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[[SPOILER]] Thanks, thats great. I didn't want to cross over to SF and berkely is just a couple minutes drive from me.
Anyone know of a leather repair shop in the Bay?
@refinery Im about 5'8 and 150-155lbs and always buy M's, tho I prefer loose clothing and am a bit top heavy. If you go for the S make sure to try the AD cut.
^ Fuck just bought a pair of guidi backzips. If only I went out and missed the toasty post.
Ive got my post per page set to 40, she shows up on the last couple of pages. But first read the first couple of pages to get a feel of how serious the thread starter is about his thread, then BAM! Hirsh, haha.
Just clicked on the what would you wear thread , then I seen the Hirsh post and had a good chuckle, can we bring her back and only allow her to post in that thread?
Laguy is in Moscow.
Accordion try Berserk
Gentlemen relax [[SPOILER]]
Recently watched Kids on a slope and it was wonderful. Perfect Blue is a really good rec, it reminds me more of a live action film than an anime, if you enjoy psychological thrillers its a can't miss.
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