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I'll take it.
Nau is having 30% off all down items, only today until midnight. promo: getdown
pretty interested, can u give me details on fabric content like percentage of wool.
I'm really hoping they'll have some weekend promotion on some of the spring items. I'd really like to pick up the rebound jacket for a discounted price.
Quote: Originally Posted by holymadness Who the hell is awake at 7am on a Sunday. werd son
Will you sell for 115 shipped? Please pm me, will paypal asap
I want this, pm sent.
Australia was founded as a prison colony for the most degenerate English inmates.
i'll take the earnest sewn jeans. pm me?
Quote: Originally Posted by Augusto86 a) High-end fashion & style stuff is often pitched/cut for the very slim. b) A lot of skinny guys come here LOOKING for the sizes rarer in B&M retail. c) The stuff ends up on here 'cause it's remainders and extras that don't sell in B&M - the very low and high ends of the scale spectrum. (b) is wrong. I'm 6'1 and 160. The reason things are so small is because most people on here are asians which...
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