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Trying to find which FF trousers I need to wash with color fixative. Did y'all find a need to do it on the washed and sanded UK canvas? All colors? What about the UK washed sanded steep twill FF?   As far as the fixative, I bought both Rit and Retayne. Which would be the preferred to use, and how did you use it? Just follow the directions?   Thanks!
I can only give you some comparisons on my impressions. Your feet are different so they may vary... I wear a 13E UK in my Skye and Skye 2 boots. I wear a 13D US in Alden Trubalance (Indy boot) and Alden Barrie. The 13E UK Skye is a bit looser and longer and I can wear very thick wool socks easily with it. The 13D US Alden Trubalance Indy boot is roomy and I can wear thick wool socks, but it feels a tad shorter and just a tad less roomy than the Skye to me. The 13D US...
Bah green is for cheap shoe manufacturers. C&J turn a beautiful shade of loden 
Thanks. I don't know much about either so I was just curious what the differences are so I can identify each in the future. I'm a little clueless on the differences, if any.
What is the difference?
Thanks. Too bad, I wish they could do a larger size than XXL then :-\. Great though to hear they will have some new MTO options available in keystone fit!
Are any of the gitman FF available in larger sizes or in the larger keystone fit?
I'm wondering if I need an XL or XXL stark. Do you mind telling me what your measurements are? I wear a 48 Long sport coat.
But if the shoulders are say 20 inches, and you take half of that and add to the sleeves, you still only get 32.5", which is much smaller than a 36/37 length. Are the sleeves really that short? Or am I misunderstanding how the measuring from shoulder works?
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