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 Thanks, the arms are single pleat.Sleeve Width 8.25Cuff Circumference 8.25 Still waiting to hear from PC on resizing.
Just received my first shirt, and would like some opinions on what measurements I should change.   One wash, hang dry. Overall happy with everything except the midsection/bottom width. Sleeves feel too long so I will remove .5" Sleeve width seems good except forearms I think are too narrow looking.                  
I think veins add character, and thanks to all the people complaining (!), there isn't any reasonable chance I will get lamb with veins on it.  Thanks guys :/
Collar style - maybe Londoner / President Cutaway?      
Best Falcon jacket photo yet posted, IMO.
Nice work on the website.
[[SPOILER]]   Great!  That hat looks perfect on you.
I'm the opposite.  I'm 6'3 and I have considered ordering ZB pants custom with additional length so that I can achieve appropriate stacking.
Thanks for the info.  So you're in the EU and you make these pants yourself? The "torn" back pockets are an interesting design.  I think I like them.  They are hemmed to prevent further fraying?     So the pair you posted are nisshimbo 1967 selvedge, poplin lining like Spacepope's.   What fabric are these?   EDIT:  So I guess all the images you've been posting are the 1967...
Wormwood, are there any threads I can become more familiar with your work?   I love some of what I'm seeing, and would like to see some more fit pics and closeups of the different fabrics available.  This is the first I've seen your stuff.
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