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Ok, I'll go against the crowd and say that NN should sell.   I suppose the boots aren't that bad... but too bulbous for my taste.  The jeans/shirt are probably what's really ruining it for me though.
Considering selling one of my full leather spots ($870 from Dec 21013), to put the funding into some other clothing items. (PM me if interested)     BTW - Has anyone ever posted the guidelines for selling a spot?  (Details on how to send paypal $, how to notify Charly, etc)
I dunno, but dang those would look good with about 5 years wear on them. 
Yes, this we all know. Many of the jeans in this thread are designed with stacking in mind. Maybe with these boots you will prefer a different aesthetic.
Agree, the boots look too shiny and "new"... but I'm sure you'll break em in   I'd say no cuff.  And why would you hem the denim?  Isn't that the whole purpose behind J-cut etc... to get lots of stacks?
Because if you tally all your posts in this thread it amounts to 3 pages of material. That means over the course of the last year I've had to click the "next" page button 3 times more than were necessary.
That chart is hilarious...but only because I'm 6'3".
I could be wrong, but that first one doesn't look like oiled horse.  The ones I've seen are extremely smooth and grain free. But I don't think you can go wrong with either choice. My preference was for the oiled horse.
 Wow those are beautiful.What is the appeal to the perfectly spotless white shoes posted after this image?Do they break in and look similar to these after a year or so?
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