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Looking forward to getting home and opening mail tonight! From the postal tracking it looks like I'm supposed to get a huge drop today:   Washed and Sanded UK Steep Twill - Rust Washed and Sanded UK Steep Twill - Brolive Washed and Sanded UK Steep Twill - Golden   Washed and Sanded UK Canvas - Faded Red Washed and Sanded UK Canvas - Tan   Anybody else have theirs? Are they as awesome as they look?
Super excited for this to arrive. For those who ordered, when, how often, and with what do you intend to wear this boot with? For those on the last order, how and how often do you find you wear it?   I think it will pair really awesome with selvedge denim as a casual boot and I think I'll wear it with selvedge denim and perhaps an OCBD shirt to work. Also I think it will go well with navy cotton slacks for business casual. I think you could even pair with with a casual...
Anybody get shipping notification or tracking #? Just curious...
That shirt with that jacket is a completely awesome combo. I can't wait for my chambray to arrive! What shirt is that you are wearing?
Great look. I wish they made wilshires in my size. What footwear are you rocking there?
Awesome! Thanks for the update!
And now I'm tempted to hit F5 every 5 seconds on their page... 
 Thanks I'll have to check that one out . I am not a huge fan either, but definitely can enjoy a few of his movies. A few of his movies I haven't seen but enjoy clips of them for their sheer perplexing absurdity:  
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