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Has anybody seen or tried on the oversized coat? Would like to hear your impressions of it. 
 Oh man, that's disappointing, but not totally unexpected. I was planning on getting that coat if it was cotton or a blend; really not a fan of 100% poly.
Very nice beepbop. Great pieces from DVN there.
Wish the coat had hidden placket! Just looks a bit cheap with the plastic buttons exposed like that. If the fabric is good I may get it anyway..   Came back in stock in size large. Really good price.
Thanks for posting. Yeah, not into it at all. Disappointing after the '15 and '16 collections.
Nice bag @KingPSQ! Looks like it's precisely what you wanted. Can I just ask if it's "dark brown" calf leather? I also ordered a bag in the summer sale in july - but I'm still waiting for it almost 6 months later  The tannery is apparently having trouble delivering, or that's the reason I was given. I'm getting impatient. Especially now that I see your great result. Guess I'll try writing customer service for the tenth time.
What's with the hood lol. The print on the back and front is super awesome though. Who's the maker?
 Thanks, it is! One popped up on Yoox in my size.. 
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