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Thanks for all your replies:   Oops, got my acronyms mixed up.  First picture is IE (not IS) from hide[m] I believe.     uzairh:  I normally wear waist 31, with length 34-36 depending on brand.     t3hg0suazn:  Appreciate the detailed reply!  Don't know if I can try on a lot of these pants in stores, as I'm far away from big cities like NY.  Closest cities I have are Cleveland or Columbus.     sinnedk:  Good advice.  I agree 500 seems a stretch for me also, to...
To clarify further:   IS (EDIT:  actually IE pants) that I think are perfection.  Wish I could see the rest of them.     Two images that I like a lot.  Note the slim fit.  
Preferably up to $500, but a few years ago that was my limit for boots too.  Things have a way of changing.   My PBJ denim was a leap for me back when I got them for just over $300.  Now I'm already being desensitized to $500 for pants I haven't even bought yet.  Ha.   I guess what I'm after is to understand the "history" behind some of these pants.  (hand made?/ materials/ fit/ etc)What makes these brands some of the best?  Why should I spend 5x the money of items I could...
Ok then I'll start the discussion here. I really like the way PBJ 005's fit me.  I'm not really into some of these "low crotch" pants, or the really baggy ones you see in this avante garde style. I'm 6'3" and thin.  (long legs) What are some brands I should check out?  (I believe PBJ even has a black jean... any good reason to not just choose those?)I will be wearing primarily with A1923 double zips.
Speaking of pants:  Is there an equivalent "baller pants" thread?   I don't own any black denim or pants, but I'm beginning to like the look.  I want to learn about the brands available in the style of IS, LUC, etc.
  Thanks, mate! Sounds like I'll be out ~$120-200 for insured shipping both ways and the vibram itself.
I'm in Ohio.   What's the shipping cost when you have to insure for a couple thousand $$?
A1923 coming in...   Trying to figure out the vibram situation.  I have a (slightly western themed) Hungarian cobbler like 10 minutes from me.  According to their website they can do all sorts of leather repairs and the standard sole stuff. Or I send to Jesse at FJ Western and know that it's being done up to snuff.  The shipping situation leaves me nervous though.
Holger is sure that the 45 boots fit like a true 46 boot.   I'm just trying to make sure I am a true 46.
A1923 double zips.   I'm almost always a size 12 US.  I've never bought European, but I'm leaning towards 46 as my true size. Which would lead me to a size 45 with this seasons double zips.     Any size 12s here confirm that a 46 is normally true size?   First purchase, want everything to go smoothly.
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