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Cross-post from the sale thread... Does anyone know why entering RLJULY4 doesn't seem to work at all? No errors but the coupon is not displayed and the prices are still the same in my cart. All the items I added through the sale link and then browsing the sale's RRL category.
Does anyone know why this coupon might not work for me? I clicked through the sale to RRL and then added stuff to my cart. Adding the RLJULY4 discount code doesn't display any error, but it isn't listed on the page after adding and the prices in the cart don't go down. Anyone experience that?
What happened to the Gitman MTO shirting? This looks awesome:   http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/chambray-popover   Are you able to do MTO sizes on it?
Mike,   Are you able to do MTOs of the speckled chambray for either rivets or driggs? That awesome looks amazing, but the sizes available are smaller than I am able to wear.
Wow, very nice. Is that one of the linen donegal ones? That's the only cardigans by them that I see available online. Where did you kop?   Man, that combo of the henley and cardigan are just sick.
I dig the unfinished horsehide fall 2015 trainers preorder. It looks like the sizing though goes up to a US 13. I wear a 13US Alden Barrie/Trubalance (Barrie being a tad tight and trubalance fitting great). That I think correlates to a 13.5 or 14US probably for the trainers sizing. Are you able to make larger sizes than a US13?
Nice cardigan. Who makes that one?
I'd do double leather definitely. I'd just like to be able to wear a lindrick in brown cordovan. I honestly think it would be my most frequently worn boot if it was in my size.
Lindrick in brown cordovan I would definitely go for. With double leather sole or dainite. The largest RL lindrick is a tad too tight for me. Anybody else interested in a brown cordovan lindrick?
I'm interested. Do you know what sizes they can make it in? Also, do you know how the sizing will correlate to the RL version? I have feet that are on the larger side...
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