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I'm also 5'8 and 160 and have a DR with 48/47 measurements fits good every where except tight shoulders and longish sleeves, fits best when I'm down to 150 but still tight in the shoulders. Unfortunately I missed the cutoff and didn't get to go for a 50/46 just so I can layer comfortably.
Ridiculous how it takes something from Canada almost 2 weeks and 3 days from the UK.
So the "special" lining is the one we all agree upon with the option of solid rayon also available? I vote no on camo, I feel like it's been camo overload for the last two years, can't take anymore. Any pics of jackets with marlin and dutch blue around?
Bump, Any ideas on an anti-fit long rise tapered jawn? Most of whats been rec is full cut. I've also tapered a pair of 501's and they turned out great but they are way too baggy.
Completely forgot about bday month. With Mauro out of town any way I can get an email with the code?
^^I'd let Tony Leung cut in front of me in line to the bathroom.
I use this, http://makr.com/utility-bag-black-canvas-and-horween-manitoba-leather/
^^Blew my mind when I seen FUBU in china recently.
Photo quality reminds me of a russian snuff film.
I spent about the same amount of time in Shanghai and just walked around, didn't get to do much unfortunately. Hmm Beijing, form a quick google search I'm under the impression that your playing a show? It seems you'll be far away from the major metro area but Sanlitun at night is a fucking trip, Dadu Bar Street, I remember this being called something different but its a canal packed with bars. Limited time sucks but if your doing a show make some friends and have them show...
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