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^LUL   Lemaire
Almost, but wrong colours. Just looking for black and white really, maybe ivory, charcoal. 
I don't feel like this should be hard, but somehow it is. I can't find short sleeve t-shirts with slightly longer arms (not kimono sleeves), relaxed fit and not too tight in the neck. At normal t-shirt prices, 25-50 usd. H&M, Zara, COS got nothing.   Something like this.. Any suggestions?  
Many thanks for the link @Callusing. That's exactly what I was looking for! They do seem a bit narrower overall, would've liked the front of the shoe to be a bit wider and with a slightly rounder toe. They still look pretty good worn. And as you say, the price is great.
Anyone have fit pics of the walker derbies? Preferably in a SWD setting..   I'm considering if they could be right for me, but I'm a bit worried they would be too sleek for SWD use. Juding by the photos, the toe looks more pointy than Alden's Barrie last or Raf Simon's derby, or what? To fit with a pretty minimalist aesthetic, e.g. Lemaire, COS, Stephan Scheider.. I'd like a round toe and somewhat chunky appearance.   Raf Simons derby:     Edit: Perhaps it's more...
 Nice. The wool seersucker looks excellent. Are there more colours than midnight? Well, midnight is great in any case.
Really wish Lemaire prices weren't so astronomical. If only it was priced more like Stephan Schneider. 300€ for a long sleeve t-shirt, like come on.   There are so many great pieces on the lemaire.fr shop. Wasn't impressed by the runway photos, but seeing it now there's a lot of beautiful shirts, tees, trousers. And the seersucker jacket is so good.
Is this guy trying to scam me?   Egyptian dude wants to buy my Guidi boots. Can't go through ebay because paypal is blocked in Egypt - true enough. And I didn't want to accept bank transfer of course. First he wanted me to accept the payment from some guy in France who owed him, but I said I wanted to request payment instead so I could include a message with the product description and photos and stuff. Well, he found another solution.   Instead he says he has a friend...
5-zip seems like a good idea.   Anyone handled these AMI derbies? Any impressions? Looks like a pretty nice shape - if a little conservative. And they are very shiny, at least in the photos..   https://www.amiparis.com/dk/shopping/derby-lace-up-shoes-11372473  
Very nice Harris Wharf jacket for cheap..   https://www.gr*iled.com/listings/690130-Harris-Wharf-London-houndstooth-unconstructed-jacket-100--virgin-wool-size-40-US
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