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 I have a 230g wool/silk/linen jacket that performs great in the summer heat.  No experience with w/s/l trousers. 
9oz suit in February? Sure.  
 It is--I already have two of them. 
My "savory finds from the past" would be a lot of folks' anachronisms (it's embedded in the work I do), but I think several of those are great. 
 Not sure how helpful this is since the jackets obscure the waistband, but here is the mid-rise in lightweight (I think 280g) wool:   And here are the higher rise in 340g twill: I like the mid-rise a lot.  I love the higher rise and think they're the best fitting OTR trousers I own. 
   Thanks fellas.  I'm wearing them a bit higher on my waist than they were cut for, but since I like them at this height, I'll lengthen them a couple cms. 
Too cold to go outside for a picture today.  Sorry for the sub-optimal light.     [[SPOILER]]
 Yeah, I think I agree.  It looks perfect unbuttoned with its matching waistcoat, but I wear it as a two-piece more often and it's slightly too suppressed for that. 
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