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Dropped at the Post Office today. Should be in the hands of their recipient by week's end.
"Fuddy-duddy ish" is my preferred aesthetic, so I'm afraid I can't help you there.   Few would describe UrbanComposition as a fuddy-duddy, however, and he's about to have this made up: 
That camel PoW would be my pick if you don't have anything similar already.  Great with oxford grays, great with jeans.  But they are all great options and all would find a spot in my wardrobe (I actually owned a jacket in that brown Moon shetland and regret parting with it).  
[CLAIMED]   Three pairs of Brooks Brothers Red Fleece cotton trousers, free to a good home.  Brown, Stone/Khaki, and Navy.  Brown are tagged 31/30 while the other two pair are 31/32.     These feature surprisingly nice details (split-back waistband with notch and locker loop, triple-button front waistband, belt keeper loop, pick stitching up the seam of the leg).  Measurements are very slim:   Waist: 16 inches (doubled to 32) Thigh of each leg just below crotch...
Belvest is making this season's jackets, I believe. @wigglr, what bry2000 said. Will loom great if you ease the waist a bit. How does it feel?
Some excellent looks in the challenge this time 'round. 
While many take issue with Drake's expanding from its traditional house-made offerings to become a lifestyle brand, I have to say that this fall's collection is outstanding.  If the idea is to be a one-stop shop for the Armoury aesthetic for guys that can't afford or aren't interested in collecting pieces from a range of makers (almost all of them at higher prices), they nailed it.  There's almost nothing in that collection that I wouldn't buy if I didn't have it already....
Socks ordered, and Gauntlet Thrown Down on the Orazio Luciano in 48.  Come at me, bros!
 That's what I was wondering--if so, I can't wait to get mine.
 I had a more prosaic understanding of "play" in mind (putting on a Bruno Walter recording or something like that)--though I'd love to think I will merit a full orchestral sendoff!
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