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50% off lots of FW16 stuff at FWRD right now.
CdG x Nike Air VaporMax      
I'm interested in picking up this flight bomber from AW15 (?):     But I've read reports that the collar won't stay flat - is this true? Has anybody who owns it figured out how to keep it flat?
I lucked out and found a pretty much new black lamb DR2 in a stock 46 on Grailed:     Excuse the messy room. I'm 5'10 and about 150lbs. Thoughts on the fit?
Can I get some sizing advice on the crosswords trousers? I'm a 30/46  in most pants - and want a slim straight fit on them. Not sure if I should go with a III or IV. Cheers!
Would like some sizing advice on the Players trousers; never owned anything from SS before - I'm 5'10, 150lbs, and am usually a 30 in most pants. Should I go with a III or IV?
 haha, i actually do have a white pair, but i'm not selling them, sorry! they're also pretty worn out. let me know if you do decide to get them :)
^ thanks!
gotta clear up some space in my wardrobe..  got these special edition common projects from last year in suede and shiny leather. look real good.   in fantastic condition, just some creases on the tongue.. which is inevitable considering the nature of the leather used. the pic you see was under really bright light. it's much much less noticeable in person.   size 42 $200 shipped!  
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