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Yes they's just oak bark channelled sole...
Yes agree.
The Westbourne my all time C&J's favourite and nice variety of colours....put some trees on them. They look naked without.
Are they unworn EG size UK 10 E - 888 Last?   If yes let me know.
I am looking at Vass website pictures and compare the pictures on the Vass porn thread posted by members here - we should be receiving royalty  for the way we promote their product.    Their website pictures are a big turn-off.
Definitely go to Budapest if you get the opportunity.   Great city, Great hotels; Great goulash; Great shoes and very attractive looking woman 
  You are spot on about the fit being 100% perfect before budget and everything else is considered.
Agree - Vass is best for price/quality ratio in my opinion amongst all other top end brands I have owned.   PM me if you require contact details for Vass Proxy I use in the UK who are offering 20/30% off. OR direct contact with Vass themself. 
Louis XIV,   sounds like we're brewing for WWIII....   "Way nicer than an EG Dover for example"   I have a pair of the rare Dover on the 82 last and a pair of JL Chambord, gonna wait until my Vass derby arrives and I'll give my personal review & road test.....
You're spot on ArchAngel -   A picture definitely paints a thousand word - Looks unfinished and Vass should not have sent them to you. But the problem easily remedied using Sapir cream....time to pull up your sleeves or send them back.
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