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Appreciate the replies.    As of now, I'm planning on going with Cuffs when they have their spring sale.  If for some reason that doesn't work out, then probably BB.
Thank you for the replies.  So far, I've stopped at one reputable local establishment and had a good talk with them.  I could get a MTM Southwick Suit for $1,200 right now or the same for $900 next March during their sale.  Of course alterations are included and a tailor is in house. At a personal level, they were very friendly and helpful at answering all my questions.
I just discovered they have a fuller cut model, the 003.  Still not sure if it will work well though.  It's frustrating to spend a lot of $$ on clothes that take a long time to break in, and you can't wear them by the time they start to look their best.
I've come here for advice.  I've always been a skinny dude, so I never thought I'd be saying this....   A year ago my size 30 XX-005 stopped fitting my thighs.  This is from doing squats in the gym.   I switched to size 33 XX-013 which right off the bat has a 1/2" fuller thigh than the 005, and this pair's waist is 3 times bigger!!!   Well... now this pair is getting tight in the thighs, not to mention the waist is loose.   Now, I am still not big and muscley my...
For years I have wanted to go online MTM for my first suit, but I just don't have the experience (or patience) to deal with it.  I need someone in person to see and explain things for me.   I'm located in the middle - 60 min from Cleveland and 90 minutes from Columbus.  My price is flexible, I'm thinking 1,000-1,200 to start with.     I've heard good things online about Godfrys in Columbus. I've heard mixed things about Brooks Brothers, which is a shame because...
I'm going through the same thing.  I have switched to double pleat which has helped, but next I am going to try adding .25" to the upper arm and the cuff.
 Thanks, the arms are single pleat.Sleeve Width 8.25Cuff Circumference 8.25 Still waiting to hear from PC on resizing.
Just received my first shirt, and would like some opinions on what measurements I should change.   One wash, hang dry. Overall happy with everything except the midsection/bottom width. Sleeves feel too long so I will remove .5" Sleeve width seems good except forearms I think are too narrow looking.                  
I think veins add character, and thanks to all the people complaining (!), there isn't any reasonable chance I will get lamb with veins on it.  Thanks guys :/
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