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Got the turtle neck in plum and it's actually darker than in the pics, really happy about that. It's a nice ass motherfucking sweater.
^^Bought a heattech shirt in large while in Beijing 3 weeks ago and it's only slightly slimmer than the large I bought at home. I didn't try anything else on tho. Hmm on second thought packaged stuff like heattech might not vary in size at all. Sorry, I wasn't much help.
like a uncircumcised crew neck tee.
Mauro are the flannels going to be made or is it only made for those that preorder. Really want the llama but monies tied up in a plane ticket right now.
Any simple-ish white/off white sweaters this season? Full length sweats?
I seen the silent but like everywhere else its grey, which is crazy because wasn't camel the "IT" color last year? I go on an eight month SF hiatus and find myself returning only to find the "perfect" pair of sweat pants. What has my life become!
I'm having the hardest time finding off white/bone colored sweats. Checked all the usual stores and sites, would appreciate some reccs at this point.
Ha, didn't think anyone actually heard that. Usually I'd turn my mic off and start yelling at the screen, rather have my neighbors think I'm nuts than internet friends.
Still training but now a day's just to stay fit. ThInk I stopped at mw3 and was disgusted that I actually bought the game and stopped playing altogether.
You guys still play that Shit? Just thinking about it makes me pissed.
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