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Can anyone get the purchase to go through at j+o?
Fuck only one thing I want and the web store is giving me error messages.
Lounge pants came in sooner than expected, pretty Fucking comfy. Worried about size and ended up with a size 32, spot on. But than again I'm not one to worry about vanity. Hey Mauro lets have a holiday in Thailand. I'll pay for the first three ladyboys. Lounge pants in a bone/off white color please.
Came across this video last week.
I''m in. For members without locations under them should we just state where we are from?
@Mauro, one of these days I'll take a road trip cross country.
Got the turtle neck in plum and it's actually darker than in the pics, really happy about that. It's a nice ass motherfucking sweater.
^^Bought a heattech shirt in large while in Beijing 3 weeks ago and it's only slightly slimmer than the large I bought at home. I didn't try anything else on tho. Hmm on second thought packaged stuff like heattech might not vary in size at all. Sorry, I wasn't much help.
like a uncircumcised crew neck tee.
Mauro are the flannels going to be made or is it only made for those that preorder. Really want the llama but monies tied up in a plane ticket right now.
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