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Rudyard Kipling, Plain Tales From the Hills. Try it.
Piero Umiliani!
This thread is useless without pictures!
Considering the amount of gifting and the questionable decisions of the FIA this season, I for one do not think Massa would have deserved the championship....even though I believe he is a deserving driver under any other circumstances. They have to fix the decision-making process, hopefully next year no more race results altered after the checkered flag.
Given the gap to Massa, Hamilton would have had little if any advantage by staying out. His tyres were already short and on their graining period, so the dries were bad all around at that point. I'll tell you one thing though. Being African, and having endured years of race snobbery in motorsports, and having to stomach people explaining why people of Asian and African descent "simply do not have the mental make up to be good racers" (whatever that means), today was a...
At Borders too.
Wrong time to implement such a design....too many undesirable cars sporting the same theme....
Commercialization of music means that all genres are suffering from a lack of quality. The more complex the talent, the less accessible it is and equally the less viable it is commercially.
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