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 Yep. I got two of my suits in today. Really beautiful work. Sadly my third one I have not received shipping notification on yet.
Email sent - thanks!
@Epaulet So I messed up and submitted my order for a sportcoat only and I'm thinking I want the matching trousers. Is there any way you can add on the trousers for my recent EFF order?
Thanks, I hope so! Look awesome.
That vest is awesome. Is it EP? I must have missed when they made those :(
Does anyone know if I can still order from the EFF? The options are still up on the site... Considering trying...
Thanks! And epaulet does send out like invoice emails for it right? I haven't been signing into sf as much recently so I don't want to miss paying my balance...
Sorry if I missed a post about this... Is the sweater preorder round 2 in yet? I haven't gotten an email to ask for balance payment yet...
Thanks, I'll try to go for minimal break. Is there a specific type of cuff you used, or is there a standard cuff that tailors do? I'll have to look at what a 2 inch cuff will look like on them when they arrive. I'm 6'3, so I'm not super tall or anything. Do you have an pics of your pair with the cuff? I'd like to see how the cuff looks on that material.
Put in an MTO order of the heavyweight Pearl Grey lambswool flannel Walts with unfinished hem. I'm thinking of getting them cuffed to wear to work this winter.   Anybody with the same fabric out there? What hem did you go with? Any suggestions on a cuff size guidance? I know very little of cuff sizes and if there are different types of cuffs to ask for at the tailors... I think I've seen 2 inches been somewhat common in posts online but I wonder if cuffs should be...
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