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Just an update on my FWK experience, the small in the navy wool sundress worked out. GF is roughly 5'6 and 105lbs.
Thanks, wished I'd seen this before I pulled the trigger. Gf is tall and skinny even if she thinks otherwise, hopefully a size 1 fits her.
Yeah, I' looking at sun dresses for my gf and I'v thumb the size tabs on her jackets and they're all s but past experience with EG has me a bit hesitant.
FWK stockist? And anyone have experience with sizing? True to size?
Brought in my toj lamb on your rec a month ago, I'd somehow torn the leather on the left side pit after a night of drinking. Fixed in less than a week and for $30 or so bucks.
Your excitement has made me feel as if the place is a can't miss, lol.
Thanks @Abraxis, Looks like I'll be passing Phoenix on my way there, I'll make a note to try and stop in if time permits. I'm driving btw.
Headed to Tucson this week for a buddy's wedding, recs for food and drinks please. Open to anything.
Just got some horse jerky, meat bits thing from the Mongolian chick I'm dating. Didn't try it myself and passed it along to my dad, he said it was a horrible experience and he's the kind of guy that could put down anything. He has ate horse before.
This comes to mind when I see CT
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