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I hear you on the shirt, which is too city for the shetland tweed.  What vibe puts you off from the square, i.e. is it a seasonal coherence thing or a color thing?
It felt like early autumn today, so I dressed like it.        
First wear today, seasons be damned!  
Yes, yes, I know it's not madder season yet.  But sometimes a man has needs.         
 I'd certainly give something like that a look.  I'd worry a little bit about the volume that such a square would generate in a pocket, though.  My 16x16" Drake's squares are already a little more substantial than I'd ideally like.   IMHO 14x14" would be the perfect size for wool/silk and 16x16" for pure silk.  Then again, I wear smaller jackets with correspondingly small breast pockets.  
I have a suit in the P&H Glenroyal (edit: the one UC refers to above).  Here's how it reads from about five feet away:     It's not a fuzzy tweed at all, which makes it great for a suit or a "citified" tweed sportcoat.  Like UC, though, I think I'd opt for something rougher if I were making a standalone jacket.  
I think @Sander is the outstanding fit from the last batch. That's a very well executed solid/stripe/neat/irregular pattern combination in well-chosen colors.
@Caustic Man it looks like the trousers on your recent Kent Wang suit have a significantly higher rise than the trial trousers.  Is that the case?  If so, how did you achieve it?  
This round gets us up to April Fool's Day.                      
I don't know why it took me so long to realize the incredible value that buying direct from Cappelli presents.  Controlling length, width, tipping, and interlining (with Patrizio's able assistance of course) means that you can get ties perfectly balanced for you in beautiful fabrics for substantially less than most good off-the-rack brands sell for at retail.   This will have been obvious to most in this thread, of course.    The knots aren't too shabby, either.  
New Posts  All Forums: