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A1923 double zips.   I'm almost always a size 12 US.  I've never bought European, but I'm leaning towards 46 as my true size. Which would lead me to a size 45 with this seasons double zips.     Any size 12s here confirm that a 46 is normally true size?   First purchase, want everything to go smoothly.
I'm looking at oiled horse vs buffalo.   Haven't been able to dig up a ton of info in this thread about buffalo... other than it's softer.   Which sounds nice, but I'm not sure it has the look I'm after.  The few pics I've seen show it as slightly shiny and "pebbly" grain.     This I believe is the oiled horse, which has a wonderful smooth and matte look.. yet rough and wrinkly and thick looking.  
Thank you for your reply!
Since I am looking into these boots (A1923 dual zips) a little more seriously, may I ask a few basic questions I'm sure have been asked many times before?   1 - I can work these boots hard, and not be concerned wearing them in dirt, snow, ice, rain?    2 - Other than occasional oiling with something like obenaufs they are low maintenance?   3 - I understand sending them to be vibrammed will be a reasonable thing to do within the first few months of wear - this...
Thanks, I'd appreciate that.   I'm a size 12 US, which I believe would translate to around 46.   You guys with normal sized feet don't know how nice you have it when you go looking for used footwear.
Thanks Alexander.   I don't own any "baller" boots yet, and to be honest most of them simply don't appeal to me at all. But certain tornadoes do... and the oiled horse double zips really do.   I'm trying to find a way to justify boots that will probably cost me close the $3k, with no option to return them if they don't fit... and no way to contact the manufacturer if there are quality problems.  Big pill for me to swallow.   Meanwhile searching for rough style black...
 Thanks for the update - now let's see some pics of these babies in action!
I really wish we had some additional pictures of the new ST8 oiled horse.
I'm also somebody who has been thinking of joining the "dark" side... and also considering either CCP or A1923. I'm leaning towards A1923.   eton97:  What differs from the boots you have and this season's "oiled" horse?    I am really falling in love with the oiled horse ST8.  As I understand it these are exclusive to this season, and next year's model will be different?   It's really not wise for me to spend 2k+ right now on boots I don't need, and I'm worried I'll...
It really is quite amazing how impressionable people are.    We go a few pages with relatively little complaining, so other people are inclined to not complain.   Then one or two people freak out and demand refunds, then all of a sudden we have pages of people complaining and demanding to burn down the village.     I would like to point out that some of us are remaining quiet in the background, giving TOJ the benefit of the doubt that they will make things right,...
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