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Thanks! And epaulet does send out like invoice emails for it right? I haven't been signing into sf as much recently so I don't want to miss paying my balance...
Sorry if I missed a post about this... Is the sweater preorder round 2 in yet? I haven't gotten an email to ask for balance payment yet...
Thanks, I'll try to go for minimal break. Is there a specific type of cuff you used, or is there a standard cuff that tailors do? I'll have to look at what a 2 inch cuff will look like on them when they arrive. I'm 6'3, so I'm not super tall or anything. Do you have an pics of your pair with the cuff? I'd like to see how the cuff looks on that material.
Put in an MTO order of the heavyweight Pearl Grey lambswool flannel Walts with unfinished hem. I'm thinking of getting them cuffed to wear to work this winter.   Anybody with the same fabric out there? What hem did you go with? Any suggestions on a cuff size guidance? I know very little of cuff sizes and if there are different types of cuffs to ask for at the tailors... I think I've seen 2 inches been somewhat common in posts online but I wonder if cuffs should be...
Awesome!!! Looking forward to them . These are rivet makeups, right?
Just curious: is there a future possibility of UK Steep Twill being available again someday? Anyone know if those have been offered many times or if it was a deadstock one time only type of thing?
Great look. The steep twill pants from last year are spectacular. My one regret is that I bought a bunch and then lost a significant amount of weight so they are pretty much all too loose on me now.
  That's funny that stevefok should mention that as I was thinking the same thing but forgot to include it in my post. I'd say the SNS does have a tighter weave feeling to it. Hard to describe and it is subtle, but I definitely think the Heirloom has a bit looser of a weave in addition to being heavier.
 I agree with Justin. I'd say the Heirloom is a touch heavier but not by a lot. I'd say the Heirloom felt small tad warmer for some reason to me, but that is just an impression that could be off. If you don't have an Heirloom, I'd highly suggest it as it is a really awesome piece.
Sand bedford cord and speckled chambray rivets kopped and an Ecru Nep shawl cardigan for heirloom round #2! 
New Posts  All Forums: