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At least fromjapan just started offering a check service :p Hopefully they can help.
 Oh, well, fuck. What a brainfart. Didn't even pay attention to the buttoning.
Wish www.other-shop.com would get the Lemaire collection up already. For sure the 20% code is going to run out before they get it online  
 I bought some black derbies from Rokin a few weeks ago. Leather is not the prettiest - has some odd creasing on the surface - but the shape is really good. I expect leather quality will matter less for suede.
 Christophe Lemaire has a bit of the same feel.
 I actually went to a Zara store yesterday to check out the spring stuff (lookbook seemed promising). Almost all of it felt and looked terrible. Some of the items were marked with a tag (think it was called black star or something?), which I think was supposed to be slightly better quality, but was still pretty bad. Crazy considering the price is quite a bit higher than H&M. Only thing I almost bought was a basic cotton/silk/cashmere jumper and one shirt. On a...
edit: same as istasi posted :P
Can't stop staring at the napkin. Nice fit and paintings though.
The Ijevan is nice as always, but I'm really loving that turk cardigan. Especially layered like that.
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