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 Would love to see pictures of those coats. Or some fit pics. A green shawl collar coat doesn't sound like the usual vintage coat..
Caban coat is a womens piece, right? Might fit then.. Perhaps try asking the store for measurements/advice?
 Yes you can do this. Just order the pants and wait to fill in the details on the last 3 pairs - write "instructions coming later" or something to that effect in the notes.
 What if you order i.e. one shirt and a pair of pants for $150 each = $300 total. Which code would work then?
  This looks like a pretty nice and simple shirt jacket. Better if it was regular buttons with a hidden placket though.
Helmut Lang, 48 http://page2.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/b183006118   Norwegian Rain, XS http://item.rakuten.co.jp/trefac/3017002215391380/   Stephan Schneider, 4 http://page2.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/b169316091
Looks like a good result. I've considered the same treatment for some buttero boots in a similar colour. Did you use cream or wax polish?
Just picked up my order in the mail.. Mini review:   Good Boat neck sweater: surprisingly nice and by far the best piece I got. Sadly I got it in the wrong size and it's sold out in ecru. I sized up 2 (to a Large!) and it's almost good, but medium would've been best. Size up 1 on this one for a lovely drapey and relaxed fit.   All right Shawl coat: the cut is fantastic, but the fabric is bad - passable, just not satisfying - drapes well enough, but thin and not that...
 Hm, that's too bad, but guess it's to be expected.. Just tried on the Acne 'Charles' coat in wool/cashmere so will probably feel very disappointing in comparison, but it's 4 times the prices. Will see when it arrives.
@ferdsje & @ebayhtl, good to hear your impressions, appreciate it, thank you! It's a beautiful suit from the pictures and navy birdseye is a great all round fabric. I only need a suit for special occasions, but still want it to be durable enough.
New Posts  All Forums: