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Hey all, Been looking to try to find these slim fit/skinny jeans or some like these and I haven't ever been able to find where I can buy some. Finally found a good picture showing off how they fit, the fabric, etc. If any of you are aware of where I can find some like these and can give me a reference, it' be greatly appreciated. Notice they're worn, and how they fit.  I was thinking that these would be sold by Empyre, but I have been unable to find any. All help...
1) Touche. 2) Will definitely check those out and see what I can find. Keep more recommendations coming. :)
Hey all, First post, so sorry if this is really in the wrong place, i'm still working on navigating. I've been looking at a completely different style change as of late, i'm not a youngin' anymore (at least not in highschool) so I figured I might go for a change of things. Just got all my hair cut off for the most part and am now spiking it up a bit. (It used to be long!) I'm a pretty skinny guy for my age. 120 pounds at 18 almost 19 and around 5'9 and have...
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