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This is just sick - from another thread - $91,500 for a T-shirt   http://www.businessinsider.com/hermes-mens-t-shirt-costs-91500-2013-3    
New Leather from IICEA - the musuem calf that John Lobb Paris use...I already fired off an email... They know I am coming....expect Vass production to freeze for couple of hours to fulfil my orders
I am out there in 2 weeks time - hope I have enough time inbetween meetings to pop into Vass.   There may be awesome news and pictures coming: Could it be: New Last? New Owners? New prices?
You know - I wasn't so sure about your selection of F-centric last....but I am about to think twice when I visit Vass next.
Splended selection of Vass - I can't wait for my next Vass visit....   Are all these shoes yours - any in size 44 for me?? U or K....
My vote goes for River II.....Simplicity + Sublime....... You have given me some ideas for my next pair.   
  Mr Moo - that's not good enough...next year she needs to buy you the real thing      Happy B'day my friend...
True - the SC2010 is too naked without the stitches, Chapel is well finished with.  The SC2010 actually has no lining so the leather thicker to compensate, and to me feels unrefined in many ways.   The vass trees were used - because I left the original Red JL Trees in the office.
New Posts  All Forums: