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That looks straight out of a 1950s Italian tailor's sartoria.  I mean that in the best possible sense.  
Poor Greg--spending his Saturdays teaching us how to wear Rotas and still use the bathroom.  
Subjectively, I'd go with either of these for a versatile spring/autumn shoe that isn't as formal as a captoe.  Each of these easily works with suits but is informal enough for flannels/odd trousers, too.  They're both calf, however.     Carmina Autumn Brogue:     Enzo Bonafe Wingtip:     (Best part: neither's quite as casual as the EB Longwing we'll be getting in March, so no concerns about duplication).  
I'd wear them in all but the most conservative settings with suits, sportcoats, and (if I wore it) denim.  
Now what you do with it on trousers with no belt loops is a different question. Reserve boutonniere, perhaps?
I take the same size in Rain and in my Uetam loafers, but I have weirdly proportioned feet (short but with high insteps).  
So here's how this turned out when all was said and done:  
First outing for this, on a perfect day for it.  
Both of mine are 290g Fox Flannel--cricket white and mid-gray from the Worsted Flannel book:   http://www.themerchantfox.co.uk/prod/157/flannel/fine-grey-worsted-fox-flannel http://www.themerchantfox.co.uk/prod/210/flannel/fox-flannel-worsted-cricket-white   Wool/mohair sounds good for the summer, though.  May need to look into that.     @venividivicibj Ed used to carry a pretty sweet cream cotton trouser as stock.  I'm sure he could hook you up with no trouble. 
 Lots of ways to do it.  If you're in NYC, you can contact Ed and get him to measure you.  You can also purchase pants in standard sizes and patterns, and Ed provides plenty of measurements to get a sense of your best fit.  Or, you can do what I did--send Ed your best fitting pants, and he will copy them in the fabrics you select.  
New Posts  All Forums: