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True, but I don't mind doing the quick conversions.  1 inch=2.54 centimeters.  
Seconded--would love to see this myself.  
You nailed it--it's my favorite fall/winter jacket except that the shoulder is more structured than will flatter my build.  I think a taller guy than me would wear it better, but it won't break my heart if I end up keeping it!
That's a nice trifecta of fits, right there.  
Agreed--looking forward to adding to my Ring collection.  
Noodles, what do you think of these (Vass for Shibumi)?  Adds some reddish hue to your shoe game if you're not into full-on burgundy.    
 Short answer is, different lasts (Soller vs. Rain), different soles, and different suedes (tobacco vs. snuff or polo). 
Fellas: anyone who might want some 3-eyelet suede chukkas at the currently generous exchange rates should hop over to the Carmina thread and check out what @watchidiot is cooking.  He's put together some excellent GMTOs before, is awesome to work with, and has good taste to boot.  
Drumming up some interest....   @Murlsquirl this is right up your alley.     @Mr. Six @Claghorn you guys could pull this off brilliantly even if it's a different direction from your usual shoe game.   @Anden are you still around?  These would be perfect for you and distributed from your home country to boot!
@Caustic Man, that's a great shade of green in your tie.  I find I'm getting a lot pickier about green solids--don't want them too bright, don't want them too olive either.  
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