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A friends wedding is coming up, although not soon would like to get a head start and check out some suits. Any yoox brands worth checking out? Looking for gray or navy and something light and breezy enough for South East Asia.
Wow! Talk about the last straw, I was told last round of orders were coming with a pork belly tote. I'm cancelling my non existent order.
Debating on selling my 2010 DR for cheap $ and a jar of tears.
Union Square for convenience.
^^Y'all both in the Bay, should meet outside Uniqlo.
Hey @LA Guy rec me a blue that isn't too bright and lighter than navy.
How is sizing on Isaora sweats?
Which leather option is the sample again?
Could it just be a button shawl wrapped around the waist?
Whoa, button shawl fabrics look really nice this season.
New Posts  All Forums: