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Photo quality reminds me of a russian snuff film.
I spent about the same amount of time in Shanghai and just walked around, didn't get to do much unfortunately. Hmm Beijing, form a quick google search I'm under the impression that your playing a show? It seems you'll be far away from the major metro area but Sanlitun at night is a fucking trip, Dadu Bar Street, I remember this being called something different but its a canal packed with bars. Limited time sucks but if your doing a show make some friends and have them show...
Make some under ware out of this fabric.
Loving your tee's Mauro, so damn soft.
^^I'm 5'8 and 155 and go with mediums, but mauro and co recs your usual button down size. Own any bd shirts?
10% tbs code, expires the 7th of april SS14-VIP-10-OFF
I got a pretty big nose for an asian guy, hoping it fits. Been looking around for something similar to this for a while.
Now just need some more tees and my ticket to south east asia. Hoping the sunglasses fit.
^^ Having the same problem. edit, changed payment to credit card and it worked
I need some t shirts Mauro!!!!!
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