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Lol....But I prefer the Date :)  Do a side by side of the LV and LN. 
Welcome to the forumWelcome to the Forum
UK 5 - I guess most of your shoes are MTO or Bespoke? 
Np Chowkin - which size did you take.
For me EU 41. Their oxblood calf deliciously versatile for all occasions.
Brown Museum calf for me....you won't be disappointed with a pair of Luffield.
I was forwarded a mail shot from Ascot Shoes that G&G shoes have been reduced to £500 with lasted trees.    These are not sold by Ascot shoes, but by Kevin Seah a bespoke tailor in Singapore.   I attach some of the pics here.  Sizes are of course limited on sale items. Don't expect large UK11 + sizes being available.   Email: info@kevinseah.com.sg Phone: +65 9188...
 "But it's like being attracted to a beautiful woman--if you're so beguiled by outward appearances that you cannot see the reality underneath...how many of us have gotten into trouble following that path?"  We seriously think alike my friend. My problem lies in reconciling my net income with my gross hobbies.
They are extremely elegant!!!! . I am in search of my first ever Sub - My name down for the LV with green bezel and dials.It's growing on me every day.    
Hallam on the 348 Last? Where did you buy the socks - they go really well.
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