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Nice, I like it! I got the 18-55 lens; came with the camera. It's not too bad and it was a great price. Definitely want the 56mm lens, though. What do you use? 35mm?
Hey, really love this thread. Lot of wonderful photos, recently @Mesta (your blog is so good!), @the shah (awesome circus pictures) and @LonerMatt - great & beautiful work!   Got myself a used fuji x-t1 and I've been trying to learn how to use it in the past week. Sweet flipping camera, but I'm still a noob at this. Would like to share a few photos I thought turned out OK anyway. From Copenhagen..            
Wow, looks good.
Video clip is up. Some pretty cool creature/character designs at 1:40 and forward.  
Ew, that's an ugly poster. Lame composition. Looks like a stock photo of a beach with some Star Wars stuff pasted on. Could've put a bit more effort into it, considering the Star Wars tradition of poster artwork. Hope the trailer is more exciting!
Completely new, unused Guidi 994 ankle boots in black Cordovan with toe puff/toe cap. Size EU 43.5. Fits EU 42.5-43 I would say. Box, bag and extra laces included. Cordovan is only available through custom order, so buying these will spare you a 8-10 month wait. The leather is very thick, but supple and comfortable. It's super impressive.   Price: 700 USD --> 630 USD   There is a small mark/indent on the front of the right boot, maybe from a tool or something. See...
White seersucker is an awesome spring/summer fabric. Already have a shirt in such a fabric, but can definitely recommend it. Very comfortable, and not as transparent as linen sometimes is.
I'm going to make a thread in buy&sell some time, but if any of you want a pair of new, unworn Guidi 994 in black cordovan (can only get cordovan in custom orders!), size EU 43.5, let me know. Best for a size 42,5-43 I'd say. Will sell at a very good price.   Pretty frustrating story, first got them as a custom order and they had a fault (after 8 months wait..). Only one boot had a toe puff/salpa, sent the boots to Guidi with a request to remove the toe puff. They...
Yeah, what bobo said. Pretty much have to try any COS item on before buying. A lot of the times the fabric or cut wont be quite right, but there are some really nice items to be had. I have some winter wool pants which have held up very well. Not sure about the quality of these new ones, but they seem quite nice.
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