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That knitted indigo fabric is amazing - it can't be used for pants, you think? Decent weight, but maybe too soft/fragile? I don't wear jeans ever, but these might be nice as jeans-but-not-really.
 Did you make this? Friggin funny. Editing matches up so well haha  
Ok, there's actually 1 photo of these c-diem boots on page 1 of this thread, but I found some more photos and I think they deserve a repost. Unbelievable boots! Need a remake of these. Or I need to find a used pair... None of those things will happen.  
Those Sabah slip ons are pretty nice. Thanks for the suggestion :)
Can't seem to find any leather slip-ons with a decent sole. Don't like the paper thin leather soles. Something like the pairs below. Any recommendations? Preferably around $200. Guidi makes some super nice ones, but they're too expensive 
Frank Leder jacket, sz M   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Frank-Leder-jacket-size-M-woolrich-barbour-engineered-garments-/151655496418?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_71&hash=item234f5f3ae2
 I was also thinking about having a casentino coat made by Luxire. Nice to know that it's an option. The dark green colour of yours looks great.
Yahoo Japan.  Recently I'm getting all my clothes from there. So weird. Couple years ago I would do my shopping at stores max 30 miles from home.   Oliver Peoples and 2xEG.    
Received the media scarf in 'moss' from Antwerp. They even included the lookbook and a handwritten thank you note. So nice.  The scarf is great. The wool is pretty thin, but it's big so you can wrap it a few times. Just hope it holds up well. The Album scarves are amazing and all, but I think they are too big and bulky for me, whereas this is perfect.  
I suceeded in ordering a scarf from the Antwerp store. Media scarf for €75. So it seems it's still possible to order over e-mail 
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