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I was also charged some weeks before my trousers shipped, but they've always been quick to answer my mails..
Received these moleskin pants today - my first order from Luxire. And I'm super happy with how the they turned out! Thanks Luxire :D Fit is exactly what I expected - made my measurements from another pair of pants with slight modifications. This fabric is seriously awesome; thick and really soft. It's from Brissbane Moss and apparently slightly heavier than the regular moleskin offerings.   Sorry for the poor lighting in these photos. Couldn't resist snapping some even...
From Title A fall collection.. Rest is mostly meh, but this is nice.
 You got it in grey? Did you see the black? is it, like, black? or more of a very dark grey like it appears on the webstore?
Huh, suit in grey already gone in my size. Pretty strange.. Almost everything else is still available.
Fabric and construction on that one is fine, if it's the same as last year which it looks like. It's very square/boxy and sharp in the shape and the fabric wont drape much, just so you know. It didn't work for me when I tried it on anyway.
 It says prices on here: uniqlo.com/uk/plusj/men/Blazer £129.90 and pants £49.90. Not bad, will likely pick up a suit myself.   Is the shawl cardigan even in this re-release? Don't see it on the list on uniqlo's page..
I have that chesterfield coat (same design), but I think the fabric on mine is 70% wool and 30% nylon, and it's not that thick. Still like it, though. Too bad there's only one colour so far - would've liked one in brown or camel.
Oh damn, looks amazing.  
The shape of them is good, but the leather is kind of ugly up close still good beater shoes. Would only buy on sale. There are a lot of models, though, so quality may vary, I don't know. The customer service is very helpful. I asked for a pair with soft leather and they found some.
New Posts  All Forums: