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    They are brand spanking new - the leather already rich and deep in colour. It doesn't wear and start to fade easily like leather from other high end makers Just keep it simple and use cream to moisturise and keep soft.
Very Nice....
very nice my friend....given me some good ideas for Sunday Mass this Easter weekend.
DWFII - more pictures and running commentary would be much appreciated...   Thank you.
Thank you for this bengal - I am aware Tusting also trade in leather. 
This is just sick - from another thread - $91,500 for a T-shirt   http://www.businessinsider.com/hermes-mens-t-shirt-costs-91500-2013-3    
New Leather from IICEA - the musuem calf that John Lobb Paris use...I already fired off an email... They know I am coming....expect Vass production to freeze for couple of hours to fulfil my orders
I am out there in 2 weeks time - hope I have enough time inbetween meetings to pop into Vass.   There may be awesome news and pictures coming: Could it be: New Last? New Owners? New prices?
You know - I wasn't so sure about your selection of F-centric last....but I am about to think twice when I visit Vass next.
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