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 That's me. And mrballs was friggin awesome for helping. Good guy :-)
 Uniqlo x Hana Tajima is mentioned. Don't know that designer, but this and this looks pretty nice.
That looks very good. Shoulder looks nice. One of the best SS suits I've seen. Been thinking I should visit the Copenhagen store one day. What did the MTM suit end up costing?
Does the Lemaire.fr store have a sale before Christmas usually?
On the EU site it looks like some wool pants have been restocked. Almost all sizes in olive is available again, but not the other colors.
Yeah, a belt like that. Different fabric and collar. Think I saw it on yahoo auctions a long time ago. Anyway, definitely got a Dries trench coat on the wish list. If I can only find an affordable one second hand..
That trenchcoat is amazing. Cool with the huge pockets. Wasn't there a dries trenchcoat with a "side-belt" at the waist one time? Maybe I'm imagining things.
Excellent for the price imo. The fabric is on the thin side, but still has a pretty good drape. They are lined to the knee. The brown colour is darker than on the web. They are very long in the leg, so you probably have to have them hemmed.
 Size 30 fit TTS, but idk about the other sizes. Would be weird if they were different.
Very cool @eglbc and @Kaplan   It was "culture night" in Copenhagen tonight, where museums and lots of other institutions do something special. I snapped a few photos. Unfortunately I had to use high ISO for many since the lighting conditions were often very dark/poor.    First from Thorvaldsen's museum; they added spot lighting to the sculptures and rooms. Neat.     And a few from the collection of the SMK museum with sculpture casts. There was a fashion...
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