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LIKE - Very nice shoes gents.  When are you guys planning to introduce the Semi-bespoke range? 
 Very nice CrackedCrab. I am guessing that's the 7K Last?
Very nice design - I may consider a pair too.  And the shoes from James also looks well finished and leather looks half decent for 275 Euros. 
 How is this possible to enforce - are the Vass retailers in the US tying Vass hands.   
There's little burnishing involved with the Willow Calf - the high raw material cost was a certain factorand the supplier couldn't provide the high quality consistently on a sheet per sheet basis...
I agree on the flair & sharpness of the Hove.  Nowadays most Dover are made on the chunky dainite sole androunder 202 last - which doesn't appeal to all  Some ideas behind the names given.  Hove is a small town near the fashionable seaside town of Brighton. Dover is a industrial working class town in the county of Kent ;-)
Wurger,  I am on holiday, hence spending my free time on SF and these porn thread to properly "chill out". Will post when I am back home.  LL. 
 Hello Roger,  1) The overall thickness of the Vass Calf (I have seen the sheet of calf and crust from Saint Crispin and Edward Green, and Vass Calf is thicker & durable)2) The finished product of the Vass calf leather3) I have never been a fan of crust - high maintenance and lots of TLC required  4) I still recognize my Vass after walking in the rain compared to me EG's and Saint Crispins
 I have the above models in EG, G&G and Carmina - and you're safe to go with EU 43 in the Vass U last.  I think Roger can also vouch for this.  
I have both pairs - I personally prefer the way EG hand-stitched the upper section and inner stitched the split toe, that makes the Dover a timeless classic, not even my John Lobb Chambord is on par.  My Dover was made on the 82 Last using Willow Calf (Rare & EG have discontinued) However, the EG did come at a 35% premium - so it's a trade-off you need to consider.   The upper stitches takes about 2-3 hand-hours using a pig's bristle - see picture 2 closer...
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