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Leanderthal, that is an exquisite use of multiple patterns and a tonal palette.  Really well done IMHO.  
Lol.  Guess "outside my house" isn't a particularly ambitious interpretation of "the great outdoors." 
Alright, I'm in too. That leather is just too perfect, needs be damned.
@doomx 9cm, I think, but it's such thin material that it wears more like an 8cm, if that makes sense. 
Cross-posted from the Challenge.  I had intended to give my new suit its first wear today, but my tailor cut the trousers for @Murlsquirl instead of me, so back they must go.  
@RogerP not sure I can go in on a chukka but would certainly be in for a shortwing or longwing blucher from EB.  Keep me in the loop, though, because that is the perfect calf chukka.  
Out walking on an early fall day.          
You don't have enough boots, Roger? 
I'll play.  Give me a couple of hours.  
 Bonafe's longwing is gorgeous--I'd be in for one of these in Oak on a Dainite sole.  
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