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Although I love this I'm not happy with the fit. I'm a 38R and this is a 40R, bought it because it has 17in shoulders(just what I need) but after dropping a boatload of cash importing it and having it tailored I'm thinking it's time to move on. Will fit a 38R with a bigger chest than me (all you need to do is visit a gym once) or a 40R with narrow shoulders. Looking to get $600 shipped (U.S.)   [[SPOILER]]  Same story here only this hasn't been tailored. 40R. Really love...
Why? I have two high end navy sportcoats that have problems. Not sure dry cleaning shine is the main one though ..
  Is this a thing? 
Butler luxury 
 thats a perfect clip. I paid $0.99 each, although I rounded up in case I counted wrong and told the casher I had 50 ... so $49.50
I'm on first name basis with almost the whole staff, they were pretty sure that was all of them, they said there were a few boxes left but didn't think they were heavy enough to have books. It was a subscription service in the 70's to get the books, I guess someone just stopped subscribing. 48 books = 4 year subscription. But yes, I camp that store hard. 
Shoot, forgot to mention these.     My local goodwill got 48 of the 100 greatest book ever written set. Leather bound, silk cover pages, and the designs on the front are 22K gold leaf. 
Sup everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting my hauls lately, been trying to sell my items the same week I get them in and potato pics just don't do justice to the stuff I find. Saw someone getting crap the other day because they don't post regularly so I thought I'd pop in and let you know I'm alive and well. Here's some of yesterdays highlights...     From the top; Rag and Bone,Trussini, Brunello Cucinelli,All Saints Never Found street wear before this year I...
Me three!! You guys look awesome, congrats!!!
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