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 Nah, I don't want pre-distressed. If they still offered washed lamb I'd get that, but not a big deal.
WTH. Didn't even know silver was an option. I thought the order page just listed gold and gunmetal. Yes some pics of any/all three would be appreciated.   max_r - it sounds like maybe we are in the same boat. I want a jacket to look worn as soon as possible. Not really into the bright shiny black pampered leather jackets. I want something with wear on it and creases, and colors that range from black to gray.
I'm looking for pics of TOJ (preferably black lamb moto) with gold H/W. Are there any? I've been thru the gallery, and other than Aeglus it looks pretty empty.
Yeah, if you could post some pics that would be awesome.   If the original had been lamb and just a tad more relaxed on the shoulders, would you have kept it?  
Yeah, I'm unclear what this non-cropped means?     Since we are all talking about jeans here, maybe we should specify the type of rise and how you wear your jeans??   For instance, I'm EVOing some 501 STF right now....which sit relatively high.   I'm already a tall dude.  And if I had a jacket that exposed my belt on my 501s that would look ridiculous IMO. EDIT:  Of course, maybe if it just barely covered the belt line that would look good.  I'm looking...
Cool - thanks for the replies guys!   The length I think best suits me is about 3-4 inches below my belly button, or to be more exact:  1 inch above where my pubic erectus begins.
Hi guys, new here!   I'm going to get a moto 2011 in black lamb soon.  Some quick questions:   I really like the fit of the following pics.  Is there anything specific I should ask for to help me achieve this?  I'm probably quite a bit taller than this guy, but I still like the fit.   I'm 6'3 170lbs.  (slim/muscular with sorta wide shoulders)         As opposed to this:  (no offense to dude in question)  which looks more like a blousy )( fit...
New Posts  All Forums: