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N&F elephant 2s, Homebound shirt, Converse, Nixon 51-30 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
They will stretch out again after the wash, my jeans always do that, anyhow :)
Other than the waist, they wont stretch much, its really lame...
Allright, enough talk, heres some pics after a week or so after soak. Some electric blue coming thru allready   .
Oh Hirsh, ju so awezom :)
Those will be awesome after some hard wear! Post pics!
My elephants arent even chainstitched, and theyre not hemmed. 
Ive worn these jeans mostly after work and on weekends, theyve had in total 3 soaks, and has been hemmed to 31.5". The waist measures to 34".   I live in Norway and I havent shipped anything out of Norway before, but Iam shure it wont be a problem.   Ive grown out of these jeans, and I may be interested in a switch with some jeans in a bigger size.
Any chance you want to switch with my XHS-666 25oz, tag size 32"? worn after work 4 months.. 
So Ive been wearing my ele2s a couple of days, and compared to the IH 25oz these feels like regular 14oz jeans.. I really like them and theyre really comfortable to wear, if I dont outgrow them (like I seem to do with all my jeans) Iam going to wear these to shit!
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