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I own several EG 82 last and TG73 last - I would say the fitting similar to the K last.    I own 3 pairs of the William II on the 9795R last - it's a closer resemblence to the F last.
Oh....this pair gonna bling in the office...I just love the contrasting toe cap.   You must be some high flying Wall St. Lawyer. 
More blast from the past.....and present...                      
Agree -    but bear in mind the pain around the instep whilst breaking into them...   Once you have settled into the shoes, they should fit snugly like a pair of vicuna glove If your loafers come in too comfortable, remember loafers have no lace mechanism to tighten them at a later date...insole is the answer.  
It's been over 3 months - I have a gut feeling what answer is...   I know the Lobb Chambord model and EG Dover are stitched by the same guy, so there no shortage of those shoes for me. He's making a bespoke pair for me at moment. Only wished Vass could handle such a labour intensive request....  
thank you - never knew this thread existed.
Agree, they only use an Italian tannery who supply exclusively to them...exquisite stuff. 
These guys opened up about 2 years in Budapest - literally 2 doors down from Vass old shop, and now sits strategically in between Vass old & new shop. Don't think Mr Vass was impressed with the timing....   If you do get a chance to try on and feel the shoes first hand - you'll be disappointed to know the finishing and quality just isn't on par with Vass (yet). Although their retail prices is about 10-15% lower, than Vass I still couldn't justify parting with my money...
99% sure - for stitches around that awkward part of the leather no machine can handle.   The upper stitches on my EG Dover takes a skilled craftsman 3 hours to complete 1 pair, using pigs bristle and fine needles.   I asked Vass if they can attempt something similar to resemble the Dover stitches - I am still waiting for feedback.     
  life too short - no point taking all that money with you....half will end up with the tax man.  Just do it. 
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