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 I just moved to Texas and bought a new house. My priority is to try and pay this mortgage off in about 10 years or so and after that I can buy whatever I want. Until then I'm trying to avoid any temptations that might cause me to spend money.  I wear suede in the rain all the time. Not so sure about snow because then you get salt and all the dirt and grime that gets on the snow after it's been out there a day or two. I'd be more worried about trying to get that cleaned...
I figure it should get plenty of use on those rainy days since the majority of my non-boots are all leather soled.
Been a while since I posted here. I've been trying to stay away to avoid the temptation of purchasing anymore pairs for awhile. A preorder I placed with Leffot back in March finally arrived today.
8.5D and 9D were pretty weak as well. The only thing that I'd find remotely interesting are these chukkas on the Barrie last but now that I'm in Texas, don't think I'll be wearing much of anything that is lined or could make my feet sweat even more. 
It's the whole 'I can't have it so now I want it even more' mentality. If it was readily available it wouldn't be very popular.
 Us 8.5D'ers are more single minded and determined. Of course I didn't buy one, but that's besides the point. :P
Good luck with the auction. I added it to my watch list just to see how high it goes.I haven't even been in the game very long and already have 1 foot out the door. The chase for their shoes is crazy and the way they drive up demand by limiting supply is very annoying. Add I don't even want any of the shell shoes. As soon as I get my stuff out of storage in 3-4 months I'll most likely be listing my color 8 4060HC I picked up from DC and only ended up wearing twice.
Man you guys move fast! I don't check for a day and I've missed pages of posts.   Not Alden related but someone had asked me to post a pic of my watch when it came in. Yes, I could have bought about 5 pairs of shells instead but I guess watches are a bigger weakness of mine. Plus they take up much less space than shoes. :P   I already took it off the metal bracelet. I tried getting a few pics that would show off the curvature of the hesalite crystal.   
I'm guessing he means the people have changed. Now it's never people with maybe less knowledge, etc. different personalities. I've been on other forums where it was like that. People moved on or matured over the years so it just wasn't the same.
 I was going to post pics once it arrives and I decide that I am going to keep it - Omega Speedmaster pro. I had no intentions of buying one but thought the deal was too good to pass up and I am an Omega fan. For some reason their watches appeal to me more than any other brand.
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