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Thanks, Claghorn. I agree with what you're saying, given that the challenge has the word "Farmer" in it. I like some of the brown patterned jackets on display here (and I think Betelgeuse was wearing a really nice one in a previous challenge), but I wouldn't really get enough use out of one to justify buying one. :-(
I went for Victor Elfo. I REALLY wanted to go for Betelguese on this one, but I just couldn't get onboard with the trousers. The top half and the shoes are fantastic. If the trousers were dark grey, he would've had my vote above all others.
I've put this on just to get an entry in for the challenge, as I've not participated for a while. The suit is a dark brown 84%wool/16%mohair. It can look somewhat charcoal in natural light, as it does here, but I can assure you that it is brown.    
Another "No Pants" challenge?
I think this is a decent idea. However, how about widening it to films from any time? That way, there's the option of doing a classic film if you like, but there'll also be an opportunity for non-classic film fans to participate. And yes, I already have an idea. And yes, I've been pushing this challenge for ages.
  Chirpy, thanks for uploading the photos. I think the Dior ones are definitely the best out of the three you mentioned. They have a much sleeker shape than either the Church's or Prada. You'll have to let us know if you get them!
Chirpy, any chance you could post pictures of the shoes or provide a non-Google link? I'm unable to see them.
  Of course he'll like the way he looks. I guarantee it.
This should be required reading for all new members on the forum.
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