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Hey Guys,   i have a Q considering the Chukkas.   I want to wear them as an urban winter shoe. We have mostly wet streets and some snow, but it will be ok. Can I buy Chukkas as a winter shoe or should I look at something else?   I like the tan sueds best. Are there any differences in durabilty and waterproofness between the sueds and the leather ones?   Regards   Phil
Hey guys,   I am looking for an urban winter boot (I live in Germany - the streets are wet all winter and we have some days with somewhat heavy snow). I really like the Beckman, but I can`t wear them, as they are not wide enough for my wide feet.   Which Models can you guess recommend? (keep in mind: I want a Winterboot)   I like the classic workboot look and will mostly wear them with jeans. I really like the LL Bean Katahdin Boot, but it isnt available in Germany....
Hey,   i want to order some Nike Tech Fleece Pants, as I think you guys are damn right about the slick looks.   What Size would you order?   I am 6 foot 1 and somewhere between 170 and 175 pounds. I wear waist size 33 in most of my regular pants. Will XL do the job? I probly will wear them a little baggy, if they fit as I think they do.   Regards
        I checked it on Amazon. You have to look for the G or H boot, I didnt noticed that there was a difference when I orderd the boots. It wasnt an ordering option, as they made seperate Amaton-pages for both fittings. Nothing in the details etc.
  I dont think, that I had that Option. They probly dont have that many pairs, so they send you what they have on stock. I ll try to grab the stockyard from England.   Thanks for the feedback.
I am looking for an inner city winter shoe: Waterproof, ok sole, good endurance & fine looking with jeans.   I just received the Gardner boot, which are very nice, but dont fit my feet (I need wider shoes). The Stockyard isnt available in Germany, so I have to order them in England (or Australia). I am just checking if my perception of that shoe is correct.
Hey,   I want to buy boots to send my Air Max 97 (underrated wintersneaker) on vacation. I was looking at blundstones, but I dont like the newest reviews about their decreasing quality. So I am looking a RM Williams boots, which look nicer and still have very good quality. Bad Thing: They are super expensive in Germany, as they are hard to get (350€ on Amazon).   I like the Stockyard. Is that a good choice as a winterboot? Other recommendations?   Regards
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