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 Even when your temps are similar to ours, it's nicer there due to Houston being so much more humid. With it being 'cold' here today I wore the 4060's for one last time. I forgot how nice these things are and am now reassessing whether I really want to sell them. I'm now leaning 70/30 towards keeping them.
High of 42 and low of 35 today. Then it goes back to the 50s the rest of the week. It's a huge change from the DC weather I'm accustomed to.It's strange how Dallas is only 250 miles north of here but gets such different temps than Houston.
Code:Agreed that the 4060 is gorgeous but I just don't get a chance to wear them much here. This winter I think we got in to the 30s a handful of times. It was around 70 today while the east coast is still below freezing temps.
Looks like it's unanimous. Alt Wiens have been ordered.   I've always liked the versatility of the Alden commando sole but with the new job there are days when I'm on my feet quite a bit. I've realized that the extra bit of cushioning from a commando or dainite sole helps a lot during those days.
No matter how much I try I can't stay away. Thinking of selling my 4060HC in color 8 shell and picking up one of these. I wore the 4060's once since I moved to Texas 9 months ago so I see no point in hanging on to them.    Which one to go with? They both have the brass eyelets and the Alden commando sole which I prefer.    
Wearing snuff suede Dovers today since it's 77 degrees here in Houston.
Been busy with the new job so haven't had much time to check on the thread. Maybe that's a good thing for my wallet.
Wearing natty CXL chukkas on my first day at the new job .
I've been eyeing that Monitaly Riders coat for awhile now. Could you comment on the sizing for it? Does it run TTS?
I just rewatched that movie recently. A classic.That's why I ended up selling my unlined CXL Dovers. They started looking too worn too quickly. I still have both of my suede Dovers though.My CXL Indys in the other hand aren't wearing in too badly at all. So maybe it does depend in the style of shoe it is when it comes to CXL.
New Posts  All Forums: