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Collar style - maybe Londoner / President Cutaway?      
Best Falcon jacket photo yet posted, IMO.
Nice work on the website.
[[SPOILER]]   Great!  That hat looks perfect on you.
I'm the opposite.  I'm 6'3 and I have considered ordering ZB pants custom with additional length so that I can achieve appropriate stacking.
Thanks for the info.  So you're in the EU and you make these pants yourself? The "torn" back pockets are an interesting design.  I think I like them.  They are hemmed to prevent further fraying?     So the pair you posted are nisshimbo 1967 selvedge, poplin lining like Spacepope's.   What fabric are these?  http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0933/9572/products/DSCF3739_1024x1024.jpg?v=1445796061   EDIT:  So I guess all the images you've been posting are the 1967...
Wormwood, are there any threads I can become more familiar with your work?   I love some of what I'm seeing, and would like to see some more fit pics and closeups of the different fabrics available.  This is the first I've seen your stuff.
Thanks for the rear-facing zippers.   That was the one thing holding me back. Also, gunmetal zippers will be awesome when you get them.
What a nice and thorough review.
I outgrew my 005s in the thigh area, and also this time around want something without such a wide leg opening. The 013's are good on both accounts because of the 1/2 wider thigh, but this isn't enough so I was also going to size up one or maybe two sizes as well.  (going from 30 to 31/32)
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