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Very nice. Agree a group mto should be arranged.
After seeing the video the John Lobb name been destroyed in 62 seconds.What the hell were those space sneaker moonwalkers all about.
 Depends on the Lobb last my friend. The new last nowadays are slimmer, pointy & sharper looking for the younger generation.  JL, EG, AE = Yes....most guys on SF can.Cole Haan, JL, EG, AE = a BIG YES  :-)..... Maybe your female colleague been reading the SF forum to troll you ;) Have fun and welcome to the JL club!!!
The quality control of JL is immensely insane. Irrespective of how many pairs they make andThe goodyear welted method - their motto was once "the bare maximum for a man"JL still stand by that when it comes to aesthetics and finishing!Backed by Hermes, they have control (if not total) of their tannery and select theFinest calf, and reject the majority!From whole-cuts Chapel to Oxford City II models, you will not notice any blemishes/stretches withthe naked eye in any...
For new customers from the US, you'll need to approach one of Vass preferred retailers (Ascot Shoes & NMWA).
  Lovely boots Jazzmenco. I rarely give out positive reviews J there must have been a lot of thinking behind those boots and characteristics of the colourful “Buday Charm”  We can see they’re a massive fan of colours and stitches.
   I am not a big fan of black, period.  Or their museum black – the marbling or mottling effects reminds me of mouldy stale stilton. It’s naturally uneven and in sunlight looks like the ebola virus.  But Black is a must for the Luffield.
 To help you save, and going down the MTO route, speak to Nick from Bespoke England to source it for you.......
some of the most iconic models!!! Good job!! .....I can spot a pair of Becketts & Chapel from miles away.If you're a fan of boots - try adding the Brookland to your stash.
Someone needs to tell Paula the Luffield model was the iconic pair Bond wore in Casino Royale.....what a waste of marketing goodwill by discontinuing...
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