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To be blunt, there's a lot of mental laziness in this thread.  To think that Eidos or any brand's perceived nationality determines its value, you have to believe that nationality is a byword for how well a particular aesthetic tradition is conceived and executed, how talented a particular workforce is, and/or how justly a workforce is treated and compensated.  Nuance matters.      Case in point: Liverano's #2, Takahiro Osaki, is Japanese.  Two other key members of his...
@CaptainTohm have you tried Luigi Bianchi Mantova?  Easily available for that price range, very light construction, generally nice fabrics, and built long in the sleeves and fairly long in the body.  I believe their factory makes for a few other labels, too.  
You dog.  Those look awesome.  Button fly or zip?  What's the weight?
IMHO tipping your grenadines (especially finas) is an excellent decision.  Grossas I don't mind so much either way.   Wool and cashmere untipped, though!
Caustic Man, where you been?
 Excellent.  Do you have a sense of how many of the options will be made available?  Will the selection process be competitive (i.e. only those with a certain threshold of preorder support will get made?).  Thanks again for arranging this collaboration. 
 Sorry, misunderstood (thought you were making up a winter overcoat).  For a sportcoat, I really like that fabric and scale. 
I'd be inclined toward a larger, more prominent herringbone for a winter coat, I think. 
Doesn't matter much to me, but I can't see how anyone would object or think less of garments made in Italy by established producers but designed and marketed for the American market by an American creative director.  Seems more like the best of both worlds than an identity crisis. 
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