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Just picked up a slept on Drake's gingham tie in brown wool that I think I'll reach for often.  You guys did a great tie buy last F/W; it was hard not to pick up a dozen of them.  S/S 15 looks pretty deep too!
Love those tassel loafers, CM (you should wear them more!), and I wish I'd bought my Neumoks in suede instead of distressed brown calf. 
Back to work and to a semblance of functional human existence today.  Word to the wise: know thy burrito maker and his cleanliness.       
File this under "should be true but isn't."  I have had at least three different cleaners/alterations tailors fuck up everything from sleeve length to the buttons to (in one case) sewing the buttons only through the outer sleeve and then sewing the ends of the sleeve together to make a closed cuff.  I think this is a metropole/periphery thing: any tailor in London, New York, SF, DC, sure; other cities/smaller towns (perhaps especially in the USA), I wouldn't be as confident. 
Andy Norman #1 (AN2338) and the Roger Jakobs for me, BostonHedonist. 
I knew I was right to start cropping my face out of my fit pics.
The 20 thumb thread is really Claghorn, Elio, Cleav, and Don's baby--I've just stepped in a couple of times recently.  Thanks for the shout-out, though!
AE builds its shoes on several different lasts, so just because one doesn't fit comfortably doesn't mean that you should write off the brand.  True of many brands, but especially true of AE in my limited experience. 
Today might have broken the 20 thumb thread--so many excellent fits.    @SeaJen, I feel your pain.  Is "strategic planning" a euphemism for "how can we turn our university into a poorly-run corporation?" at your university, too?    What I Wore Today: Flannel robe, thick lambswool socks, and slippers, while recovering from the stomach flu. 
Agree with all that's been said--I prefer light gray with navy because it seems to bring out the blue-ness of it better, but medium gray works better with greens, browns, and olives. 
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