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After some great photography from No Frills and extensive Advice you decide on the a pair of EG.3 points and 6 months ban on the JL thread :-)
I agree. And I find most of the Expensive Prestige Range more exotic looking than the Classic range.
If you dissect the leathers apart you will not notice any difference.The extra 30% premium in price can easily be visible with the betterFinished bevel waist and solid trees provided.If you’re comparing the classic range to the special yearly modelsLike the JL 2008/2009/2010 models etc – then the leather on those arefar superior. And notice the JL SC 2010 – that’s a very very special 1 pieceof high grade calf with meticulous cutting and hand sewing that only a fewartisan...
For me, Goyser all about contrast and emphasis around the hand stitching.And agree it's not easy to pull off Goyser in a formal office environment, unless it's well blended.
Go for Goyser. It adds the extra hand aesthetic the the shoes.
I like it more than you! 
  Send them back to JL and they will fix the problem - or the vendor you bought the shoes from.  Good Luck. 
Loafers, even worse.
LV Shoes will split and crack after several wear. No point stretching them when the majority are made of cheap shiny plastic. Return them for a full refund and run a mile.
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