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 Awesome! I'll try to find that shirt and send a photo. Are you able to dial in measurements between a combination of looking at the photo and if I get you some specific body measurements? Would it be helpful if I also get some specific measurements to add in addition to the photo? I may be able to get measured by someone, but I need to figure out what measurements I need to send. Also, is there a larger cut that can be done for the current EFF event? The IS fabrics are...
For the shirting EFF are you able to make the shirts in a size larger than an XXL size? I have an epaulet fit XXL shirt I bought and it was just a tad too small. I wear a 46L in your sport coats but the XXL shirt was a tad too tight in the chest and body. Also the sleeves were very close to being too short. Is there a larger size you can make for the EFF or a larger cut or something?
 Yep, but that was the GMTO right? That's one huge advantage of a GMTO over an MTO. I just looked it up and my Skye 2 cordovan purchased in 2013 as an MTO (I needed a larger size but no other changes were made) cost $1075. This is before cordovan became even more scarce and also it was a brown cordovan and not even whiskey. The cost now for Skye 2 MTOs is likely higher. Keep in mind though a regular stocked Skye 2 if they had it in your size I'm guessing could probably be...
I think I paid around $950-1100 for my Skye 2, and that was 1-2 years ago at this point (so the price has likely gone up). I think there was perhaps an upcharge since I had to have a larger size than their normal stock made. I'll see if I can look back and see how much my Skye 2's cost me to confirm.
 Wearing my marlows at work today, but the insole seems glued down securely and doesn't seem to want to come up easily. There are a bunch of handwritten letters on the right inside and left inside of the shoes which may be serial and model numbers. Not sure if those can be decoded easily or I'd need to call C&J.
Do we know if the Marlow/Lindrick or UK D or E width? The GMTO would be an E, but can anyone confirm the width for RL's Marlow Lindrick? Also, I would definitely say the last is the same between the Marlow and the Lindrick, but I found they fit differently for me. I don't know if that is due to the boot/shoe difference or just the way the last is used when making each one, but I found they did fit differently from what I could tell. Is it known if it is exactly a...
 I missed the preorder. Does anyone know if future ones might happen? Shawl leather coat looked awesome. Leather peacoat would be spectacular.
Very nice. What's the jacket you're wearing? It pairs so well.
FYI, I'm not sure if you're on it or not, but there is a GMTO for a C&J boot that is basically the RL Gianni going on currently. Just wanted to throw that out there, as I know they are looking to fill the last few spots.
Ah thanks, that makes sense. I'm relatively new in my understanding of quality shoe/leather so it is still a learning process in identifying things. I think this new boot is going to be really awesome :)
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