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Actually Sprout has included descriptions of those models - look again in the spoilered sections. 245 is unlined and slimmer.
Nice! We can start a club. Wont ever get more members though.
Just ordered my first baller boots: Guidi 994 in cordovan. And now the wait begins. I'll return with pics in 2016.  
This sounds pretty interesting. Subscribing. Especially curious to know if the navy birdseye fabric "Adriana12" is available and what the price would be. Did a quick google search and that fabric looks nice - but I'll wait and see once you get more info up. Thanks for doing this.
Great fits @ThaiToast. I really like how simple and relaxed they look. Mind posting deets on the clothes?
Yeah, this was really something else. It's been fun following along. Thanks!
Alden PTB in Barrie last is amazing. Would definitely be my pick; for very SWD fits as well as CM. I want a pair in cordovan - so expensive though! :-(
I think more women should wear culottes. They are cool. Noticed them in stores, but never see them in the streets.  
Haha. He actually contacted me after I posted that - typical. But I guess I'll blame Helle Thorning for it taking so long.
I contacted a seller about an open listing - twice, after getting no response the first time - but he's ignoring me  (saw that he's been online recently) Why would anyone do that. If they're sold wouldn't you just say so? Ugh, really wanted those boots!
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