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http://www.emeza.com/patrik-ervell-slim-fit-jeans-black-pk322a001-802.html   Why are these jeans sized S - XL?
I don't think the sale is actually on.. they changed the pic on the frontpage but most of the brands listed aren't on sale.
NAVY. SIZE 31. WORN ONCE.   Pretty much like the Westpoint chinos, but styled in a more dressy way. Fantastic chinos!   This is the exact pair: http://shop.wingsandhorns.com/collections/bottoms/products/mid-town-chino-pant-navy   $100 shipped anywhere!   Hit me up
NAVY. SIZE 31. BRAND NEW WITH TAGS.   Fantastic, fantastic chinos. Great year-round beaters. Color is Navy but it's so deep it could fool you. Too big for me and the W+H site doesn't take intl returns.   This is the exact pair: http://shop.wingsandhorns.com/collections/bottoms/products/westpoint-twill-chino-pant-navy-2     As you can see they are SOLD OUT on the site for $198 excl. shipping, I am asking for $160 SHIPPED ANYWHERE.   Hit me up
Brand new with tags. NEVER WORN.    $160 shipped anywhere in the world.   You all know these.   http://shop.wingsandhorns.com/collections/bottoms/products/westpoint-twill-chino-pant-navy-2
Anyone know? I promise to post a fit pic when I kop.
do the button collar shirts fit the same as the club collar ones - on the slim side of TTS?
^ nice. will the black denim ever get discounted? they still have (almost) a full size run.
Before this becomes pages of people giving out their codes, just thought I'd mention that LN-CC has 30% off storewide.
I just received my TBS pre-sale codes. Looking forward to picking up some stuff.
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