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Nope--side tabs all the way on wool trousers for me.
@WillingToLearn KW trousers fit slim through the leg and have a very low rise. I'm short but added a full 2cm to the rise on mine. Happy I did it.
  That's outstanding.  Is that the same Moon that KW was offering in an OTR jacket in the fall, or a different fabric?  If it's the same, it looks considerably richer in your makeup. Fit looks just right, though some would nip the waist a bit.  I think for your style, it works as it is.  
 Thanks jssdc.    What are you guys getting in terms of color/fabric?  
 Pretty much this for me.  Anything with lines converging on different parallels is tough but this is done about as well as it can be.  
 Sure--I think it's $750 for a suit and $595 for a jacket. 
 This was a CMT from a wool/cashmere fabric I bought from Ed at Panta.  Soft shoulder, standard canvas.  I know Kent prefers his shoulders to be unstructured but the soft shoulders are my favorite. 
My latest commission.      PSA: if you've had suits made with hook-and-eye fasteners, it's possible to get button closures if you prefer them.  Not listed on the options form, but Aaron can note this preference. 
  New suit from Kent Wang made up in a wool/cashmere herringbone I snagged from @edmorel.    @in stitches, in my view his confirms your hypothesis.  Trouser measurements are identical to yesterday's, but the combination of flannel's softer give and the cuffs yields a better drape.  Thoughts?
^ I'm 90% sure that fabric or something very like it was one of the F/W '17 Eidos preorder options. 
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