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2010 DR Calf Toffee Tan          
As noted, this isn't VTG.   And I wrote a typo.  I'm not getting the tan calf (couldn't get a picture of it).  I'm getting the toffee tan calf, after charly sent me a sample pic.  It looks very similar to the above jacket.
I debated for a long time, which of my jackets would be tan and which would be black lamb.     In the end I decided tan = DR, and black lamb = Moto.  This post is to blame...  
Perhaps a better question (for me)   black lamb with silver zips:   Moto 4 zip or MDR   I'm currently having made a DR in tan calf.  Have always wanted a moto in lamb, but I'm wondering if the MDR would suit my body better.  (6'3" 170lbs)
Has anyone posted  pictures of the Calf Tan?     It looks very light from the sample, but I'm wondering what some age, and perhaps some Obenaufs, would do to it.  Maybe it could look like this:
FYI, I was just informed that my Portobello HH MDR cannot be made, because the leather is no longer available.  (And I ordered beginning of april)   Unfortunate, because it looked to be a  promising color!
Dang Ribkin.  Killer,Killer fit man.
Best of luck on future ventures!   Waiting on my first jacket to come in, so I can check measurements and order Black lamb Moto with silver zips. Ordered April 1st and I dearly hope it comes within the month deadline!
Wow, could we get a fit pic of this pretty please?
  Amazing.  This is what I imagine the Portobello will look like.
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