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MrDV - love those cigar captoes
 That was the case for me. 8.5D Barrie is roomier than 9D Grant.
I'm wearing that belt right now. I don't see what I'm supposed to be looking for in those pics. I have the belt pictured above in that natural color and also black and they are both great. I recently ordered their CXL belt and despite a much higher cost, I was disappointed by the quality. I wish I would have taken pics before shipping it back. It was wrinkling all over like you'd see with cheaper leather. I'm guessing in this instance it's because they stitched the CXL to...
I know better than that. I'm trying to justify it to myself how it's too similar and I don't need this pair as well. What really helps is that my wife will be like 'they're the same shoe!' and get pissed at me.
If the toes are snug, go to an E. Although I find the grant in general is more narrow compared to the Barrie so my suggestion would be to go to the E.
I've used BNelson before to resole a pair of Church's Diplomats. I opted for the JRedenbach soles. BNelson did great work I can't wait to have some of my casual shoes wear out so I can have Dainite soles put on them.
Wore the jcrew CXL Indys yesterday
For me it's the same boot except in chamois instead of shell. My 4060 have the speed hooks and the commando soles. Not to mention the grant last and captoe. I already have LWBs in chamois but that's not as big a consideration for me.
I also got the antique nep blues and while they do a feel a bit looser than my other jeans, they're not loose enough to be off 1 full size. If I went down 1 size in these they'd be uncomfortable for me to wear. They're not really tight in the waist but it feels roomier in the thighs.I have had jeans in the past that were off a full size and I ended up returning them for credit. It sucks because them you don't get the fabric you wanted and if they ever do offer it again...
The Alden Indys are my only shoes without a commando or dainite sole that I don't mine wearing in wet weather. Alden describes it as a neocork outsole. Whatever it is, I've often wondered why Alden only uses this on the Indy and doesn't offer it on more of their shoes. Is there a drawback to it? Why not use this instead of the flex waterlock soles?
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