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Anyone know where I can find a shell cordovan (preferably black or an exotic color) barrie lasted chukka with commando sole?
Great find! That combo is most excellent 
Does anyone know if the chambray used for the Doyle is similar to denim? In other words, is it indigo dyed and may bleed like raw denim?
Classic, very nice. What are those trousers? They look so great with the #8. Are they part of a suit? Been looking for a suit like that.
My chambray doyle arrived! Looks awesome so far. I'm so glad the extra sleeve length and jacket is there as I am a Long in suit sizes. Hoping it doesn't shrink if I wash it sometime.   I noticed the neck is huge on it. If I don't button it up then it has a really open neck on it? Anybody notice that? Like the neck is much larger than my shirt size necks. Much larger than I'd expect for the width of the shoulders on it.   Fantastic piece. Can't wait to wear it now!
I got my shipping notice too. Not sure if it is generated in advance but hasn't shipped yet?... Looking forward to getting it!!! 
Lindricks are awesome...
Wow, the Eidos stuff just posted is insta-kop level. This is awesome:   http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/navy-herringbone-suit-12-oz-wool.html   Also love the coats. Did you say you will be able to Eidos MTOs for larger sizes (48L US)?
Yeah, I had a pair of those in 13US and they were too small or I'd have kept them. I'd like a McCallum that is a 12.5 or 13UK size. That would be awesome.
Thanks, I'll check it out. Is it a slim last? I have found the tetbury looks way too slim for me. I do like the chunky chukka's that Alden does on the Barrie last as well as the Allen Edmonds one. I'd like something by C&J that is a happy medium between those lasts and a carmina soller chukka last.
New Posts  All Forums: