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Thank you RP - Mr L Vass was very encouraging in recommending the Black Suede/Calf combo.   I initially came in the shop for all black.  Now I want it in Oxblood after seeing your Monks! It looks very versatile during day/night. 
Vass MTO....   Black Calf Black Suede K Last Wearing these with my Tux to a Swiss swinger evening this weekend.     
Any challenge is appreciated: I don't think you have seen a pair of Vass in real life....more like AS finishing is at least 2 steps below Vass.
The Double Monks are awesome!
  To give you idea of my size and what I wear and tried on in Vass shoes:   I have many EG 202 in size 10E = My Vass on U & F are 44 - I don't like the P2, but P2 on 43.5 fits me fine.   Some of your C&J last are the wide country style which I have never owned.
The birdseye photo looks like the F last - but the front toe photo looks like their R or New PIII last...
I think Vass RTW range isn't as extensive in comparison to GG...But going down the MTO route with Vass will give you more options with little to no sur-charge than GG.   I own several GG, they are light and soft - build quality not as solid as Vass. IMHO. 
Isn't that a bloody good thing for us forum members and worldwide Vass owners. Imagine if they realise the potential value of their brand in comparison to other high end shoe makers - pound for pound they are miles ahead in quality; craftmenship and value for money.   I am comparing my €500 Vass boots to my €950+ Prestige Lobbs/SCrispins & Corthays and now struggling to justify paying double for these brand again. I see little difference apart from name and....price!...
May I ask what colour these beautiful Vass Monk are derived from? As they look different in your 2 photos....   I love the last, are they the K last? I need to take this photo to John Lobb and ask them to copy Vass!! 
Not enough s€x
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