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SOLD on another platform
price drop: -82% 229 USD + shipping
 Sorry for the mistake. Total length is: 78cm / 30,7" (without collar)  Updated all measurements! (see sleeves)
Pricedrop to: -80% 250 USD + shipping (depending on country; shipped from EU)
Pricedrop to: -76% 299 USD + shipping (depending on country; shipped from EU)
New, tagged 1250 USD Canali Sportcoat, here for -68%: 405 USD -70% 375 USD -76% 299 USD -80% 250 USD   -82% 229 USD + shipping (depending on country; see below) Canali Mainline, made in Italy Condition: new, closed pockets, closed vents, Canali tag at sleeves tagged Size: EURO 50R (Drop 7) - 40R US; Classic Fit -> see measurements (might fit other sizes too) Modell: AL13390/00 Construction: fully canvassed, completely lined Fabric: 95%Wool, 5%Chashmere; soft; medium...
Please help me adjust my luxire shirt   It sits a bit too tight on my pelvic bone and does with "higher" trousers (this one is about my navel - bad camera angle and maybe I didn't pull them up totally due to too much cookies over winter holidays) wrinkle quite a bit at the back. I specified the shirt to be 1 or 1.5 inch tighter at the waist back then front in order to adjust my slight hollow back, but it didn't really worked out how I thought it would.   Please also...
price drops to 150€ + shipping   (special deal for Germany and Austria: free shipping  for the next 7 days)
price drops to 175€
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