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My mocha calvary twill MTO arrived, and it has an insanely awesome hand and texture. I think they may become my favorite pair of trousers!    I'm trying to build up a respectable business casual baseline of outfits and I'm looking for some advice. Calvary twill definitely has some great texture and surface interest. Does it work for a business casual outfit? Due to it's texture, can I pair it with a blazer, such as a navy hopsack one?   As far as colors, can I pair any...
Mike,   Is there a possibility of having a Doyle MTO? I love my chambray Doyle and want an olive one, but I'm a 48L. Seems the pattern was built out for the chambray then it may be easy to do an MTO? Just trying to get in on more of the Doyle action...
Nice, what did you do on the heirloom sizing?
sick outfit I scared myself that I was correct in identifying the fabric from the photo. What have I become? 
Does anyone know when the factory finds close? Considering pulling the trigger on some.
Great look. What fabric is that vest? To me, it sort of looks a tad like moleskin. Very cool look.
+1. Would love some vest awesomeness
Dang, that jacket is awesome, as well as the whole outfit. Details on the shirt and trousers?
I need to start stocking blue OCBDs and also some white ones as well. I think I lack in that area based on my not being satisfied with any of the ones I have found. Where do you source your blue (and white) OCBDs? I recently did a Gitman MTO for a white OCBD and either I have my measurements wrong or the size turned out much smaller than the displayed measurements. The sleeves especially were much shorter than expected. I ordered a different sizing and fit and I'm hoping...
That pairing is killer. Is that the olive Doyle? What shirt is that?
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