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I left several Turnbull Asser bespoke suits this week, priced $350 each, kinda disappointed with how Savile Row stuff seems to do. 
I hate this guy, as someone who regularly buys Brioni retail he f*cked the brand up for me. All the new stuff looks like a knock off of the brand. I can't wait till he gets kicked to the curb. I'm sure the original Brioni tailors are rolling in their graves.
If they were 38 not 40 I would be all over them.
+1 At least one neck tattoo would really tie the look together.
Depends what you have, money is no object if I like what you have. I've had great luck on eBay lately though so I'm not paying above eBay to pry something from your hands. Also if anyone has a blue St. John blazer in size 2 my girlfriend is looking for one.
Hi, I some disposable income right now and am looking for Isaia stuff. Suits and sport coats (2 button) size 38R or L. Shirts 15.5. Jackets size M. If anyone happens to have an Aquaspider or Aquacashmere tuxedo I'm willing to pay up for it. I have cash and might even throw in some trade stuff too, let me know whats out there!!
Not sure about you, but he always lets me drive from thrift shop to thrift shop.
No shame. Ive had one of these dreams too ... or several ...
Casual for me is a slim pair of dark wash denim and a slim polo or preferably a dress shirt and a blazer. Red, orange, black, and green are all dress shirt colors to stay away from. As you build a wardrobe you can experiment adding those colors in in patterned shirts. I would look at the size on that gray suit and go down two sizes.
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