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Thanks for the rear-facing zippers.   That was the one thing holding me back. Also, gunmetal zippers will be awesome when you get them.
What a nice and thorough review.
I outgrew my 005s in the thigh area, and also this time around want something without such a wide leg opening. The 013's are good on both accounts because of the 1/2 wider thigh, but this isn't enough so I was also going to size up one or maybe two sizes as well.  (going from 30 to 31/32)
Looking at a new pair of PBJ's, this time 013 instead of my XX-005.   Can anyone comment on the 18oz fabric compared to the normal 14oz I am used to?   I thought the 005's were hot in summer and didn't breath the best, not super comfortable etc.  (Maybe because they fit tight)
That discoloration looks fantastic.  Please post some shots of the entire jacket/ or fit pics.
Nice looking jackets. I would also like to respectfully add my vote for rear-facing zippers. Can't see myself ordering these new ones, looks too new-age for me.
[[SPOILER]] This post got buried, but I just wanted to say how awesome these boots look.  Oiled horse ?
What's the reason for the wrist zippers on the front now? Does anyone have feedback or pics comparing the 2 styles?  (Thinking the old/traditional style is superior)
Congrats!   To clarify:  Black and silver are the only HW available now, and the old "gunmetal" style is not possible?
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