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Since I'm new here and my message got stuck in the "magical black box", as they say, and then got posted on an earlier page. I'm reposting because I'm afraid nobody saw it. Hope it's ok to do that! By the way, nice pictures, shomo! I wasn't so sure myself about the grey, but it looks nice.  
Hi, my real name is Christophe, 33 yo from around Montreal, Quebec. I joined to ask some questions about shoes and I always have trouble finding a decent nickname (...) I have too many fragrances and affordable watches, and now I'm wasting my time looking at clothes. It's not going to end well.
I also have a question (I mean, some questions) about the Daltons. First, I never bought anything else than cheap generic shoes and I never had to care about the width.  Usually I fit a 9 1/2, sometimes a 10. Now I only started being interested in real shoes and the Daltons really grabbed my attention. One problem is that I have a higher insteap on the right foot. Another problem: I live in Canada, so I can't go to an AE store and try different sizes. All I could...
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