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Wearing snuff suede Dovers today since it's 77 degrees here in Houston.
Been busy with the new job so haven't had much time to check on the thread. Maybe that's a good thing for my wallet.
Wearing natty CXL chukkas on my first day at the new job .
I've been eyeing that Monitaly Riders coat for awhile now. Could you comment on the sizing for it? Does it run TTS?
I just rewatched that movie recently. A classic.That's why I ended up selling my unlined CXL Dovers. They started looking too worn too quickly. I still have both of my suede Dovers though.My CXL Indys in the other hand aren't wearing in too badly at all. So maybe it does depend in the style of shoe it is when it comes to CXL.
I really like those. Is that an old JCrew make up?
Please let me know if you ever hear of a Ravello NST in the works again.
She added me to the list for that last month even though I said I wasn't sure since I want yo know what color the trim is.Mdubs - those Ravello NSTs are the exact combo I want. How long ago did TSM do those?
 Same here. The difference is minor but it's there. Maybe I'll give it a shot on my 4060s next time.
 I kept waffling on those 6 eyelet chukkas I picked up from the Bureau because I was worried about them looking clunky. I was pleasantly surprised when I received them because they weren't clunky at all. Check out the pics I posted 2 days ago. I agree that yours however do look clunky.
New Posts  All Forums: