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Depends on the gap of the V during initiation stage - was it over 1cm and now it's touching or even overlapping after several months of breaking into them. Just means you're breaking into them very well..   But there have been misunderstanding in the past with Vass sizing, because they use the hyphen symbol ( - ) to indicate half sizes.    44.5 = 44- 44 = 44 43.5 = 43-  43 = 43 42.5 = 42- 42 = 42   Some try on a 43-  thinking they are trying on a size 43, where in fact...
Everything relative and comes at a price.   Vass offers the best quality for the prices being charged. God forbid Hermes/LVHM/Prada keeps away from this brand - otherwise you can kiss goodbye to the prices and say hello to machines and plastic and more patent plastic leather.  
Dddrees is spot on - Go for calf leather as your first calf...Suede can be high maintenaince     C&J's is a great call for your maiden voyage into quality, well made shoes on a selection of sleek and stunning last.
Vass French Calf is superior than EG and GG crust-state or what ever leather state they came in.  The finishing of Vass French calf requires no messing around with burnishing or fancy patina. It they had the time, then aesthetically Vass would touch another level.  Honestly, some of EG patina and burnishing is a joke nowadays, its a few finger dabble on the toe cap - it looks so high volumn to a point of hitting Church low standard.   The Vass calf doesn't lose its deep...
If GG; EG; C&J Benchgrade; SCrispin; Lobb Prestige and Vass were the same price point - superiority in terms of:   Construction 1) Vass 2) SC & Lobb Prestige 3) EG & GG 4) C&J's   Leather Grade 1) Lobb Prestige 2) Vass 3) SC & GG 4) EG 5) C&J's   Refinement 1) Lobb Prestige 2) SC/GG 3) Vass/EG 4) C&J's   Aesthetic Personal Taste.
OK back to business......my latest addition to go with my new G&H's blazer for this weekend horse meeting...   U Last Antique Cognac Single Sole - it was RTW 3 piece trees   I snip at £395 from my UK proxy.                    
My SC collection.....more to come in about 1 months time....                  
Pound for pound, ounce for ounce...not a bold statement at all.... Vass is miles ahead in the ring for leather quality and construction... and great value for money...   If you have owned 5+ pairs of Vass and GG...then come back and challenge my statement. 
Don't give up too easily....life not complete without a pair of Vass....and Lobb.
Roger correct - there should be no difference in fitting on the U & F last, maybe F a touch more roomy at the toe by a margin of say 2% to 5%.   In fairness to Terror - I have lived and worked in KL and Singapore, the humidity and heat makes your body mass swell and I couldn't wear any of my hand sewn shoes - Flip-flips and Sandals were my everyday attire in the office.   
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