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Very nice, I want to do the same but I'm not familiar with cuffing. Are the reverse cuffs on the rivets and denim sewn? Or just the walts/dress slacks?
Both of those looks absolutely stunning. How do you have those cuffs done?
Mike, Any chance there will there be another Thedi preorder sometime this year?
 Balance paid! Can't wait to see how mine turned out! 
Awesome, thanks a lot! I just ordered a shirt with the Stiff Roma Cutaway Collar a few days ago. Seeing that picture makes me wish it would arrive faster . I may need to order another in the Carmine Light Blue Stripe now that I've seen that one!  Do you mind explaining a little (if a bit of an off-topic question is allowed in this thread) on the lower top button placement and how it lends to wearing the shirt more casually? I am not knowledgeable about such things and how...
Looks fanta Definitely a great look. Can you give details on the shirt makeup (fabric, button placement)? Also what are the details on those trousers and coat? They go great together.
I have had a very few loose threads on EP pants. All so far haven't been unwraveling or a structural issue but just a thread that was longer that I could just snip. In a weird way I kind of like finding a few as it makes them seem like they were manually crafted instead of the overly chemically treated and mass produced stuff you would find in most stores. If the thread is an unwraveled or stitch problem I would definitely email EP as that is most definitely not something...
Mike,   Which of the MTO fabrics would you recommend for business casual cotton trousers? I really loved the G&L twill but I ended up only ordering 2 pairs. What happened to it? Is the "military twill" listed comparable? Or the brush cotton?
Any ideas on this one?   I exhausted most of my google searches to see if others have this but haven't found much. I have seen this happen on this suit and also on a sportcoat years go (returned the sportcoat).
Looks great! Is that a wool jacket and cotton trousers? Are the trousers "Khakis of Carmel"? Does anyone know if for business and business casual dress it works to wear a wool or linen sport coat, a dress shirt, tie, and then cotton pants? Or should the pants in general be wool? This example looks great to me (I just don't know if the pants are wool or not).
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