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Hi gents, quick question, I'm looking at a tuxedo from Isaia that's black with blue pattern lapels. Just the jacket is on eBay, no pants but I did find black tuxedo pants on eBay from Isaia. Initially I thought the two would need to match but when I went to the Isaia website they have a similar jacket sold with black pants as a tuxedo. What do you guys think? Would this be appropriate and or look good? Here's the two items from eBay and the tuxedo from Isaia.       
Kind of a thrift fit pic, went through my personal keeps from last year and realized I had the perfect fall essentials.  Brooks Brothers waxed cotton jacket (Barbour style) - Thrifted  Barbour corduroy blazer - Thrifted  New Brooks Brothers sweater - TJ Maxx clearance $15 Bean Boots - thrifted  Worn with my dark wash Patagonia jeans - thrifted 
May have made a great find in the art department today, unless someone here has a background in art I'll be waiting until I've seen an appraiser to post. 
Nice collective hand makes and hand "distresses" all of there items in California, they actually reinforce the stitching around the rips so they don't rip more. A very cool company if you're into that thing. I had a pretty rare jacket from them awhile go, after a year of not selling I let it go for like $40 not a huge market for the stuff but it's cool. 
Usually the buttons are 14kt gold, just so you know
Glad to see everyones pulling fire out there . I was doing some modeling in my favorite Brioni when I bent down to pick something up this happened. After almost putting multiple holes in the studio wall I thought I'd spend the weekend in! Good luck to whoever hits my usual territory. 
 Awesome!!! Thank you!! Looks pretty deadstock to me, hopefully it does well.
Thank you to whoever left the tags on these, other wise I would have thought fake.      Someone please tell me this is a thing?
Isaia aquaspider suits and tuxedo, best investment I ever made.
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