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I figured you guys would be all over the TSM irregulars. Not much in 8.5D just like last time.
True, but usually they try to differentiate themselves somewhat. This one doesn't even try it look a bit different. I didn't mean 'how is this legal' literally.
Not sure if someone else has already posted this in here, but how is this even legal? It's a straight rip off of the Indy boot, although with the jcrew stitching instead of the 405.
 That might be one of the reasons I'm not as big on shell as most others in this thread. I have the 4060 but those didn't really roll at all, maybe due to the captoe design. Aesthetically I prefer creases over rolls.
Went with the Leffot tobacco chamois LWBs today.
Wow, you put a lot of thought in to it. I just wear mine and what will be will be. I don't do the Mac break in method or any if these other 'tricks'.
Wearing Alt Weins today.
I'm the opposite. I try not to buy shoes now that don't have the commando sole. I've found through lots of trial and error that the commando is the most versatile and is the only one I can stand in most of the day without the shoes killing my feet. I don't gave ankle issues like you though so I'm just looking for something that keeps my heels and bottom of my feet from aching at the end of the day.
 I am a chukkas guy and I say it entirely depends on what you're looking for. The unlined on flex sole will be softer, won't feel as hot/sweaty in the heat, but you will feel more of what you're walking on. The lined on double sole will be heavier, stiffer, and won't cause you to feel small bumps and stones when you step on them. I personally own the unlined Leffot on flex soles chukkas but I also live in Houston where it gets hot in the summer time. For that reason I...
Those Ravello 4060's are gorgeous. I'd get some myself if I didn't already own them in 8.
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