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Here you go Hirsh:) Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
Godamn phones
I was thinking about soaking my new elephant 2s... Does anybody know if they will shrink much?   The fit and form is perfect now, but I like to soak my jeans before using them, to get rid of starch and stuff..
hehe, well it has actually crossed my mind, but I dont think its a market for premium raw denim here in Norway, not yet at least. Would have been really awesome tho!
Yes, well, thats a problem in Norway, you cant get any other brand than Nudie, "crap-Levi`s", Acne, NN07 and so forth.. they dont sell NF, or Iron Heart, Momotaro or any interesting brands like that.. Every selvedge jeans I got, except one, Ive got shipped overseas... Its a pain in the ass to measure how they will sit, and gamble on it
Thats pretty lame, Hirsh! Any idea why they discontinued your size? Its a really small size by the way.. :P
Ive had a lot of Nudies, but I got really tired of them, so I gave them to a friend of mine who still likes really skinny jeans..   Now I got a pair of : Iron Heart 666 25 oz (everyday jeans, now aobut 4 months) N&F Elephant 2, 22oz, bought them new a week ago ("smart pair") Unbranded 21 oz (too tight, worn 20 times) Unbranded 14.5 oz (worn approx 4 months) Made By Monkeys (cheap raw selvedge I bought for about 30 bucks on sale, worn a couple of months)   Bonus:...
Haha, I guess not! I really cant get over these jeans, and how I got them.. NF is not even sold in norway, and I guess it is not more than 20 people who even got one... amazing. And where I live now, Iam surrounded by farmers..
Yes, guess so, I got mostly crap for xmas :P anyways Ive worn them now for a couple of hours, it feels wonderfull! Its not tight in the waist like every other jeans Ive got, and its a little roomier in the crotch area, lovem`!   I got a pair of Unbrandeds 201 (14.5oz) in size 31", and a pair of 221 (21oz) in 30", both of them to tight to move proper in, this 32" is perfect!! Finally a pair of comfy raws in my collections.
Well, today was my lucky day.. I went to get my everyday jeans hemmed at a local tailor. While I was waiting I took a walk to the "Fretex" shop nearby. Its a used store, were they sell everything from clothes to chairs and such. I was of course checking out the jeans, and after a little digging I found a pair of brand new Naked And Famous Elephant 2 jeans in my size with the tag still on it!! I bought them for just under 20 bucks!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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