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EG and Sock from Skoat
Alden unline, Beam+, Gap
My first post here, let's start sock game.
Hi, anyone can share me the color of drigger sand canvas Grape is true to the color seen on the web? Coz i believed the color shown in web is somehow darker than actual( i experienced before since my few acquisition of epaulet pants) thank so much
My first Alden acquired! No.8 unlined PTB and Epaulet Rivet
Hope my experience can help. I owned 3 pairs meermin which they are Olfe 8.5, Hiro 8.0 and 8.5.Olfe feels snug to me and took abt ten time wear to breakin. Hiro at 8.5 is comfortable and has some room in lenghtwise so my second purchase of hiro was half size down. I found it snugs but i took severval time to break in only. Hiro 8.0 did fit my feet very well.
I would suggest slimmer verison of West End. I think it would look gorgeous
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