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You Are spot on my friend. 
SC = 9.5  Vass = 44 on U,K and F last. I can get away with F last on 43.5 in a open lace Derby shoe. 
I have only worn these boots twice!!! - and they're safely locked up until the winter and my gout problem disappears. 
Vass has always been doing the Italian Finish - just very tedious and takes hours to get the military high shine!  Not sure what all the fuss is about with the Museum calf from IIcea and Co...the quality of the Vass French calf is far superior.  The colours are mainly Tan Cognac, Plum; Dark Brown - but all this may change due to the inconsistencies with the Italian suppliers going bust.  Vass should just keep to their solid French Calf. 
And....what is your point????  At $1700 a pair - there should be NO blemish, stretch marks around the Vamp. Period!!!!
  The top pair my favourite. Is that Black or Oxblood? 
Agree with VR, if they haven't been worn, there's no justification for the pronounced creases around the Vamp section.  
 They picked a bad pair as MTO sample - noticed the blemishing to the leather around the toe section of the right shoe. These would have been marked as Rejects if they were John Lobb shoes.  Just my 2c.  
 Depends what your collection consist of? 
Beautiful shoes Age.
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