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Very nice, I like the sock coordination with the shoes. Are those Marlows?
There was a new ravello lwb release? Where did you kop?
You'll have been cranking out a ton of awesome stuff recently. Not to pressure, but any updates on the G&L casual suit coat separates progress? And will they be something that could be worn in a business casual environment?
Superb. Making me consider snapping up another FF jacket. What are the details on that shirt and tie? I've been looking for that feel on the tie and shirt but have had a hard time locating something like that. Is the tie shantung?
Also, it looks like the Keystone fit is now called the Ashland fit? Does anyone know the measurements for an XXL in the Ashland (aka Keystone) fit? The charts on the MTO shirts look like they only list the dimensions for up to Large for the Ashland fits...
Would it have more room in the chest and body? My order says the fit was "EPAULET Fit" and it like wearing a leotard around my midsection in an XXL. Most brands I can fit in an XL Tall or sometimes need to go to an XXL Tall. If the Keystone fit is larger then I may need to try that. The Chambray MTO I received is so stinking sweet and well made so it is a bit crushing that it is too tight and that I don't know if I'll get a fit or if they will expand their sizes so that I...
Is there any possibility of larger sizes for shirting MTO? The XXL fits me like a L or XL and I need something larger :(
What are the details on this one? Did this order close?
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