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Loden would be great. I also think a custom RL Lindrick would be awesome. I love that boot but the 13US size that RL sells is a tad too tight for me. I'd also consider adding a dainite sole to it. Additionally a RL Gianni would be awesome as well. Haven't seen those available for a long time.
What is it with the trousers in MTO disappearing? Weren't the G&L going to have enough fabric to stock for a longer amount of time? I got in on one pair of navy G&L but I was considering more and I'm bummed they don't appear anymore.
Thanks mdubs. The order was indeed submitted but somehow she got the factory to tack on mine as an addition after some negotations. Super excited at how these are going to turn out.
Thanks mdbus, email sent.
Argh, what was the final cost? @mdubs, do you know if they can take one more? I was initially in on the order but then it stalled or something and I then wasn't able to login for a while.
Wait, did the Skye boot finally get off the ground? Is she still taking orders?
  Thanks everyone. Can anyone tell me what the model number is here? I googled Alden model numbers but couldn't find any resources on interpreting what it is: 
Do I remember correctly someone saying that they were able to get replacement laces for their Aldens from jcrew? I wrote them because my jcrew suede chukka's laces are getting frayed and this was their response:   "Happy to look into it for you! While we don't carry extra laces for our Alden shoes, you should be able to purchase them from the Alden company directly by clicking here. Hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything else, and...
What happened to all the awesome MTO trousers on the site??? There is just one there now :-\. Are they out of all those fabrics or something? :-(
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