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 It says prices on here: uniqlo.com/uk/plusj/men/Blazer £129.90 and pants £49.90. Not bad, will likely pick up a suit myself.   Is the shawl cardigan even in this re-release? Don't see it on the list on uniqlo's page..
I have that chesterfield coat (same design), but I think the fabric on mine is 70% wool and 30% nylon, and it's not that thick. Still like it, though. Too bad there's only one colour so far - would've liked one in brown or camel.
Oh damn, looks amazing.  
The shape of them is good, but the leather is kind of ugly up close still good beater shoes. Would only buy on sale. There are a lot of models, though, so quality may vary, I don't know. The customer service is very helpful. I asked for a pair with soft leather and they found some.
Thanks got them from a forum member some months back (thanks istasi!). They are the SS border trousers in a wool/linen blend. Great fit, Donut! That geller jacket is a sweet color. I got those tricker's coming too!
First WAYWT Robert Geller (scarf)CDG boiled woolSchneiderRokin shoes [[SPOILER]]
Will you carry any variations of this season's Stephan Schneider 'Album' scarves?
ULD vest is really nice. Got it in grey and like it a lot.
Yeah, I agree. Got sniped on the Tricker's though.    Edit: Nevermind. YJ! saves the day again!
Looking for some black boots for fall/winter. Wanted Alden Black Shell, but they are way too expensive. Will be wearing moleskin or wool trousers, so maybe something a little shiny for contrast? Perhaps these Dr Martens? No idea if they will look good with wear. Tricker's Burford boots are maybe nicer, but slightly more matte leather. Will have to get them used though  too expensive new.  
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