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That looks like a pair of $99 Barkers to me....
  What initially attracted you to working with John Lobb?Paula Gerbase: The challenge. I’m quite curious, [and] I’m always interested in learning. [Also], I’m a true shoe geek. I’ll find something humorous, like using a "derby detail on an oxford shoe, when everyone around me doesn’t."  Really??? Myabe she's been checking out EG, G&G, StC and Vass MTO offerings......
Give it a couple years and they will have lost 50% or more of their loyal customers...........some of the new designs reminds you of the Prada and Gucci rubbish!!
 Looks a like a Vass trunk in Finland.....  That's bloody hilarious!!! I've been in meetings where we had: G&G, JL, EG and Vass in the same room...couple of clients couldn't understand why I kept looking down on them
Agree with the above from SoGent. If you're ever in the UK the following bespoke makers are: 1) Fosters & Son2) Cleverleys3) John Lobb London4) Gaziano & Girling The European Houses1) Vass2) Berluti3) Corthay4) Saint Crispin5) Crockett & Jones Paris
@Jazzmenco I have a similar pair by Lobbs on the 7000 - this pair and the angle of the photos reminds of the exact shoe.  Back in the days, Lobbs red museum was called something.... something Cherry or something beginning with C.....The Vass Red Cognac you have is pleasingly graceful!
 I feel for you @ap10046, it’s bloody painful!!! But I am trying to play it “naturally” and take the odd 250mg Naproxen and keep off “some” food high in purines: Anchovies, Grains, Gravies, Kidneys,Liver, Sardines, Sweetbreads, Asparagus, Bacon, Beef, Bluefish, Bouillon, Calf tongue, Carp, Cauliflower, Chicken, Chicken soup, Codfish, Crab, Duck, Goose, Halibut, Ham, Kidney beans, Lamb, Lentils, Lima beans, Lobster, Mushrooms, Mutton, Navy beans, Oatmeal, Oysters, Peas,...
I've not post for some time.....this re-occurring Gout preventing me from wearing good shoes (must keep away from the Stout, Dr orders :-)But gotta love this thread, for its entertainment value; dose of laughter; sophisticated characters and the "Vass Charm" - coupled with the odd psychopaths.
There's a limit of 3 or 5 pairs per person - so difficult for anyone to Proxy.  But deals at these places are real decent - I have seen subs and perfectgrade shoes for £295. Close to cost price!!!!   Malford of London did a great job of proxying for everyone last year. 
  Very Nice that on the 348? 
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