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Looks good to me
Pretty sure that ford font would be trademarked too...
https://www.ebay.com/itm/201737472461   Best fake of the year award goes to ...
Almost everything I own is for sale on ebay at a given time. Last month I grabbed a few things to wear to the mall quick and while I was there almost the whole outfit sold. If I'm not madly in love with an item why not list it high and see what happens?
Looking for Dale of Norway Sweater in Small or Medium, preferably blue or with blue. Patagonia or arcteryx gift card, (will need by mid day tomorrow. I have some cash but would rather trade, I have everything from Helmut Lang and John Elliott to Isaia and Kiton or casual stuff like Bonobus chinos. If you don't have anything I'm looking for but want something mentioned then PM me, I'm in a deal making mood. 
I am now, thanks the reminder!!!
Thanks! That's what I'm looking at. I thought for sure sweaters would be Italy but I guess it's a huge cost savings to make them in China
Anyone ever seen Ralph Lauren purple label that's made in China?
You in Philly too?
wtf happened to this thread? I come here for clothes but there's none in sight ... 
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