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Worn a handful of times, I'm just to lazy to deal with laces. I have a pair of guidi back zips in 42 and these fit similar. Comes with bag and laces. Pics will be up shortly. offers accepted. Price includes shipping in the US. Anywhere else please ask.
@Mauro Looking good for 60 although Im surprised he can still play video games.
We do love our north face and down vest here.
NMWA site is crawling, seems to be worse than usual.
Do you have to be signed in? Can't get it to work on anything I add to my cart Edit: union made
Ordered once from bureau, never got hit with customs.
[[SPOILER]] Hahahahahahahaa
I got the hiking boots(forgot the model name) a couple of seasons ago, went tts and they were too small.
Jewelry and drinking adventures please.
Back darts are the only difference. I actually think you should go with the BD in M and stay away from the small altogether. S in mall brand is usually equal to M.
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