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Nice looking jackets. I would also like to respectfully add my vote for rear-facing zippers. Can't see myself ordering these new ones, looks too new-age for me.
[[SPOILER]] This post got buried, but I just wanted to say how awesome these boots look.  Oiled horse ?
What's the reason for the wrist zippers on the front now? Does anyone have feedback or pics comparing the 2 styles?  (Thinking the old/traditional style is superior)
Congrats!   To clarify:  Black and silver are the only HW available now, and the old "gunmetal" style is not possible?
203 aza ($380.00) 204 whiskey ($780.00) 205 .mavErick ($780.00) 206 thundercloud ($380.00) 207 axroox ($380) 208 Heymanniceshot ($780.00) 209 mildperil35 ($885) 210 lesamourai ($135.00) 211 zxvbn ($905.00) 212 stabs ($741.00) 213 JFetter ($1650.00)
Yes, the boots have a much stronger blue tint than I was expecting when I opened the box.  I was thinking they looked gray/charcoal from the web photos.   Either way, very nice boots.  Time to break em in!
All this talk of seasons has me thrown off.  I bought my oiled horse this last fall.  The box is labeled AW15 so I assumed they were considering the "winter" to be taking place in 2015.   I suppose if you base it off of the "fall", then my boots would be FW14.
jpc9:  Nice boots.   I was going to ask why yours look so different than the other Oiled Horse I've seen (missing the white creases and wrinkles), and then I realized yours are SS14 and mine are AW15.
Nope, 12.
 I love the contrast these boots have in this photo.  Do you have significantly more scuffs here than your previous pic, or is it just the outdoor lighting? I actually haven't worn my pair once outside the house!  Been too busy wearing my buffalo dual zips and deciding when/how I'm going to vibram the 2 pairs.  As much as I liked the oiled horse when I got them, I was a little disappointed because they didn't really look like the great Hide[M] photos.  I started to wonder...
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