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Thanks to Nick at Bespoke England for the excellent service and helping me acquire a boot that's long been on my want list    [[SPOILER]]
 Dude!! The 17th (last year) is when I got accepted as well!  Does that make us med school acceptance eskimo bros? 
wait, @ridethecliche did you just find out today?
 Congrats my man!   What he said...
 Agreed.  Hand attached sleeves, hand-sewn button holes, crow's foot stitched buttons, thick MOP buttons and the button down collar on one I thrifted has an excellent roll.
^^ IIRC somethingsfishy found some that were made by EG
  Lol I was too slow as well. That went way fast.  Thanks for the heads up tho, @concealed
 Good luck!
 Nice, those Canali's were going for pennies. I feel like they've increased the prices on somethings these past few days compared to how cheap everything was at the beginning of their winter camp sale. But the belt is just what I got today, I've managed to pick at least one item up every day include some LE robert graham shirts, barbour jackets and vests, ghurka bags, borrelli shirts, the LE Bing Crosby LVC jeans as well as others.   I agree, I've been making sure not to...
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