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Nice,  What color zips did you go with? I have another toffee tan calf on order to nail down the sizing a bit more... and this time with silver zips.
Eh, I guess that's ok.  Not really my style.   I wish TOJ would come up with a military style long coat like this
Potsnu:  Nice fit!!
No, part of not having a life.   Go outside and get some hobbies bro
Hmmm.. to my knowledge there aren't any pics of silver hardware with ANY of the light brown calf colors.  (Tan, toffee tan, light whiskey, etc.) Interesting idea, but I'm having a hard time visualizing it. So there are literally NO pictures out there of the Tan Calf?  Like not even a sample piece of leather during the dye process?
We really need some pics of tan calf to compare with the toffee tan calf.
Pics work now - I especially like the shot of the cuff where you can see all the color variation and wear. Yeah I kind of see what you mean about the UV lightened spots.  I never expected that to happen.. very cool.
eidolarr,​​​ ​ Your jacket is literally my favorite TOJ ever.  Thanks for the info.   I got my 2010 DR in Toffee tan because of your jacket.  Wish mine was slightly lighter in color like your light whiskey, that thing is gorgeous.   PS, pics don't work.        
 Cool thanks for the feedback guys.
RE.  Conditioning calf leather.   I've seen drew mention that you can use "conditioner" to soften up leather, but don't recall seeing anybody mention brands or anything.   Have you guys used anything to speed up the break in process and get the leather more pliable? Did conditioner darken the color?
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