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@justinkapur, is that Ring Jacket a navy creamy waffle or the lighter blue (#236, I think?) option?  I have a navy from Khakis of Carmel coming tomorrow and can't wait to start wearing it.  
Complete whimsy.  I've had this suit for two years and never worn it, and this tie for a year and worn it once.  Thought I'd wake my students up with a different look and also let these items get some fresh air. 
In honor of our thread's patron saint, I give you the only photograph you're ever likely to see of me in a CBD rig:  
 It's a great tie, and a great SC too.  Eidos/Isaia?  My initial thought was Formosa but the lapel's wrong. 
Too loud for me (Mark Cho's tie).  I'm not so much put off by the paisley size as by the stark contrast between black and gold. 
I'm no tie expert, but my favorite tie knots all come from my grenadines, regardless of maker.  It's the "grippiness" of the weave that represents one of the ties' main attractions, along with the visual interest that the texture provides.  The fullness of the knot will depend on a number of factors (tie width, thickness of interlining, material being used), but in terms of knot quality/dimple, grenadines offer a huge advantage. 
 This is the most important feedback.  You like a very formal idiom, and you look good in it.  Don't second-guess yourself!
Can we back off a little bit with the denigrating of SnowSwat?  He knows his jacket doesn't flatter him, but he's in a situation not of his choosing with an online MTM suitmaker because of an obligation to a friend as part of his wedding.  He wants to make the best of a bad option.  He came here for help, and he's been honest and humble (not defensive) in the pursuit of it.     Snowswat, the most necessary changes are probably out of the range of possibilities for...
Loafers with a linen or fresco suit in the summer?  Absolutely.  I'm less convinced by heavier wools because it seems incongruous both in terms of seasonality and formality.  
New Posts  All Forums: