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I've never seen a houndstooth suit with a multicolored overcheck.  
Love my chukkas.  As EFV said, mid-brown calf are incredibly versatile (I especially love that you can change the thickness of your socks as the weather gets colder in a way that feels incongruous to me with bluchers/derbies).  Can't wait to get my hands on some snuff/coffee suede ones.  
@MGoCrimson I'm all over that Canali Kei. Link me please?  
That, or it's the coarsest, least-breathable silk known to man.  
 Oh I own mine; it lives in my office and makes two appearances a year.  Alas, owning it doesn't make it any lighter or more breathable.  I really envy the more open regalia associated with northern European universities--they let some air in!
My thoughts exactly--mid/darker grey seems like a perfect combination.  
X-post from the Friday Challenge.  Wore a suit to our university's graduation.  Not pictured: ten pounds of non-breathing polyester academic regalia.      
Late to the party but still glad to participate.     
   What's overdone, CM--the proportion it occupies in mens' wardrobes or the attention/coverage that it gets?  I love my suedes but wear them about once a week to break up the parade of calf leather.  Don't think I would want to wear them much more often than that.  
New Posts  All Forums: