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Step away from SF for awhile and come back to so.much.Loro.   And win.   Well done, fellas. Well done.    I'll use these two 'thrift fits' to show why I've been absent for a couple months:       Everything thrift funded: Tom Ford - eBay Luxire Sam Hober Albert Thurston - eBay (not shown) Edward Green for RL - DSW     Same: White Coat - Free cost of tuition Barba - ShopTheFinest Sam Hober - Thrifted SuitSupply Gaziano Girling for RL - DSW
I wasn't able to read the thread for about week, so this is a bit belated, but.. CONGRATS BARREL!
+1. I tried to find a picture, but was unsuccessful.
The sf code doesn't stack on discounts
 Looks like in house, according to this video.  One heck of a find -- congrats!
w.t.f.   Any idea on the maker? Or do they make in house like Kiton?
 A lot of items show 'out of stock' when you try to add it to your cart. 
Drake's ties, pocket squares and scarves on sale at East Dane + an extra 25% off with 25MORE + and extra 3% off with ebates.
All items ending in an hour, some with really low bids!
  I have a suit and a SC from them and I wear them both all the time.  Great beater stuff as it's not Italian handmade items, but the fit is great and the quality is second to none at the price point (half canvassed and great fabrics).  They have plenty of cuts to choose from, so if you have an SS store nearby, it's worth stopping by and finding which one works best for your build/tastes. 
New Posts  All Forums: