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Don't know if it depends on the model, but I got some single pleat pants in 44 from this FW season - I'm like a 29" waist - and they were way too big in the waist. Could fit a fist in there.
Wonderful jacket from Engineered Garments in an unlined jersey-like knit. Great as an outer layer for spring and summer.   Condition: very good - used, but no stains, flaws or holes of any kind. At most a loose thread here or there. Size S, fits loose/oversize. Has a slight A shape. Too oversize on me for my taste. I would recommend it for a size M for a slimmer, but still relaxed fit.    Chest: 52 cm Hips: 57 cm Shoulder: 42 cm Sleeve: 60 cm Armpit-cuff: 43...
 I went down 2 sizes from my usual size, and can still wear thick wool socks comfortably. Model B1101.
Ice cream man fashion.
Been looking for a vintage herringbone tweed coat after lusting for Lemaire and Eidos Napoli versions. Found this one which is pretty cool, but too big for me.   https://www.etsy.com/dk-en/listing/252463109/vintage-1940s-hart-schaffner-marx-tan?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=herringbone%20coat&ref=sr_gallery_16     Reminded me a bit of this season's Lemaire...
So much image noise..     SS scarf Uniqlo x Lemaire coat Uniqlo Lemaire (new pants, thanks @SuspensionPoint) Buttero
Agree with Kaplan pretty much. More spoilerfree thoughts:  [[SPOILER]]
 Would love to see pictures of those coats. Or some fit pics. A green shawl collar coat doesn't sound like the usual vintage coat..
Caban coat is a womens piece, right? Might fit then.. Perhaps try asking the store for measurements/advice?
 Yes you can do this. Just order the pants and wait to fill in the details on the last 3 pairs - write "instructions coming later" or something to that effect in the notes.
New Posts  All Forums: