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A Japanese firm yes, but I believe most of their manufacturing is in China and other parts of Asia like Gap, Inc.
One thing I noticed, however, is that it appears that these Nudies have been machine washed quite a bit. The color around the pockets looks particularly washed out and lacks the contrast fading that a pair of properly broken in Nudies would have after months/years of wear. What do others think? 
I own three pairs of Nudies (two Thin Finns and one Masa) and all of the tags look to be in the 'right' places of the pair you're considering on eBay. I think it's a good sign that the iconic stitching on the back pockets is shaped correctly and show the fine details of the wave pattern. Also, the rivets and primary button with the Nudies design on the waist look correct. I like the fact that the seller has posted a large quantity of detailed images to show off the finer...
Hi all, quick question: does anyone know if Shoes Like Pottery run large? Thanks.
Perhaps Red Wing's Beckman Oxford would be worth a look? Here's a link:
Hello all, I am trying to decide on a pair of Shoes Like Pottery in either black or natural. I intend to wear them with denim while the weather's still cool, but then pair them with APC shorts as spring and summer roll around. I'm leaning toward the naturals, but any input would be much appreciated! Here's the link:
Beautiful images and descriptions! The items by H'Katsukawa really caught my eye. Now, I know what my tax refund will be going towards... ;)
Hello all, I'm 30, engaged, and a PhD candidate in History. I live in the USA, but spend a lot of time in Mexico and enjoy travelling in general. I tend to wear denim most days and my current favorites are a pair of Left Field Cone White Oak Chelseas. I also love my Red Wing Chukkas.
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