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Need some more tee's, Mario.
And SF has slayed sneakerboy, rip.
^^Haha, I shouldn't have came into this thread. Looked up what the qasa were and now I'm on the hunt. Just emailed a friend in Japan looking for the all black hi's. I don't even wear sneakers, damn this forum.
Did MoK hurt his ankles getting so much air?
Been meaning to check them out. Have a pair of levis 501s that I tapered, comfy but slightly baggy.
Even with all the sales going on I'm having this hardest time locating light wash tapered denim with a long rise. And it's that time of year again when I'm browsing sales and wondering what the hell is everyone buying. Endless cycle, man.
I'm also 5'8 and 160 and have a DR with 48/47 measurements fits good every where except tight shoulders and longish sleeves, fits best when I'm down to 150 but still tight in the shoulders. Unfortunately I missed the cutoff and didn't get to go for a 50/46 just so I can layer comfortably.
Ridiculous how it takes something from Canada almost 2 weeks and 3 days from the UK.
So the "special" lining is the one we all agree upon with the option of solid rayon also available? I vote no on camo, I feel like it's been camo overload for the last two years, can't take anymore. Any pics of jackets with marlin and dutch blue around?
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