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D'Avenza is a top maker and I think those fall in the "classic," not dated, category.  For $500 I think you did quite well.  Keep in mind that fit matters a great deal, so if the suit doesn't flatter your proportions, all the quality in the world won't make much difference.     Welcome to SF.  
Murl, your facial expression is priceless.  "You really think that's good enough?"
Smokin' deals here!
Let's hope the facial hair itself was not crusty. 
Nice!  That looks like a bit heavier cloth, yes?
My favorite herringbone has always been a rich brown, and I absolutely covet the Formosa, but I think Tweedy's preferred slate blue cloth is a nice, subtle update of the "bland" grey herringbone.  Would look great in the low-light days of winter. 
I'm definitely interested (all my winter blues are decidedly navy) but it will be a long time coming before I can spring for Formosa. 
It's definitely a statement-making piece, but not ostentatious to the point of being too loud to wear.  In fact, one reason I like our profession is that checks and windowpanes too loud for business feel right at home in academia. That said, I think the brown herringbone tweed and the green hopsack are perfect jackets for campus, so if you don't have things that fill that niche, that's where I'd go.    Are you thinking about picking it up? 
Sea salt/brine is exactly it.  It's not peat or earth, it's crisper.  
Lots of solid entries.  Crusty and Dennis Walter, each of your submissions is among my favorite fits from you.  
New Posts  All Forums: