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 Guilty.  Hopefully my new commission will prove an exception to that rule for me and bring my total of comfortable summer sportcoats to three.  
 Truth.  We depend heavily on our Australian brethren to keep us going in the summertime.  
@NewYawker that jacket is so killer. Even richer, deeper color in person than in the pic--and the ensemble sets it off perfectly.
 Thanks for the compliment.   Your seersucker will look great with patch pockets.  If you keep the formality of use and fabric roughly congruent with the formality of the makeup, you can't go wrong.  
That looks outstanding on you--was that one of Mark Cho's?     Congratulations to you and to Ms. Ds13.  
Just wanted to say that I enjoyed meeting Mike and Adele (@Epaulet) and Travis (@newyorker) yesterday.  Travis is one sharply dressed dude and was kind enough to provide me with a few excellent recommendations for whiskey bars.  Wish I could have stayed longer.  
 Thanks, Eric.
 These are gone (unless they had multiple pairs).  
 Check out the Instagram links in his Forum signature and shibumi-berlin.tumblr.com.
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