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I didn't think I missed this place so much until I started reading back through this thread a little. Must make more time to stop by.
Sun burnt shoulder blades and the bench press makes for a painful workout.
Andre Agassi's autobiography Open and also Nine Dragons by Michael Connelly. (I'm usually reading 2 books at once, one at work, one at home)
Why the hell is this still here? This is a tasty sweater, if I lived in a place that actually got cold, or if I had some extra money, this would be mine! If you're a small Large, get this!
Quote: Originally Posted by warlok1965 Schneider Ervell Sander Altama Damn you for posting this first! (mine is languishing in my closet waiting for winter) Looks great!
Quote: Originally Posted by ppllzz everytime i see the runway pic of the cardigan, i just notice how good looking the model is. i think thats why everyone thinks the cardigan is so awesome... Honestly, I didn't even notice the model. I think it says more about you than it does us. That cardigan looks great, I'm aboard the "jealous of GoSurface" train.
From what I recall reading, they're (keep in mind "they" are only a very small company) taking a bit of time out while the market is/was over saturated and the GFC was in full swing. Hopefully they'll be back before too long.
Quote: Originally Posted by deneye what jeans are these? Quote: Originally Posted by mlyngard 5EP brand. Not currently made, from what I know. On 'hiatus'. I'd love to get my hands on some. A collaboration with the Style Forum, not exactly typical of the regular cut and details of 5EP, but of the same quality from what I understand. You may get lucky and find a pair in the Buying and Selling forums, do a search...
^^^ agreed. At that price, take a chance on them.
I missed the night before because work kept me late. So I woke my ass up early to make up for it. But that night I had zero endurance, first set of an exercise was fine then I couldn't make it halfway through the second, strength just disappeared after about 3 reps. Pissed me off to know that normally I don't have such trouble. I felt weak I think I'd need to eat more/better in order to do twofers. But I'm trying to slim down a bit. In time I'll try it again.
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