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Coming out of a thrift store to a parking ticket brings out my inner Tony Soprano...
I JUST bought the same pair at local thrift, same color and all. Dam.
I bought way too much stuff off eBay that doesn't fit and don't want to risk it with this so I'll pay it forward. Size XS or S guys!!! Repair is very low on the front right side of the jacket, seller sent me a pic earlier today. 
Walmart takes the online stock for companies it owns and sells it through its own website too. They recently bought Moosejaw which means you can order Arcteryx stuff off the Walmart website too. Not sure which company they own is selling these but they will fulfill the order if you wanted to buy.
You bought these right? Or was this a proxy offer?
The loop on the back is a feature on some high end ties, on Isaia ties you are meant to pull on it which will bunch up the tie, they advise you leave it overnight and smooth it out the next day to remove wrinkles. If that's the only concern then it's legit. 
I need to go to Japan ,,,
Don't go to NY to thrift unless you're planning on hitting estate sales. Texas is guns and traffic, LA is hard city unless you have contacts. Personally I'd pick a city you want to visit for culture or food and make thrifting a small part of the trip. 
It's scary to think of how much money I've lost to this.
Ah, I passed on a pair of M7's for $10, I have definitive audio stuff right now so I wouldn't use them.
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