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Yeah, what bobo said. Pretty much have to try any COS item on before buying. A lot of the times the fabric or cut wont be quite right, but there are some really nice items to be had. I have some winter wool pants which have held up very well. Not sure about the quality of these new ones, but they seem quite nice.
COS drawstring trousers   Inis Meain, cheap from Rakuten   Eidos Napoli. This is going to be so cozy.
It's not amazing, but for the price I'm satisfied. Drapes quite well. If you want something that feels nice, maybe look into the Acne Charles coat. Whole other price range though.
 I bought it. Very happy 
I got confirmation that they are working on my order on April 16th, haven't heard from Luxire since. Seems like they are very busy at the moment.
That's really nice. Cool jacket.  
I told him that one seems to have a "toe cap" and the other not... I don't know if that means the same thing as "toe puff", but I sent images too and an explanation of what happens when you press down on the toe area.    You are reassuring me, thank you. I've been a little panicky. :)
 Thanks, I will try that. Thought they were hard to get in touch with.
 I see, but anyway, according to Holger it's totally normal: 'It is normal. Duo to the piece dyed process i see a lot of this similar things. I sell guidi since almost 5 years and this is normal. My biggest problem now is, i can not go to GUIDI with this "problem" because it is not a problem. What do we do now? I want help, but difficult. please advice ...' I don't want to blame Holger, but this is pretty bullshit. It sucks so much if I spent €790 for one shoe with...
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