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ByTheOcean, Thank you for your interest and inquiry. Yes, unless otherwise noted 100% of our products are brand new and perfect just as you would find in a retail store. Regarding pricing, think of us as an inventory specialist aggregating and acuiring small and large blocks of inventory at discounted prices that we can then pass savings onto you the final client. I will send you a PM now to follow up on your specific needs. Best regards, Ian
Whether woolen, cashmere, or crafted from fine silk, each men’s scarf will add unrivalled style to your look.
New arrivals from Kiton, Cesare Attolini, E. Marinella only at
 Happy Holidays to All!The retail value of the Goodyear Fiori di Lusso Shoes is $1250, our discounted price is $499. The retail value of the Blake Fiori di Lusso loafers is $900, our discounted price is $359.Happy Bidding!
Thank you!
Hello,Everything on the site is 100% brand new unless otherwise noted. Whenever in doubt you can and should always e-mail us at:info@ShopTheFinest.comOr call:310-444-7140 or 800-501-5384We are here to help!Best regards,
Thank you for your kind words!Best,Ian
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