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Any idea on these?    
  .  Although my order hasn't come in....  Welcome to the joys of high-end men's clothing/Styleforum.    Welcome to the pitfalls of high-end men's clothing/Styleforum.
*phew*I see how it is
Lulz. Oxxford suit at my first stop. Thrift karma?
Will do! But don't hold your breath since now that I'm looking for them I probably won't find any. Thus is my thrifting luck lately
^knock it off! Stop blowin' up my spot 
 Well, if it makes you feel better, the highlight of my last few weeks of thrifting are a couple of Canali shirts.. been dry as a bone.  I found myself contemplating picking up BB shirts again, but talked myself out of it.  I did resort to picking up a few Charles Tyrwhitt shirt and e-thrifting RG skeets to flip tho 
 You OK there? Don't hurt yourself. 
^^   A personal grail boot along with the Galway.   Beautiful, PCK1.
 What? Free ties are being sent?           .. so guys I have this interview coming up and I don't know what tie to wear..   [[SPOILER]]  
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