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My first Alden acquired! No.8 unlined PTB and Epaulet Rivet
  Unbelievable!!! I build up a Conradwu tie wardrobe 
Navy regiment shantung grenadine!! Nice color and texture, love it so much Thx Conrad
My navy regiment shantung grenadine is arrived, will pose it later.Thank for your words Conrad
Chocolate dot is damn good!!Btw juz grab a regiment grenadine wait for so long. Thx conrad
Nice job!!
Hope my experience can help. I owned 3 pairs meermin which they are Olfe 8.5, Hiro 8.0 and 8.5.Olfe feels snug to me and took abt ten time wear to breakin. Hiro at 8.5 is comfortable and has some room in lenghtwise so my second purchase of hiro was half size down. I found it snugs but i took severval time to break in only. Hiro 8.0 did fit my feet very well.
Yes they are! Enjoy the tie and be Wu clan
I juz stay focus on restock of navy red shantung grenadine
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