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One source I found was I was able to get in on a GMTO there and it worked out well.
Thanks, good to know. Wow, that's awesome. Did you post pics of the ones you got in?
Thanks, good to know I'm not the only one. With more than one still waiting, I'm more confident it is just that they are still in the works hopefully. 
Seriously awesome! Which fabric is that one?
@Epaulet Sorry if this was addressed earlier, but should all the FF jackets/suit orders be completed by now? I received my first two suits almost immediately. My third order though that I submitted shortly after the first 2 hasn't been updated and it has been a while now. No rush, but I just want to make sure it didn't get lost or something.... Thanks!   Also, when can we expect the recent EFF trousers? Can't wait for the linen ones I ordered - it is hitting 70s and I...
I wish I had ordered a forest heirloom this past round. Great color. That shirt pairs well - what is it?
Impeccable. Love that jacket too.
I received UPS email that I had a package shipping. No epaulet shipping notice that I recall. I think because both suits were shipped directly from Southwick.
+1. And some stores are open pretty late. I've started to do this regularly since the distribution center is a long drive but I can have my packages held at a store that is 5 min from me and that is open until around 10pm I believe. The distribution center closes I think around 6pm.
I'm willing to bet that is going to turn out awesome. If I had seen the cord and thought clearly I would have ordered one too.
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