, this is the final MTM suit, not the trial.   
Hello everyone!  I am looking for opinions on my first attempt at MTM shirts.  Please give me your thoughts.   Thank you!              
Ok folks!  Looking for some opinions on my recent MTM suit purchase.   Will have to get the trousers lengthened for sure!  Sorry for the wrinkles!              
        Hello all!  Looking for suggestions on this Kent Wang trial suit.  I am thinking something has to be done in the armpit area but not sure what?  Chest needs a little but more room.   Lower the button stance 1.5 to 2 cm.  Shorten the sleeves slightly.    Thank you all for your input!!
          Here are more pics with my shirt tucked in.     Here are Kent's rec's.     Buttoning point should be at the narrowest part of your waist, so I think -2 cm Sleeve length -2 cm. You should double check. With your arms laying naturally at your side, your shirt sleeve should end at the third joint (base joint) of your thumb. The jacket sleeve should end 1.5 cm above that. Jacket length, we usually adjust the same amount...
        Here is the trial suit from KW.  Was thinking the sleeves are a bit too long.  A little small in the chest area.  Would like to figure out what is going on in the arm pits.  Shorten the collar.  Not sure on the waist or button stance.  Any thoughts??     Thanks!  
New Posts  All Forums: