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NMWA site is crawling, seems to be worse than usual.
Do you have to be signed in? Can't get it to work on anything I add to my cart Edit: union made
Ordered once from bureau, never got hit with customs.
[[SPOILER]] Hahahahahahahaa
I got the hiking boots(forgot the model name) a couple of seasons ago, went tts and they were too small.
Jewelry and drinking adventures please.
Back darts are the only difference. I actually think you should go with the BD in M and stay away from the small altogether. S in mall brand is usually equal to M.
[[SPOILER]] Thanks, thats great. I didn't want to cross over to SF and berkely is just a couple minutes drive from me.
Anyone know of a leather repair shop in the Bay?
@refinery Im about 5'8 and 150-155lbs and always buy M's, tho I prefer loose clothing and am a bit top heavy. If you go for the S make sure to try the AD cut.
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