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I am presuming Meermin makes KW shoes?   Just checked their website and the last looks interesting.  Can't give full assessment until you smell, feel & pinch the end product in real life....   Their Double Monks in suede looks like JL Chapel, and possibly finer tuned in certain angles.
Who's KW?   Terror, is it too late to participate in the MTO order with Meermin? Would mind trying out a couple pairs first.
    oh thank you for this - you given me my climax for this weekend.... I am gonna be very busy with Vass this week...     No need to make love to the wife for another 2 weeks... :-)
Be great if you can post them on here...   Is Meermin a high volume producer?
This is interesting - keep us updated....Is this for Vass for S Crispin? At end of the day, if there money to be made why not sell to others.   Lobb museum calf distinctly unique I have never seen any shoe makers getting hold of this leather.  Mr Carr from SC a straight talking gent and tried to appraoch these guys before, but got put off with their Italian Mafioso...  attitude.
Nothing to be concerned about - if it was touching or overlapping before breaking into them, then be worried. This is more to do with fitting around your in-step.  You can buy special padding to fit below the lace hole.   Most of my fully broken into shoes (This rule only applies to Oxford Lace-up) has a healthy V-gap of around 1.5cm (.5") on the top lace hole.  
  Can you check it's printed 42 and not 42- on the sole.  As 42- would mean 42.5   If it's indeed 42, we're giving our fellow SF member a slight headache, but it adds to the sampling data.  
  Yes to Carmina, Magniani and Yanko.   Tried a pair of Carmina at The Armoury/HK.   Similar in price and finishing to C&J's - but overall impression is positive. I know the Japanese are big fans due to some of the toe shape being extremely eye catching to the Japanese market....     When I talk of Lobbs - I mean John Lobb Paris (mainly RTW and MTO) NOT John Lobb London - they only do Bespoke from £3k upwards.... I'll need to compromise on a lot of shoes for 1 pair of JL...
Keep to same size - otherwise you run a higher risk of returning them if you deviate by half size. 
Your G&G DG70 - is it a Derby? Oxford? or Loafer? Do you know the difference?   Safest bet is 42.5  
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