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 This.  Talked myself out of a lot of things  
   Both of these are really great      Thank you!
A box recently came in from Thailand   
  Also, nice work @SpooPoker
 Haha maybe so.  I might have to, but not by choice.   Thanks, but sadly one small and one medium
These came in the mail today courtesy of LeatherFoot    [[SPOILER]]
Went thrifting for the first time since starting school.  Still learning the Denver thrift scene but had some decent finds    Wallace & Barnes cardigan  Burberry London Tux  [[SPOILER]]  EZ suede jacket  [[SPOILER]]  Dated, but I couldn't leave it behind for the price  Found its much younger brother.  Different store, different size.  Found this beauty in the clearance section at Last Call. 50% alpaca 50% wool  
  Very nice! I just ordered this tie as well 
 Thank you! The tie is from Sam Hober. If you haven't owned a tie from them, I would highly recommend trying it out.  David really knows how to make a quality tie.
New Posts  All Forums: