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Im about 5'8 and 155 and the M fits a bit long and has a drape which I like and prefer, I'm pretty sure I can get away with a small.
I wonder if there is a Japanese version of SF where they link ebay, B&S, and sufu kops.
WvG on top and nothing on bottom.
I got a special code for emailing @Mauro a special pic of myself. Nice guy, not creepy at all.
I meant the solid navy from last round of tees. Yeah thanks so much for shipping it out so fast, I'm wearing it right now along with the superga shoes you sent me from the santa threak way back when.
Who else stocked the fairisle jacket, looks like portland is out of M's.
From eyeballing, new tees are roughly 1.5 inches shorter (maybe more) than the first version and about 1 inch shorter than the restock from a couple of weeks ago. Wonderful tees, any restock on the solid navy Mauro?
Yes, the slim version would be more like the SF version with the narrower shoulder.@Thurston Bros you about ready to throw your monitor out your office window yet?
Looks like I have to schedule for a brazilian soon. @Mauro should we size down on the underware? And would yall like detail macro shots?
Anyone watching the Simpsons marathon?
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