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I think I have the kind of wardrobe that ASW is talking about.  I have about thirty ties and ten to twelve squares.  I think that my ideal wardrobe would be about 25 versatile, well-chosen ties and about fifteen squares.  Don't think I'll ever get close to 1:1. 
   Thanks, gentlemen.  It's green with a brick red check, Tweedy, but the photo is taken in low-quality indoor light so it's hard to make it out. 
Here's the first time I wore it, Tweedy.  Perhaps saying that she suppressed the chest isn't quite accurate.  The tailor brought the waist in and then removed some remaining excess material around the lower half of the armhole's circumference.  I'm pretty pleased with the results: 
New Henry Carter tie to round out the week:   [[SPOILER]]  
Just picked up one of these in a 38.  Shoulders were TTS and had a bit of structure but minimal padding or extension.  Length was perfect for me (I'm 5'9") and chest was a bit large, so I had it suppressed at my tailor.  Hope that helps.
Awesome, Betel!  Who makes the jacket?  Zegna? 
Those who hate navy pants, avert your eyes.  These shetland tweeds from Epaulet make me very happy.  The shirt collar's letting this fit down a bit, though.     
Thanks Murl.  Yup, trousers are new (to me--grabbed them from a generous forum member), as is the SC--though I wear enough green that you wouldn't necessarily know it.  I've had the tie for awhile, but this might be its first appearance here. 
Some new additions making their debut today:    
Clags, get on the green jacket train...2014 seems to be the year of green donegal in particular.  I'd love to see your take on the green SC.
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