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Thanks! I missed that update. That's great news!
Any updates on the jacket FF estimates? I haven't gotten any shipment notification on the two I ordered. It would be nice to have them in on time for Christmas as I could use them for a trip.
Are crotch blowouts fixable? How is this done (without matching fabric to patch...?) and where is the best place to get this done?
Usually not a saddle fan, but for some reason I'm liking this look:   http://www.fransboonestore.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/alden-chamois-and-suede-saddle-on-crepe
Thanks, I'll have to work out a way to take a fit pic. I only have my cell phone camera so no really easy way to take a photo from a good angle. Not sure how all you guys pull off such great fit pics? Don't think I'm ready to ask the gf, "here take a picture of me wearing this sport coat so I can post it on the internet for a bunch of guys to look at" . If she was into fashion it might be an easier sell, but I don't think she really notices what I wear.
I'm hoping the later as I haven't gotten any notifications on mine. Hoping I get something soon!
I've noticed with the tweed sport coat I ordered last year, the shoulders fit well from what I can tell but there is a bit more room in the chest/stomach where the buttons are. Is that something you can have tailored? My understanding was that you usually fit a jacket based on the shoulder width (as you can't change it) and the length of the jacket and sleeves. What do you do if you fit it for shoulders but it feels a little loose in the midsection? I.e. I can pull the...
I really wish this was in a 48L! Would be a no brainer
Great texture on it. Fits great into the whole look.
Nice, good find! Looks like it is a bit on the lighter colored side. Would make up brilliantly as well. I wonder if there is a possibility of sourcing some type of MTO? Edit: Just saw that Mike is looking into it. Would be awesome if we could get 6 people on board!
New Posts  All Forums: