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^After today's release of the Wainstain report, let's hope that there are still UNC sports to watch.  (I'm a fellow Tar Heel). 
Nice!  Carson St. has almost tempted me into a guncheck with their current 30% off promo. 
At least you fell with authority.  Which Eidos?
AAS, the pinstripes in the shirt and the fine-wale corduroy on diverging lines has a jarring effect, and I think the shirt is too light as well.  Solid blue OCBD would seal the deal on a combination I like quite a bit otherwise. 
Jrd, I think we should give you the custom title "Forum Curator"--you seem to know exactly where all the essential wisdom can be found.  I wish I'd seen the "On Pants" thread six months ago! 
If you don't mind a bit of pattern, this one from Eidos is lovely: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/clothing/outerwear/charcoal-grey-plaid-double-breasted-overcoat-17-18-oz-wool.html.  Do you mean EU 52 or an American 52?
Thanks; they're chocolate suede double monks.  In retrospect, they'd be more versatile if they were single monks and more coherent with "country" fits like yesterday's, but I bought them before I knew that.   I'll get a closeup of them next time I wear them.  It won't be too long, since I only have a small shoe rotation. 
False, Betel--you've got a great wardrobe and combine it well.  I've never held back a thumb for lack of a full fit, but it would be nice to see some head-to-toe shots more often!
Taken in haste and in bad lighting at the end of a long, exhausting day.  These clothes deserved better, and will be seen again to better advantage.     
I have two matching pairs of wholecuts from Bexley (black and chestnut brown).  Both have held up reasonably well, and the brown get worn about once every 10 days or so.  Something about the finish makes them not like rain very much, and the finish of the brown ones "blooms" a bit (showed white spots/streaks) if they get wet, but a little Saphir and some wax polish sets the right.  The lasts are indeed sleek but quite comfortable, and the shoes are much lighter than AEs. ...
New Posts  All Forums: