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  Ascot return policy very helpful - I live the UK but have all my items shipped to my Swiss work place to take advantage of the VAT deduction.  
Are you saying the full price with VAT was about  €469 in the EU.
  When I go on their ebay store - I ignore their ebay prices. Ascot tell me they are makred-up to accommodate the extortionate ebay fees.   I naturally take 20% VAT off and email them the shoes I like. And most of the time it comes to about 25% off for  buying direct with them.
Are you sure it's not just a cash discount Vass offered you.   I have never been offered this VAT deduction when I asked them to send to my Swiss address.
I have used Ascot Shoes in the past for my maiden voyage into the Vass brand - very knowledgeable guys with experience in other English brands like EG & Lobbs, so their advice and comparison on other shoe brands paramount into getting my first Vass correctly.     Business has recently allowed me to travel to Budapest frequently last year, so I am in a fortunate position to buy direct & order with cash in the store. Ascot and other SF members seem to be very reliable and...
I own several EG 82 last and TG73 last - I would say the fitting similar to the K last.    I own 3 pairs of the William II on the 9795R last - it's a closer resemblence to the F last.
Oh....this pair gonna bling in the office...I just love the contrasting toe cap.   You must be some high flying Wall St. Lawyer. 
More blast from the past.....and present...                      
Agree -    but bear in mind the pain around the instep whilst breaking into them...   Once you have settled into the shoes, they should fit snugly like a pair of vicuna glove If your loafers come in too comfortable, remember loafers have no lace mechanism to tighten them at a later date...insole is the answer.  
It's been over 3 months - I have a gut feeling what answer is...   I know the Lobb Chambord model and EG Dover are stitched by the same guy, so there no shortage of those shoes for me. He's making a bespoke pair for me at moment. Only wished Vass could handle such a labour intensive request....  
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