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That combination is awesome, and that suit is awesome. Where is the suit from?
  Why are all your shirts no longer fitting?... Sorry if I missed that thread of conversation.
Those are sick! Currently too hot here to wear boots, but those make me wish for cooler weather!
I don't know if they aren't going to offer Gtiman MTO's anymore or not... From what I can tell, the only MTO's under shirting are now only Individualized and no Gitman ones. It appears they switched from Gitman to Individualized and I definitely am interested if Gitman will return.
Mike,Are you able to do larger size MTOs for the sneakers? Or are the lasts/patterns only available up to a 13?
I'm curious on why the switxh from Gitman to Individualized. Any reason the Gitman MTOs were ceased?Also what is the Individualized fit deal? Do you have to get measured jn order to order one?
The skye 2's dark brown will be much darker than whiskey. You can get whiskey or other colors, but there will be an MTO or GMTO upcharge. You probably could get the skye in black cordovan for the right price if you want black.
Yes, I just got my Skye (leather sole) in the mail that is in whiskey shell (a recent MTO). It would be a simple matter of switching out the sole for dainite and other details. I have the skye 2 in brown cordovan as well. I will try to take some pictures when I get a chance and post them.
Cross-post from the sale thread... Does anyone know why entering RLJULY4 doesn't seem to work at all? No errors but the coupon is not displayed and the prices are still the same in my cart. All the items I added through the sale link and then browsing the sale's RRL category.
Does anyone know why this coupon might not work for me? I clicked through the sale to RRL and then added stuff to my cart. Adding the RLJULY4 discount code doesn't display any error, but it isn't listed on the page after adding and the prices in the cart don't go down. Anyone experience that?
New Posts  All Forums: