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 Thanks.  I'm 5'9" and those are the wide (4.25 inch) lapels.  
@justinkapur this has your name on it--are you 38 or 40 in Orazio?
Linen suit fit is excellent, Blekit.
  Though apparently it's because I'm easier than Claghorn.  Kinda like being the NBA Eastern Conference champ, I guess. 
Glad to see new life injected into this thread.  I've found that square, which I initially thought to be the king of versatility, harder to wear than I'd have thought--it's bright and saturated despite the wool/silk blend.    The disproportionally puny button-down collar isn't helping my case in that one, either. 
 That's a whole kettle of fish right there.  The splashy jobs and splashy books in history almost always correlate to heavy theoretical application (though if a scholar is also a good writer, the theory can be subcutaneous).  People who write brilliant, field-changing books are frequently terrible at the basic practice of empirical accuracy.  The recent(ish) kerfluffle instigated by Daniel Feller over Walter Johnson, Ed Baptist, and their collective failure to demonstrate...
It feels right on the margin of trimness--I could maybe nip it a touch, but just a touch before the back or button began to pull a bit.  I think I'll keep this one as it is since it's a lightweight summer jacket and breathability is a virtue. 
 Thanks Justin--so are you, I just have a captive photographer to document it for me.  Thanks AAS--agreed on the waist on both counts.  Kent recommended this fabric for folks looking for something similar to the killer emerald Draper's green that NMWA has made up in a couple of different pieces, and I was sold immediately.    Thank you sir!
 Not quite sure--the pic I just posted in WAYWRN shows the same thing.  Might be a bit of excess fabric in that area.  I also went soft canvas/unstructured shoulder for this one, so not sure if that has something to do with it vis-a-vis my last commission.  
New summer sportcoat from Kent Wang:      
New Posts  All Forums: