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@AAS--if you are in providence one more night you really should go to Hemenway's on South Main St.
Did someone say green tie?     There is a story here...about 4 weeks ago I was at Nordstrom rack with my oldest (pictures) and he said "Dad--I know what I want for my birthday."  (It was coming up in about 3 weeks)  "I want a sport-coat like you wear, you know, for the ladies."  With tears of pride in my eyes I logged on to Ebay to thrift is first SC.  The ill-fitting navy blazer on him was his gift.  I thought it was a for us to dress alike, but he...
NYBZ--Someone already mention the rise/break of pants so I will pass on that, other than to say that my avatar should hint that I also have problems in that I feel your pain.  Sleeve of jacket seems to be a bit long, and I think the PS is poking out just a tad too much as well.  The thing that jumps out at me the most is that I am not a fan of dark SC/slacks and a white shirt with no just seems incomplete.  I would throw on a tie (color!) or change...
Well..when you put it like that, I guess I'm a boob...but....there is an element of regalia to that tie and knot...the PS is not casual...yes, tweed but the color seems to make it more formal.  I am not sure if those are chinos, they look like wool; either way that razor sharp crease and the shoes lend themselves to "Tuesday meeting"  not "casual Friday."  Also--the overall palette seems "Autumn/spring" and the shirt seems very "summer."  (Hence the peach/pink for spring...
IMHO  IMHO!!   Yeah--I think the shirt is too casual for the rest of the outfit.  I would keep everything the same and go pastel pink or peach
Is it safe to say that pleats are like Martinis...(1) is fine...(2) can be pretty cool...and (3) is just asking for trouble?
Heavier guys like a higher button...if the top button has a lower stance it emphasizes large bellies. I think  3-button jackets look better on heavier guys as well for this reason
SS experts please assist!  January 2014 issue of (American ) Esquire 44...there is a grey  SS suit that I want--the one with purple windopane.  I searched the site high and low and could not find it.  Any clue as to where i can get this in a 48 reg?  Thanks!
Suit Supply experts--please assist!!  January issue of 44...they show a suit from SS --grey with large purple windowpane...why can i not find that on SS website?  Any suggestions?  Looking for it in 48 reg.  Thanks!!
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