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Personally I think the Salvatore Ferragamo type ties are ugly. Paisley ties however I wear myself, you have to dress a certain way to pull them off, but I love them. Polka dots, stripes, and solid colors are the best though. I always recommend spending a fair amount ($100-$200) per tie because you will most likely have the tie your whole life. As for brands 90% of mine are Thomas Pink, Paul Smith, and Burberry but that's just my choice. Hope this helps, happy to continue...
Ammo NYC is a car detailing products company for high end cars, they make a great leather cleaner, if it's safe for an s class seat it's safe for a $50 jacket.
Price dropped again
Really slow day today, still got some good stuff.   From left, vintage YSL, vintage YSL, vintage Givenchy.    So bummed these aren't my size !! Real lizard. Gitman Bros with nice mother of pearl buttons. Found this cool framed vintage Armani ad, looks nice hanging next to my closet. 
 Thank you both !!
Noob question, I've seen this label pop up on here a few times but I haven't looked into it yet. A local thrift store I go to has several tuxedo jackets with this tag in it, they are old rental tuxedos but don't have any damage to them, they appear to have been extras that didn't get rented out. Worth picking up?
Not clothing but this is a bragging thread and I did get all this at a thrift store today. $40 for everything, plus all original manuals, warranty cards, and a big bag full of high end cables.   
I thought the same, it looks closest to a N3-B parka but I can't find any with the type of fur mine has or the orange lining. Im thinking mine is a survival variety of some kind. Either way its hands down the most well made jacket I've ever seen and will most likely be my new ski jacket.
Did ok this week           The colorful Ralph Lauren came with these sweet mother of pearl cufflinks!!   If anyone out there is a military buff I'd appreciate some help figuring out what this jacket is, this tag is the only tag on the whole thing.   Sorry for spamming the feed with my pictures but I did spare the pics of the vintage Givenchy suit, the vintage made in France Calvin Klein suit, and the vintage made in France YSL suit, all 3...
Looks like the Webb Ellis Cup to me, if you're sure its a golf trophy it looks a bit like the ryder cup.
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