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Hah, pretty good. Well done.
Yeah, many sizes of the +J collection sold out on the uk site in no time. Within a couple of hours if I remember right. Hope it wont be the case this time.   The cape looks nice haha. Kind of want it, but probably wont go for it. Hard to pull off.
A few high res images from the uniqlo x lemaire preview:                
Someone should buy this. Looks really nice: http://www.ebay.com/itm/CHRISTOPHE-LEMAIRE-Oatmeal-Brown-Cotton-Linen-Trench-Coat-sz-3-Medium-fits-Large-/321807449966?&_trksid=p2056016.m2516.l5255
  Phone camera mirror fit.. Such photo quality. EG 2xUniqlo Luxire slip ons
Nice deals. Too bad the summery end-on-end riverstone grey isn't on the list *wink nudge*    @luxire, can I just write "band collar" in the custom collar field for a regular band/mandarin collar?
Looks very promising! Thanks for posting. Focus on knits could be a good thing. Not only is my wardrobe lacking in that department, I think it's also likely to turn out better than jackets or outerwear, which is hard to pull off without a lot of designing and nice fabrics. The black pleated pants in the picture, if they are going to be available, are a sure buy. Also like the women's black cardigan.
Nice! We can start a club. Wont ever get more members though.
Just ordered my first baller boots: Guidi 994 in cordovan. And now the wait begins. I'll return with pics in 2016.  
Great fits @ThaiToast. I really like how simple and relaxed they look. Mind posting deets on the clothes?
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