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ULD vest is really nice. Got it in grey and like it a lot.
Yeah, I agree. Got sniped on the Tricker's though.    Edit: Nevermind. YJ! saves the day again!
Looking for some black boots for fall/winter. Wanted Alden Black Shell, but they are way too expensive. Will be wearing moleskin or wool trousers, so maybe something a little shiny for contrast? Perhaps these Dr Martens? No idea if they will look good with wear. Tricker's Burford boots are maybe nicer, but slightly more matte leather. Will have to get them used though  too expensive new.  
Is the styleforum code for 15% off no longer valid? Didn't work when I tried it on those new Dr Martens boots you put up - they look really nice, especially in that fit pic you posted above.
Nice fit dude. That's some awesome patterned boxer briefs you are wearing. Sorry
There are different kinds of HM linen pants. The ones without a drawstring are nicer I think. But yeah, sizing is wack. I got some in XS and they are still a little big in the waist..   Anybody know about Christophe Lemaire sizing? Looking at a shirt. Mr Porter says sz 2 equals 46, Thecorner says sz 1 is 46. And Mr Porter doesn't seem to carry sz 1 at all?  
Funny series  It doesn't seem like a good place to be a, uh, reporter or whatever you are. Adventurer? The bloggers get a stage to do their thing and the retailers conduct their business. So when they wont show you much at the booths, it's nice that you can write about all the craziness surrounding pitti instead.
EG porter jacket, M (if anyone comes across one in size small, let me know please!)   http://item.rakuten.co.jp/kind-u/575314004237?s-id=top_normal_browsehist&xuseflg_ichiba01=10902247
MMM sandals. Found an unused pair on y! Was expecting to dye them black, but this purple/grey color is naaais.   And I guess I have tiny princess heels since the fastening strap is like 4 cm too long. Weird! Will have to go to a cobbler to get it shortened or move the velcro.    
 hah, so you did get the bedford? Good for you! Pretty jelly it wasn't a 46.
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