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Which leather option is the sample again?
Could it just be a button shawl wrapped around the waist?
Whoa, button shawl fabrics look really nice this season.
Need some more tee's, Mario.
And SF has slayed sneakerboy, rip.
^^Haha, I shouldn't have came into this thread. Looked up what the qasa were and now I'm on the hunt. Just emailed a friend in Japan looking for the all black hi's. I don't even wear sneakers, damn this forum.
Did MoK hurt his ankles getting so much air?
Been meaning to check them out. Have a pair of levis 501s that I tapered, comfy but slightly baggy.
Even with all the sales going on I'm having this hardest time locating light wash tapered denim with a long rise. And it's that time of year again when I'm browsing sales and wondering what the hell is everyone buying. Endless cycle, man.
New Posts  All Forums: