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Over 5-6 weeks for me...and over 12 weeks for my Shell - the shell came from Chicago
And depending on the shoe type/style you decide.
  All sizes quoted in UK and width E = D in US    Lobbs:  7000 = 9.5 E  8000 = 9.5 E  8695 = 9.5 E 1105 = 9.5 E   EG: 82 = 10 E  202 = 10 E 888 = 10 E 808 = 10 E   Saint Crispin  Classic Last = 9.5 F Riva Last = 9.5 F Chiseled Last = 9.5 F  Screwdriver Last = 9.5 F   Crocketts:  348 = 9.5 E  350 = 9.5 E  351 = 9.5 E  360 = 9.5 E 361 = 9.5 E  337 = 9.5 E   Corthay Last Model 1 = 10.5 E Model 11 = 10.5 E   Vass: U = 44 - UK 10 K = 44 - UK 10 F = 44 - UK 10   Church's: You...
If you have relatively high arches then keep away from close lace-up Oxfords...and gear towards a Monkstrap, Open lace Derby and Open lace boots. Do you know the difference between these shoe types and how they fit?    If you went out and bought a pair of Vass in the U last size 40 - of the following style:  1) Monkstrap 2) Oxford Close lace budapest 3) Derby open lace budapest    The fitting will not necessarily be the same.  You will find the Oxford budapest fitting...
  Thank you Mimo....   There was an ungentlemanlike guy on here who said my black boots were "Messy" and "would rather pay" 3 times for a pair of GG boots. I for sure would rather own 3 pairs of Vass to 1 pair of GG...If I am getting this sublime workmanship from Vass.   At least it doesn't "mess" up by bank balance...   
I ordered the exact pair from Ascot back in Nov - the deal was sweeter since I asked them to send to my Swiss work address, to take the 20% VAT off.     The F last is very similar but a touch more rounded than the Lobbs 7000 last and Crocketts 350 last. The Lobbs 7000 & Crocketts 350 is more pointed for my liking...Shoes are nice are wearing well, but looking to order these in K last in Oxblood grain/calf combo.   
Hello VR,   That's correct, special order - recent business meetings taken me to Budapest & Vienna last year.....spotted the opportunity to pop-in & order some boots directly...my lunch breaks in Budapest are never the same nowadays.   I caught Mr Vass with Eva at the new store by chance and enquired about their minimal boot range.  In reality their demand for boots are not as high in the local market, especially the pricng point.   Technically they can make all the shoes...
Thank you Dr.  
Maybe the angle of the photo makes it look more elongated. This is the K last - is slightly longer than the stunted U last...    Size 44 - US 11 - 
River II High Boots Bordeaux Cordovan (these were worth the loooooong wait)  Black stained Goyser stitches K Last                
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