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Received the media scarf in 'moss' from Antwerp. They even included the lookbook and a handwritten thank you note. So nice.  The scarf is great. The wool is pretty thin, but it's big so you can wrap it a few times. Just hope it holds up well. The Album scarves are amazing and all, but I think they are too big and bulky for me, whereas this is perfect.  
I suceeded in ordering a scarf from the Antwerp store. Media scarf for €75. So it seems it's still possible to order over e-mail 
Can't you purchase items over e-mail from the Antwerp store (I live in Europe)? I tried writing them, but they haven't answered yet. Otherwise I could definitely be interested if someone is willing to proxy. Just looking for a scarf if it's still on sale..
Where is that, Auximenes? It looks like an amazing place. The architecture and landscape...
I'm a little disappointed with the EU shops carrying Schneider; the US/Canadian shops have better buys and you can often find something at 30% off. Usually better colors and the good models. Just too bad that even at 30% off the price ends up the same after duties.   In Europe, only one shop carried the Poa in storm - and sz 3 and 4 sold out at retail price. Only one shop has album scarves, and not in the green colour I like. Le sigh. Guess I have to wait for B&S.
cdgh (L) http://page2.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/b167119643   guidi (41) good price if it doesn't get bid up. For smaller feet than mine unfortunately. http://page18.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/w115678618
I think the pants are way too messy and should be hemmed. Some black leather derbies is the obvious choice. Other than that, it looks good! Really cool coat.
How does the grey oxford shirts look this season? Looking for something like below, but the photos on the webshop are so poor. Seems like the slim fit models have black buttons? And maybe a darker grey?  
Nice Benes. Cozy and relaxed fit. Like the shoes with it. That SS cardigan is really great.
  Thought it was great. Really surprised it's getting such harsh reviews. Has more substance than most blockbusters. Edge of Tomorrow, Captain America, Elysium - fun movies, but them I found forgettable and they are much higher rated. It's slower paced than the past two, but spending some time on character development is fine with me. Good acting and likeable characters. Deals with some interesting themes; mainly propaganda in this one. Seems like reviewers are bashing...
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