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Been away for awhile but managed to pick up a few things with sharing.     Body armor in a thrift is a first for me, did not cop because I'm pretty sure it was just the shell, but cool. Looks to be new North Face 550 down vest size XL, would love to trade this for something Patagonia in Med. Mountain Hard Wear Fleece? Size Med. Would love to trade this for something Patagonia in Med. Scott Leather Jacket Brooks Bros X2, Polo X2, Yeezy style Prada...
Polo people, is this anything special? I'm about as uneducated with polo as it gets.
This may not be the right thread, my apologies if it's not. Is anyone interested in buying my inventory? I have become wayyyy to busy to list and ship stuff. If you want details message me but you're looking at $1,000-$1,500 (which is a bargain), I'm thinking you're looking at an ebay value of 3-4k.
I really need cash so I'm looking to sell all this stuff. However if you have Neiman Marcus gift cards, hanger project gift cards, or possibly Tods and or high end double monks in size 10 1/2 I may do a trade. Also this is my eBay - http://www.ebay.com/usr/what_suits_you?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 Feel free to make an offer on anything on there, just mention you are from style forum and I'll be happy to negotiate.  All tagged size 32 all have roughly a 30 inch inseam. All...
Ah! Thank you, I was having trouble following that exchange. 
Are you implying you don't like the tie?
Fu*k. The only picture of the necklace I can find takes you to a website that was shut down for selling fake tiffany jewelry. It matches up perfectly with the other one though. Both are solid silver though, I use to buy and sell gold and silver and kept the equipment to test it. 
Good point, however while staple ties are nice there is something to be said for having the right tie for an outfit, which isn't always a staple tie. For example I know a guy who works at a law firm and only owns six ties. Nothing wrong with that, accept myself and presumably all his coworkers have stopped noticing how he dresses altogether. Even if he mikes up his suits, they are all from the same color palette, so we see tan suit, same red tie etc. 
Keep forgetting to post these, I stopped at a local goodwill minutes after they put a new batch of jewelry out and found these, true thrift. They were tarnished as hell and looked horrible, took them to my local jeweler and he cleaned and polished them for free        
The sad reality, I mostly only end up buying what would be considered "staple" ties, occasionally I'll gamble on the holiday tie or something like that.
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