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If you did a good job measuring, it is totally going to be worth it.  I wish you happy waiting.  (I'm waiting on 2 myself)
There have always been the occasional troll, but the last month is something totally else.  I'm not sure why so many people poke their heads into this thread just to stir the pot. I'm also not sure why people keep posting over, and over, and over that they would like more updates on orders, or wouldn't it be nice if they could give more estimates, etc. Yes it would be nice, but get over it.  They are not going to change their business model or the way they do things now of...
Dang, was going to order another full leather, hoping for a definite cut-off date beforehand.   Thanks for ruining it for the rest of us guys.
Thanks for the update.   I wish you guys had more info and pictures about the leathers available, especially the odd colors (the current bright red calf comes to mind).   I also wish you charged ~1,200 instead of ~800 for full leathers.  Perhaps that price would scare off some of these nuissance customers, and leave you with a smaller, more serious customer base.  (those of us that know these jackets are worth over 1k)
It's nice to see someone bring some positive thoughts to this thread.  And I agree, by the way.
Yes... very nice. So it seems that maybe the "soft" calf is available right now in Red? Has anyone bugged charly for pics of this leather color?  I'm wondering how close it would be to ^this^ color of red.
Hey, I'll get back to you in a day or so with some pics.  If I forget shoot a PM my way.
Wow!  That MW is veryy red.  Nice looking jacket.  So, the bright red moto was from way back from a limited run of italian calf.  Ok, Are there any pics of the "soft" calf in red?
Looking good.
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