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Awesome, which sport coat and walts are those? That is a great combination.
Anybody know of anywhere online to buy Boglioli long sizes in larger sizes? I'm looking for likely a 58L or 60L (IT).
Sounds like you need surgery.
Ah, I see. Apart from context, does anyone know if Alden has done any GMTOs successfully in the recent past? Or is it likely that Carmina, C&J, or one of the other manufacturers is the only way to get one done?
Done! Looking forward to receiving updates! 
Thank you, Sir. That indeed helps!  I will check them out while hitting refresh on the Conrad Wu website . Might have to grab a shantung from ones of those while I am waiting 
Thanks, I will be checking back frequently! Do you have any type of email mailing list/newsletter to announce their release that I can sign up?
Saw this and now I have to have one 
Thanks! I will look into the bitter chocolate one too! 
New Posts  All Forums: