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Being as thin as you are I would avoid going with a suit that is designed to make you look even slimmer.
70's...The first time ties became an afterthought and turtlenecks were acceptable to wear with a jacket. Just awful.
berties right, honestly you probably will just need a slimmer cut if anything at all.
black tie, white shirt, white pocket square, black dress shoes (that means shiny black)
Bought these shoes yesterday for 8 bucks total Any suggestions on combinations for the brown and black ones? I want to make sure I don't put it with the wrong color suit and it look stupid.
I want to check out Borgata when I go to AC, I've seen it on the WPT and it looks like a real nice place. I'll go to the Taj too just cuz of "Rounders" haha.
I'm a good poker player and usually profit doing it, but only play $1/2 NL and have found it to be very exhausting to play day in and day out. I used to work part time and use my savings as my bankroll. In a good month I could come out nearly a thousand bucks up, but the hours really get to you after a while. I've started sports betting a lot more lately, mostly just taking bets from friends. I kinda wanna get back in to poker and play at a higher table, but just haven't...
After Jason's comments I gotta see these soon?
If so what do you like to play and what is your best game?   I personally enjoy poker and bet sports from time to time. My strength in poker is NL Hold 'Em and I win more often when I bet football than any other sport.
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