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Those aren't available as an MTO are they? I'm looking at the available colors and I'm not seeing any Latte options :-\.
Is that brown tweed? What pair are those? They look amazing.
Where did you kop the awesome SNS to go with it? What color is that SNS? Oxblood? Man, those look sweet together.
Congrats! I missed out on the olive windowpane one!
Awesome, thanks!  I will read back and find your writeup! Yeah, I was curious as I have some problems with mine and wanted to know if they were common or if it was just mine.
 Thanks, I emailed them last night and I figured they'd probably be out but I'm itching for a response so I decided to post here and see. Now that I know, it will be easier to wait until after the 1st to get a reply back. I'm assuming contact@epauletnewyork.com is the best place to contact them?
Glad to hear it! Which ones did you go with? Anybody know if Epaulet is around or is it possible they are out through New Years?
Anybody get their factory finds sport coats in? Was everything good with them? Any issues?
Thanks! I missed that update. That's great news!
Any updates on the jacket FF estimates? I haven't gotten any shipment notification on the two I ordered. It would be nice to have them in on time for Christmas as I could use them for a trip.
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