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Some ideas for you:      
Just hardcore cash - and you get a better bargaining power paying in € than Florint.... Any payment option to avoid "declaring" is king.  
oh, these are nice....
Also - 351 and 361....
Very nice - I managed to pick up a pair of Alex on the Handgrade spec from Cleverley some years back.   C&J's Alex are only made on the Benchgrade....     Overall, the Alex wholecut on the 348 last is probably the best looking of all other makers.
Namor,   have fun in Budapest and bring an empty suitcase - remember to check out the other shoe makers, you'll find some interesting shoes on display.  Cash is King in Budapest -   Check out the popular Menzi's Restaurant - attractive prices and cool place to chill out and watch the locals about their daily life. 
  Ascot return policy very helpful - I live the UK but have all my items shipped to my Swiss work place to take advantage of the VAT deduction.  
Are you saying the full price with VAT was about  €469 in the EU.
  When I go on their ebay store - I ignore their ebay prices. Ascot tell me they are makred-up to accommodate the extortionate ebay fees.   I naturally take 20% VAT off and email them the shoes I like. And most of the time it comes to about 25% off for  buying direct with them.
Are you sure it's not just a cash discount Vass offered you.   I have never been offered this VAT deduction when I asked them to send to my Swiss address.
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