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 Agreed.  My (cheap) OTCs make my slimmer trousers bunch behind/below the knee and make the drape really goofy.
@blekit kudos for continuing to post here--it's the fastest way to improve if you can weather the critiques.   Out of curiosity, how did you put this fit together?  Which item(s) did you start with?  I ask because I see two different fits here: the tie and waistcoat, which when paired together could really only work with a navy jacket and white trousers (ideally both in linen), and the jacket and chinos, which are okay together but invoke a very different color palette...
How did we all manage to sleep on the black bull hide boots in size 8 for so long?  No matter, problem rectified. 
Stupid question: Does anyone know why I can't seem to join the MTO for the Full-Strap Penny in Vegano Marron on the carminashoemaker.us website?  I've tried in multiple browsers and can put the order in my bag, but cannot check out.  The MTO appears to still be active for another four days.  
Anyone have experience with London Sock Company?  Saw them today on an iG account I respect. 
 Interested in the same question. 
@blekit this is harsh but, I think, good advice.  The suit looks like it fits you well, and the shirt and the wholecuts are nice in combination with it.  A bold windowpane suit like that almost always needs to be the loudest element in an ensemble, and a solid grenadine or subdued neat tie would complement the rest of your items perfectly.  
^ I hope this gets some momentum.  Beyond grenadines my spring/summer tie game is weak.  I'm in the "no slubs" club, which doesn't help.
32, from the PL 375 swatches here: https://c2.staticflickr.com/6/5747/21542085684_147dc0d4fb_o.jpg
Nice.  My next jacket (after the Gladson) is coming from that book. 
New Posts  All Forums: