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+1. I thought I'd hate Dainite, but I find myself liking Dainite and crepe soles.
You WILL have cordovan, and you WILL like it!
Thanks for keeping the group updated!
Eh, they'll get here when they get here. I'm probably not going to get much wear out of mine until at least september anyway. Too hot until then to wear a skye II.
Loden would be great. I also think a custom RL Lindrick would be awesome. I love that boot but the 13US size that RL sells is a tad too tight for me. I'd also consider adding a dainite sole to it. Additionally a RL Gianni would be awesome as well. Haven't seen those available for a long time.
What is it with the trousers in MTO disappearing? Weren't the G&L going to have enough fabric to stock for a longer amount of time? I got in on one pair of navy G&L but I was considering more and I'm bummed they don't appear anymore.
Thanks mdubs. The order was indeed submitted but somehow she got the factory to tack on mine as an addition after some negotations. Super excited at how these are going to turn out.
Thanks mdbus, email sent.
Argh, what was the final cost? @mdubs, do you know if they can take one more? I was initially in on the order but then it stalled or something and I then wasn't able to login for a while.
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