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 You wouldn't ship for free then.
 I have the same issue. I have a high instep and have never gotten the totally closed look on any balmorals. It was really bad with AE's where it was a pretty wide V shape. It's not as pronounced on my Church's or AS.
JPress had those Loden green boots during their winter clearance for a bit over $100. I skipped them because I didn't know how the sizing was on them.
 Hahahaha. But then he could make that same deal with someone else and have them send the other foot. Then he'd have 1 complete set, and the 2 guys that got scammed would each be left holding 1 shoe. I know someone in HS that stole 1 shoe from display at foot locker and then next week came back and stole the other 1 that they had put up to replace it. He ended up with a complete pair. Which is where I got the idea for the above posted scam.
 Exactly. Or if it's a relatively new or inactive member, have them ship first.
There's a few interesting LWB makeups at UnionMade that I'd be interested in. Good thing I'm on a spending freeze at the moment.
 Nice. I've been a fan of CXL for a while now. Pretty sure I've posted it before, but I prefer CXL and suede over Shell. There are exceptions of course depending on the make-up, etc.
I was thinking Tankers which sold out in about an hour. Compared to that it's not hot but yes, a week is still pretty quick.
 So not as hot as I thought then. I usually just check Leffot for preorders but I'm on a buying hiatus for a bit so haven't been doing much searching around at all lately.
Noticed I got an email from Leffot about an hour ago with some new releases. I just clicked on it and 1 of the shoes is a suede/navy saddle that's already sold out in most sizes. Wow, that was quick.
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