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Important point about Garmin. If you want to install customizable POI's as I did, Garmin units are not Mac supported. I bought the thing all ready to dl a bunch of info and the only drivers available are for windows. May not make a difference for some but it is an issue for me. DL
incedible. I am curious though how you store 200+ pairs of shoes if that is infact an accurate count. Any chance you might grace us with a shot of your entire inventory in its home? It really must be spectacular. dl20
Definately hit up saks. If you are going right after xmas they have a huge sale dec 25th from 8am til noon. dl
Can we all make a small monetary contribution to send josepidal to boston to test these guys patience with his life or death inquiries. dl20
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 I've been using blackberries for 5 years straight and the only time I had a problem with one is when I dropped it on the pavement in a big puddle of rainwater. It made a big crash sound and soaked in a bit of water - didn't work too well after that... I don't have any experience with the Pearl version but my 8700c is indestructible Blackberries are still by far the best option for email communications...
Always Always Always IN! Collar on the outside looks so tacky. Dl
Quote: Originally Posted by Nantucket Red Yeah, a guy like this has a true NPD. Generally they just go about their lives making rationalizations to validate their grandiosity. Some however run into trouble when they decide that they are above the law of the land and feel that they are entitled to doing whatever they please while denying the possible consequences. One thing I'm sure of is...
not a huge fan, id keep looking Dl20
ill take the wool/angora sportcoat. Please check PM's. Dl20
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