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Not true and mis-leading in many ways.I am an average width and the U last is fine. 
Suede and the Cognac Tan....
I have a couple of Vass Brief case.The leathers and suede used are usually sourced from the same shoe suppliers.They're well built with good quality zips.
You come to the right place.The writing inside the lining will tell you when it was made. The first 4 digits are the year, then month and day.looks like it's written 2008 or 2006.And made in February 02. Can't work out the day.The toe looks too chiselled to be an F last and the overall shoe looks narrow. So my guess is you picked up a pair of expensive Bespoke Vass for $10. Happy Days
Shoe painting, antiquing, patina, burnishing etc etc, when has this become the Berluti thread?
I think "Marble" effect is another terminology used. If you had the pleasure of owning a pair of cream museum calf, then you'll know.
I never said they were related. Lobb has 2 separate machines, one for placing the uppers on the last and the other for pattern cutting.1/4 million £ of machines to keep up with churning out 500 pairs per day. LOBBS finally made a profit in 2012.HRoimaybe someone from the Royal Family would consider the word mediocre. End of the day, it's all relative.,
If I can add my 2 pence on this subject and good to see you back. John Lobb has 150k Laser cutting machines for the uppers and patterns, and other 100k machines to now put the uppers onto the last (you won't see any of these machines in their promotional videos) so I expect every single pair to be cleanly cut and consistently well made. You pay double compare to Vass to obtain the bare maximum from Lobbs. Don't get me wrong, but every shoe manufacturer makes mistakes,...
Agnelli spot on. JL Chelmsford
Herring have shoes made by Barkers.Given the last they do look like Barkers high end 125 Anniversary Edition. Good shoes, but you can get better value from other makers at the 399 gbp price point.
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