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Well, you're right about the origins of just about all of the elements here--all of them except the jeans are dressed-down versions of my overwhelmingly classic menswear, coat-and-tie oriented wardrobe.  I didn't know that wasn't what "classic menswear, casual style" was.   Is the general principle that when you dress down a bit, your textures and contrasts need to speak a bit more loudly?  (Genuinely ignorant of how this works!)   Thanks for the tips.  
Ariston has a nice one in their Winter 2016 "Jacket One" book here: http://www.aristonfabrics.com/customers/.  You need to create a login, but it's free.   A579-27:
For sale is a Corneliani sportcoat in a beautiful 90% wool/10% cashmere gunclub fabric.  The base of the fabric is blue with navy and burgundy overchecks.  Two button, flap pockets, fully lined in Corneliani's brown signature lining.  Working cuffs on the sleeves.    Asking $125 including shipping within the continental United States.  International shipping via International First Class mail is available at cost minus $10.    Please feel free to PM me with any...
Thanks Justin.  
First post on this side of the tracks.  Grateful for any advice on wearing a jacket without a tie/with denim.    
 Amen.  Light gray would look good with a peach shirt too, I think.  As it stands, it tends to give the whole fit (and the wearer) a kind of sallow cast.   @DiplomaticTies that notwithstanding, I love that suit. 
 Man, you had to call us out like that.   That said, I can't disagree with you.  That's the only reason I'm trying to hold out on one for myself--it's too cold here for too long to get as much use as I'd like to out of it.
 I've used them recently with excellent results.  
Smooth Ambler Old Scout is worth it, IMHO. MGP juice, but well chosen.
Sent you a PM, @Notch.  Good luck in Budapest!
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