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No, they are all stilNo, they are all still available!http://www.ShopTheFinest.com
We are making an exclusive online offering to StyleForum members. We received 7 Kiton shirts in great colors and patterns, however all of them are tagged "Su Misura". The price will be $250 each, SHIPPING INCLUDED as part of this special StyleForum only offering. All shirts include their red individual Kiton shirt box as well! SHIRT 1 Neck 16 Chest 45 Waist 40 Back 19 Sleeve 34.5 Length 31.25 SHIRT...
They are a "pure play" leather jacket maker. Clients have told me it's a nice quality product.
Very nice, enjoy your new Orazio Luciano jacket!For those of you who do not know, Orazio Luciano is a phenomenal product. Ex master tailor from Kiton whose business and following is growing and growing. Most of you know The Armoury who is carrying and selling this product very well in both Hong Kong and in NYC. In Europe a very strong seller is Amsterdam's strongest retailer for fine men's clothing and accesories, Oger.If you want a true Napolitan shoulder, lapel, etc....
Hello,I don't recall the construction, but the design will not be returning.Best regards,IanShopTheFinest.com
One of them is Goodyear welted, the other blake.Best regards,Ianhttp://www.ShopTheFinest.com
Please call or PM me to discuss.Best regards,Ianhttp://www.ShopTheFinest.com
As a matter of fact more and more we have size 46 Long, mostly suits, but we have the size. Currently we have online Orazio Luciano in size 46 Long and Luigi Borrelli in 46 Long. In addition we are introducing a new brand in the near future that will include 46 Long.Is there something particular that you are looking for?Best,Ianhttp://www.ShopTheFinest.com
Hello,We are having a technical issue that forced us to remove 3 models in size 40. We have to wait a bit longer before being able to return them to the site, please send us an e-mail directly, or wait a few days and this will be available in size 40.Also to answer your question, I think it is smart with this product to size up one size from your suit size.Best regards,Ianhttp:www.ShopTheFinest.com
There is a large new group, many are in a Goodyear or Norwegian construction . If you play golf we have 2 colors of one particular Norwegian construction shoe, fantastic! http://www.shopthefinest.com/nsearch.aspx?Brand=Sutor%20Mantellassi&page=1 Best, http://www.ShopTheFinest.com
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