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Roger, That's my actual pair Ascot Shoes used for the photo illustration - need to start charging you royalty my friend. 
 I ordered a couple pair of Shell boots and been discouraged to order further pairs dues to limited shell supply. I simply stick to Calf when it comes to Vass shoes - I compare my John Lobb (Paris & London) and Edward Green RTWand find the Vass Calf skin highly superior.  I have challenged Lobb to source their calf from the same French suppliers as Vass - I am still waiting for a response from Valerie.
This Forum one dangerous place - who's giving you advice to go for wide fitting? Like Mimo, a 43 normal would be suffice.
Your exact pictures of those in the snow back ground inspired me ;-)
 Stunning shoes - the EG Dover my all time great. Has to be the 82 last using Willow Calf.
A pair I received before Xmas.....    
I do fancy some KFC now.... Wow...been in Rehab for couple of months and there some serious stuff on here. Congrats ALL.  
Probably pick these up for about $150 in the outlet store soon - a size Zero would struggle to fit into this. 
Size 41 EU in the Vass would be suffice if you're generally a UK 7 in Crocketts. 
In all honesty - the right shoe is 100% derived from the U last.BUT the angle of the left shoe does look like the F last... DId you ask Reszo for Vass new hybrid "FU" LastBut there no doubt the calf colour contrast extremely well with your checked trousers (pants). 
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