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  They are real - Shame your friends have a friend like you.... 
Your JL will be sent to the JL factory shop.  EG have their own factory now. But in this globalized world - you're never 100% sure if certain components will be outsourced. 
Spot-on BengalStripe.  Look at the hand writing in the 2nd last photo and my EG boots are written in similar style and location. The last number, I do not recognise (but similar to 7000) Those were the good old days when John Lobbkept to their traditional last and kept lots of the old school clients. Those who have deserted the brand complain of rising high prices and flashy fashionable French influenced last.....
Looks like Croc at the front and Caiman around the side and lace
  Definitely not the photography!!!!! Patience, Time and lots of TLC required!!!! One day this will be you my friend! 
After some great photography from No Frills and extensive Advice you decide on the a pair of EG.3 points and 6 months ban on the JL thread :-)
I agree. And I find most of the Expensive Prestige Range more exotic looking than the Classic range.
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