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Wurger,  I am on holiday, hence spending my free time on SF and these porn thread to properly "chill out". Will post when I am back home.  LL. 
 Hello Roger,  1) The overall thickness of the Vass Calf (I have seen the sheet of calf and crust from Saint Crispin and Edward Green, and Vass Calf is thicker & durable)2) The finished product of the Vass calf leather3) I have never been a fan of crust - high maintenance and lots of TLC required  4) I still recognize my Vass after walking in the rain compared to me EG's and Saint Crispins
 I have the above models in EG, G&G and Carmina - and you're safe to go with EU 43 in the Vass U last.  I think Roger can also vouch for this.  
I have both pairs - I personally prefer the way EG hand-stitched the upper section and inner stitched the split toe, that makes the Dover a timeless classic, not even my John Lobb Chambord is on par.  My Dover was made on the 82 Last using Willow Calf (Rare & EG have discontinued) However, the EG did come at a 35% premium - so it's a trade-off you need to consider.   The upper stitches takes about 2-3 hand-hours using a pig's bristle - see picture 2 closer...
Roger, That's my actual pair Ascot Shoes used for the photo illustration - need to start charging you royalty my friend. 
 I ordered a couple pair of Shell boots and been discouraged to order further pairs dues to limited shell supply. I simply stick to Calf when it comes to Vass shoes - I compare my John Lobb (Paris & London) and Edward Green RTWand find the Vass Calf skin highly superior.  I have challenged Lobb to source their calf from the same French suppliers as Vass - I am still waiting for a response from Valerie.
This Forum one dangerous place - who's giving you advice to go for wide fitting? Like Mimo, a 43 normal would be suffice.
Your exact pictures of those in the snow back ground inspired me ;-)
 Stunning shoes - the EG Dover my all time great. Has to be the 82 last using Willow Calf.
A pair I received before Xmas.....    
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