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Wow, those track pants look awesome. Any chance of an MTO in larger sizes? I'm a 39-40 in a Walt and 38 in most jeans I own.
Thanks, doesn't sound too hopeful, but I have my fingers crossed hoping they are able to.
+1, Some of those in a walt or driggs would be insane.
Mike, Will the vests be available in large patterns (48) and long sizes? I've been looking everywhere for a 48L vest.
Awesome trousers. Are they an epaulet MTO?
Wow, excellent look. Any modifications or tailoring on the Doyle? Fit is impeccably awesome.
Very legit. I purchased boots through him and had a great transaction.
Yeah, positive is always better.
It wasn't like their postings were mean anyway. People are just really snarky on this forum, which can make it all the more entertaining.
Thanks, looks awesome. I like the idea of camel coords nad light blue OCBD. Might have to find myself a sweater too. I can see that fit working great. Looking forward to pics!
New Posts  All Forums: