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EG and Sock from Skoat
Alden unline, Beam+, Gap
My first post here, let's start sock game.
Hi Conrad, look forward to AW14 ties! Btw will u restock POW tie, last year i miss it what a pity.
Hi, anyone can share me the color of drigger sand canvas Grape is true to the color seen on the web? Coz i believed the color shown in web is somehow darker than actual( i experienced before since my few acquisition of epaulet pants) thank so much
Will you restock or bring in some new POW tie? I miss the chance last year and hope to grab one for the fall
My first Alden acquired! No.8 unlined PTB and Epaulet Rivet
  Unbelievable!!! I build up a Conradwu tie wardrobe 
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