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Nancy Bedolla in the chicago store is a great RRL sales person to work with
Can anyone tell me whether an RRL casual jacket, which lined, fits the same as an unlined casual jacket? Essentially is the lined jacket a tighter fit because of the lining or do they make the lined jacket slightly larger to account of the lining? ( Hope that makes sense!)
More items from UK website      
A few of the new season items on the UK RRL website            
Have bought the shirt and it is well worth the money. The only issue i have is with matching it to something works well under brown or tan denim jacket, or brown, beige and subdued yellowish jackets. Bought it really to wear to the screening of the johnny depp lone ranger movie, going native for that one!! Ha ha. Nemo
HI thanks for that Hoit. XXL fits me fine, i've been wearing XXL Ralph Lauren and RRL since 1997 and it is a good fit. I have a contact in the Chicago store who basically points out that most of the XXL stuff comes into the stores and not the website. I tend to get most of my RRL stuff through her and her colleagues. Having said that, given that the RRL brand seems to be expanding globally ( The womens website is now starting up) they have seen a slight increase in the...
HI Hoit, as the man who is an expert on all things RRL i was wondering whether you might be able to help. i am mad about this jacket, and was woondering if you knew whether it is possible to commission one of pieces, which are no longer in production, from RRL ? Alternatively whether they might allow you to contact the artisans who made the jacket and commission one. I am XXL so you see the problem. There is a medium version of this jacket for sale on ebay, but obviously...
Heads up guys. Something interesting and special has just come to my attention. I was trawling tumbler RRL and i came across a video, which shows one of the traditional looms weaving the indigo dyed cloth used in a great deal of RRL goods. It is absolutely fabulous and of interest to real RRL lovers. The machinery used is restored and the owner explains how some of the fabric obtains its distinctive characteristics.  RRL Youtube or go to RRL tumbler and it'll have the...
HI 46n2   Unfortunately there is nothing on or inside the jacket to indicate what the pattern is. I do remember the website blurb saying 'Southwestern' pattern. However thinking about it, i'm sure Hoit might know how to contact the buyers, inside RRL who ship the stuff. The issue of course, is that the item is made in China, so do they choose the pattern or is it an RRL designer in the USA who sends them the product designs. There are two pieces of info on the jacket...
  This jacket has the same pattern on the front and back as the item you've seen, although i prefer this particular style. I bought this off the RRL website Nov/December 2011. Hope that helps some. Best wishes
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