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Quote: Originally Posted by JetBlast Apparently this guy had one, he seemed to be pretty satisfied with it so much that he didn't want to get rid of it. JB lol dammnit dl
This time last week I was starting to feel crappy, woke up sick the next day but went to work anyway. By 5pm I was sicker than I had been in a long time. Spent the next 2-3 days sleeping and drinking theraflu. dl
Am i correctly guessing that they have no minimum number of shirts per order or will this be a test shirt after which you will be expected to buy more? either way I'm sure the shirt will be incredible, however 500 is as high as i'm willing to go for shirting. RTW Brioni, fray or Domenico vacca with a nip and tuck from the local shirtmaker usually gets me what I consider to be a perfect fit. Interested in seeing the final result. DL
Quote: Originally Posted by Southern-Nupe That F355 replica looked pretty decent, however most of the copies look fairly obvious due to the shorter wheelbases of the Fiero's and MR2's. The interiors always look like crap too. As if the 0-60 in 8 seconds didn't clue you in. dl
I drive carefully so I don't hit other cars. I also never park anywhere near other cars if it can be avoided. My car is an 06 and still looks brand new as a result. dl
Stockholm syndrome?? The kid is f'n retarded. I love the excuses parents make for their kids cerebral shortcomings. dl
Quote: Originally Posted by dell111 Story of my life lately,I was on top of the world, happiest as I could be, then I broke up with my girlfriend because of going off to school who i loved more than anything and was the only person i really trusted , including parents. Went to University with bunch of idiots thinking i was going to have a good time. Ever since that point when we broke up my life have been on a downwards spiral. I am getting crappy grades,...
Christ, I used to love American Hot Rod. I'm not a fan of american cars but so sad. Condolances to his family. DL
Have any of you guys tried Ariva? It is basically powdered tobacco compressed into a tablet that you stick between your lip and gum. It doesnt make your expectorate (no spit) and gives you a pretty satisfying jolt of nico in a more socially acceptable manner. I've smoked 1-2 packs a day for about 6 yrs now need to stop, bad. This stuff might do the trick. DL Its also pretty cheap BTW as a pack of 20 tablets is about 2.50$
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