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Combination of some elements I've used before.  Went with green grenadine and a lilac silk square to inject some spring into my Donegal tweed jacket (which I wore because it snowed today.  In late April).  Square is puffed but it's fallen down a bit.    [[SPOILER]]
 Hahaha you should check if "VelvetFreightTrain" is taken as a forum tag.  If not, make it yours. 
Butler, smashing.  You like to add turnbacks to your jacket cuffs--could you tell us what prompts this?  It's a nice touch, but given how rare these are in the wild, I'm just curious how you decided to make them a regular part of your wardrobe. 
Just placed my first MTO order to take advantage of the Anniversary Sale.  I've been wanting a shoe that I could wear on damp/wet days without too much worry, so I decided on the following makeup for some Mora 2.0's :   1554 BITTER CHOCOLATE SUEDE TONE ON TONE STITCHING BROWN SPLIT REVERSE WELT BROWN TRANSPARENT EDGE DRESSING TEMPEST OUTSOLE   Anyone done the Tempest outsole before?  
Eric, keep posting--today's fit is great.    After dressing too boldly yesterday with a fancy stripe shirt in multiple colors to celebrate spring, today I went in the other direction.  This is a monochrome fit featuring a lot of gray (jacket, trousers, tie, square), in different patterns, shades, and textures. Might even call it a "Fifty Shades of Gray" fit.   Shirt is not gray--it's a light blue oxford cloth from Luxire. Not an everyday look for me by any means, but I...
Love the fit, Coxsackie.  Is the square brown or dark green?
It finally broke 70 in Minnesota today, so I celebrated with a combination that's a bit louder than usual for me.  Jacket is a silk/wool mix, trousers are light gray.  Didn't get home in time to take this in daylight, so the color balance is off somewhat.     
AAC, matchiness be damned--I love the coordination of socks/tie and shirt/lapel pin.  Do you have a light gray cardigan, though?  The navy in slightly different tones strikes me as not quite ideal. 
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