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My new 1 1/4" West End in Hazel/SS-Satin. Amazing belt, amazing color (the picture doesn't really captures the subtile orange undertone). By far  the best belt i own. Looks like it will last for quite a while.   And yes, i ordered on the small side cus cutting weight at the moment :D
Now that the Skinny is out, any change for a tapered, none_slim version of the straight cut? Something like N&F Weird Guy. 
International shipping rates increased quite a lot? I paid $11 shipping to germany for a polo some years ago, now its $43  
Are these the standard buttons or the premium ones?
What's the difference between the Premium MOP for +$15 and the ones for +$20 
Will there be a leather patch available for your jeans?
Can you post photos of the other fabrics for the harrington jacket?
Luxire, can you give an overview/prices and maybe pictures of the button options for your pants?
May i ask if you did anything special to get the fit right, as i am in the same crew when it comes to large, sloping shoulder/prominent traps and a large neck size.
Any news on hopefully coming Pique-Polos?
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