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thank you - never knew this thread existed.
Agree, they only use an Italian tannery who supply exclusively to them...exquisite stuff. 
These guys opened up about 2 years in Budapest - literally 2 doors down from Vass old shop, and now sits strategically in between Vass old & new shop. Don't think Mr Vass was impressed with the timing....   If you do get a chance to try on and feel the shoes first hand - you'll be disappointed to know the finishing and quality just isn't on par with Vass (yet). Although their retail prices is about 10-15% lower, than Vass I still couldn't justify parting with my money...
99% sure - for stitches around that awkward part of the leather no machine can handle.   The upper stitches on my EG Dover takes a skilled craftsman 3 hours to complete 1 pair, using pigs bristle and fine needles.   I asked Vass if they can attempt something similar to resemble the Dover stitches - I am still waiting for feedback.     
  life too short - no point taking all that money with you....half will end up with the tax man.  Just do it. 
Another factor is weight and height.    The average Italian build can get away with a slim single shoe.... Our average American cousin may need to re-consider his option   
Hope I haven't offended you... Allow me to re-word, all Vass are nice, just my preference on the K & U :-)
Can I clarify a couple of points with regard to high in-step in regard to shoe style (oxford; derby; monks; loafers)   If you have high in-step, avoid close lace up oxford chelsea like the first 2 pairs in this picture.  And try and gear towards a pair of Derby open lace like the last pair in this picture....or go for a pair of slip-on monk strap.   There is more opening around the instep on the monks/derby....   So the in-step space on the U last Derby and a U last...
  Honestly,   I am not a big fan of Vass last apart from the K & U. I couldn't see any difference to the P2 & P3 last...
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