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  Any exotics sticks out like a sore thumb at JL - especially when they retail for over £6K. They only make about 1-2 pairs a week. So exotics, MTO, Special wholecuts, Bespoke are still traditionally by handheld knives.   But we're talking about the 200-300+ RTW and ever increasing shoes they churn out every week. Notice many of their casuals and £800 riding boots no longer say Made In England - It's all made in Italy.  The cutting of the classic/prestige range with more...
This month John Lobb just taken delivery of a £50K laser machine to do their pattern cutting. Imagine the sheer number of redundancies of independent cutters around the Northampton area once the the machine in full force. You will soon notice the leather cut to your Chapels/Phillips are alot sharper and straighter than handheld knives.  It makes sense as cost everywhere rising.
I originally asked for Dainite back in 2012 - but they only had the chunkier Italian Vibram sole which was more suited for rock climbing.   If you wanted other sole you had to provide them the material...But I do know Dainite is not available as of Jan this year. Some of my my new orders will be in Dainite...so nice to know the Vass boots will have a British Foundation. As Dainite a British trademark.
    What can I say - Keep up the good work!
Rikod,   No offence taken on my side - it's an open forum to express one opinion with insight and fantastic pictures of the Vass shoes. Simply different strokes for different folks....I'll continue adding value to this great forum and Vass thread by adding more of my Vass collection for ALL to see and comment on. Many potential newbies are apprehensive posting their pictures if we were to be critical or direct with our views...I for sure will embrace them for posting.
  What would you expect from a British manufacturer...with the high cost of labour in the UK and diminishing number of semi & skilled people entering the trade, corners are bound to be cut - and to keep up with the the high demand in their RTW range, it's all down to economics.   Look at Anthony Cleverleys Semi-bespoke range - for £795 to £995 you expect them to be made onsite.  But no, when I found out who makes them I placed more value on the manufacturers own brand at...
Over 5-6 weeks for me...and over 12 weeks for my Shell - the shell came from Chicago
And depending on the shoe type/style you decide.
  All sizes quoted in UK and width E = D in US    Lobbs:  7000 = 9.5 E  8000 = 9.5 E  8695 = 9.5 E 1105 = 9.5 E   EG: 82 = 10 E  202 = 10 E 888 = 10 E 808 = 10 E   Saint Crispin  Classic Last = 9.5 F Riva Last = 9.5 F Chiseled Last = 9.5 F  Screwdriver Last = 9.5 F   Crocketts:  348 = 9.5 E  350 = 9.5 E  351 = 9.5 E  360 = 9.5 E 361 = 9.5 E  337 = 9.5 E   Corthay Last Model 1 = 10.5 E Model 11 = 10.5 E   Vass: U = 44 - UK 10 K = 44 - UK 10 F = 44 - UK 10   Church's: You...
If you have relatively high arches then keep away from close lace-up Oxfords...and gear towards a Monkstrap, Open lace Derby and Open lace boots. Do you know the difference between these shoe types and how they fit?    If you went out and bought a pair of Vass in the U last size 40 - of the following style:  1) Monkstrap 2) Oxford Close lace budapest 3) Derby open lace budapest    The fitting will not necessarily be the same.  You will find the Oxford budapest fitting...
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