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The same boots shown here: Bought them on sale for something like $100. Worn 2 or 3 times before I decided they were a bit too long for my feet. Runs a little big (like a 7.5D). Let me know if you've got any questions or want further pictures. Thanks!
I've got a Rogan jacket in S and it fits very damn slim. I'm usually a 34S, and its even a bit tight on me. Also, the jacket is a bit short (I'm 5'5 and the length is right on). With your dimensions, I cant imagine a size M fitting you : /
i dont know much about business, but i would think that free shipping would encourage... impulse buying!!
i often feel black denim is easier to match with than blue denim. i think you can pretty much wear anything except solid yellow or orange on top
quick question: how does shades of grey outerwear fit? im 5'5, 115lbs, and 34in chest. would a size small fit me alright?
To the OP: there are alot of opinions in this thread so far, but id say the best so far is from user 'wacked.' unless you run more than 70ish mpw or are in training for a marathon, alot of the cautionary advice against normal daily running is utterly unmerited.
hey all can anybody direct me to a website selling the crate chinos in either sally or james cut? if there are any brick and mortar stores in downtown la that sell them, that would be nice to know as well
in my experience, quality is quite a bit under h&m. also to my. potato my free suprise gift was a little cell phone charm shaped like a boot, so you didnt miss much : ) seems to have just posted a bunch of new stuff on sale
dshack: im just about your size, and i find that h&m outerwear in 34R fits nice and slim. also Corpus outerwear is often unisex, so size small fits really well too (and from the few pieces I have, they seem to be cut for shorter people too!)
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