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It was a pleasure meeting Dan at the space yesterday. He has great taste and for sure a member that helps make SF a great and unique forum!Best,IanShopTheFinest.com
Sending you a PM now.Best,Ian
Available for purchase, exclusively on SF or to in person clients. Cesare Attolini pant hangers: Sold in lots of 20 hangers for $49 USD + $12 shipping within the United States. We have a total of 5 lots for sale, additional lots will ship for the same flat cost. Please send inquires directly to: info@ShopTheFinest.com Thank you! ShopTheFinest.com
They are sportive with a Napolitan sensibility/style. They are not handmade, but the nice thing is you don't have to worry about them like you might items that cost far more. In addition due to the nature of the fabrics and washes they very easy to wear less formally.Best,Ianwww.ShopTheFinest.com
I agree, the first thing I do is go to the website directly and e-mail them and/or pick up the phone to verify the e-mail was sent by them.Best,Ianwww.ShopTheFinest.com
I wanted to help SF members better understand this fraud protocol. Which worked as it should and was quickly resolved as explained above by the client once we knew who he is.I know it seems hard for honest people to believe, but due to the high value nature of the goods we offer we are a constant target for fraud unfortunately. This year alone we have lost literally $1,000s in fraudulent transactions. By verifying the person placing the order is in possession of the...
It's sportswear for looks and to be worn more casually. They have brought these other categories into that of a "total look" at lower price point making them more accessible. In addition washes, colors, and fabrics are more diverse than you will find in a handmade more classic collection.I hope this helps!Best,Ianhttp://www.ShopTheFinest.com
No, they are all stilNo, they are all still available!http://www.ShopTheFinest.com
We are making an exclusive online offering to StyleForum members. We received 7 Kiton shirts in great colors and patterns, however all of them are tagged "Su Misura". The price will be $250 each, SHIPPING INCLUDED as part of this special StyleForum only offering. All shirts include their red individual Kiton shirt box as well! SHIRT 1 Neck 16 Chest 45 Waist 40 Back 19 Sleeve 34.5 Length 31.25 SHIRT...
They are a "pure play" leather jacket maker. Clients have told me it's a nice quality product.
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