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I apologize to muddy the waters further with yet another GMTO interest check, but would anyone be interested in either a GG Gable or St. James in polo or mole suede?           
 Sz 40? If so I previously grabbed it from yoox but had to return it due to fit issues.  I was really disappointed as it's a great jacket!  Some of my recent purchases  
Thanks to Nick at Bespoke England for the excellent service and helping me acquire a boot that's long been on my want list    [[SPOILER]]
 Dude!! The 17th (last year) is when I got accepted as well!  Does that make us med school acceptance eskimo bros? 
wait, @ridethecliche did you just find out today?
 Congrats my man!   What he said...
 Agreed.  Hand attached sleeves, hand-sewn button holes, crow's foot stitched buttons, thick MOP buttons and the button down collar on one I thrifted has an excellent roll.
^^ IIRC somethingsfishy found some that were made by EG
  Lol I was too slow as well. That went way fast.  Thanks for the heads up tho, @concealed
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