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If you have a smaller foot (like me), I'd go for these instead: http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/producti_SF62000_1_40000000001_-1_   De gustibus non est disputandum, etc, etc. 
Stitchy was talking about wanting the coat from "Sherlock;" the Eidos Donegal overcoat looks like an awesome real-world version. 
 If there's an SC in dark green, Justin, you might have to fight me for the 48s!
^ I have that tie, more or less.  I like it enough to keep it, but wouldn't buy it again. 
Cotton Dockers, jacket texture, shirt, shoes, and trousers are all superb.  Tie doesn't do it for me today. 
There's nobody who will give additional discounts for group buys if everyone gets the same size, right?  Murls and Noodles, I'm ideally a 39 jacket and a 31 waist but often a 40 shoulder (Epaulet Weller, my Coppley Donegal tweed) gives the best fit.  On the other hand, this may explain why size 31 trousers in popular fabrics seem to sell out instantly from SF vendors. 
As should be apparent from my recent efforts, it would be hugely hypocritical of me to offer advice of any value on this question.  Several people suggested getting a self-timer app for the iPhone to me, and I think they were right on the money, but finding a good source of natural light is the real key to good fit photos. 
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