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 I wasn't taking issue with your critique, which has merit--a grenadine or knit would have been a more technically sound choice. Rather, I objected to the way you framed it--i.e. that not only was the tie an affront to good taste, but that I needed to immediately dispose of it, then go out any buy some replacements because there was no way I could possibly own any ties that would complement a blue jacket/fawn trouser/blue shirt look.  You are by no means the only poster in...
Great, I'll be sure to drop this unlined seven-fold that has tons of visual interest off at the thrift store because you don't like it.  I think I've shown that I appreciate and attempt to respond to criticism, but what's with the "douchebag-chic" tone of certain people in this thread?  I can take the heat, believe me, and I've learned a great deal from a number of direct, forthright critics here about fit and coherence.  I do not, however, think that your legitimate...
Today's accessories courtesy of the gentlemen at Shibumi:      
Some nice mid-season drops have started showing up this weekend in a few different places.  Could you tell us a bit more about the "washed cashmere" jackets that Haberdash is carrying? 
Love that suit, Crusty--hopefully we will see it more often now that the colder months are upon us. 
Hanging on by my fingers.  Got a bunch of tailoring back yesterday, which should tide me over.  Hoping I can make it to Halloween before crumbling completely. 
Thanks, @Siepi.  They're wool flannel with a straight leg that's a bit too tight in the thigh (hence the lack of drape as they descend across the knee), but they're incredibly comfortable and, as you note, fit much better than about four/five pairs from recent posts that have since been ruthlessly culled until they can be rendered wearable.  I'm temporarily down to about four pairs of trousers in regular rotation, so once the NPC club ends I'll be hitting NMWA up for some...
  Colors are off; tie is a brown grenadine. 
What got you?
New Posts  All Forums: