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Just uncorked a bottle of Chimay Grande reserve. dl
I did 18 months way back when. Dont like to talk about it though. The clink sux. dl
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 The more you post, the more you sound like a young douche. FYI That was kind of unnecessary, no? I know you bleeding hearts are mentally ill but thought you were generally nice people. dl
if you are wearing sneakers, shouldnt the pants look to short? dl
Quote: Originally Posted by VincentMilano Last week I caught 2 boys by myself who tried to steal, they're just 14 years old!? Where is the world going to? What did you do with them Vincent? 14 or not, I hope you prosecuted them to the fullest extent of the law. If word gets around that you are a permissive shop owner, everyone in the neighborhood is going to take a shot. Also, put up one of those dumb "Free ride in the back of a cop...
Last 6 cases or so have been Stoudt's double IPA. To me its the perfect IPA with DFH 90 min right behind. Once in a while I'll drink weyerbacher "blithering idiot" barley wine, or Stoudts belgian triple. I went through a phase of trying everything I could get my hands on for a while until I found Stoudts. I also have a beertender that I keep a fresh mini keg of Heineken in. dl
How old r u neways? dl
Also, if you feel yourself going to early flip her over and get her in a new position. Use the time in between to think about your grandparents. dl
Quote: Originally Posted by Albern I'm a fan. My current set up is a 90 gallon aquarium with 4 fancy goldfish. I don't think I'll ever try a reef / marine set up because it seems like a lot more work than I have time to put into unfortunately. I'm happy sticking with freshwater (goldfish now, maybe tropical in the future). You're tank is a good size, why not go tropical instead? I suppose I could but a reef tank is just more appealing...
Wondering if any forum members are big into fish tanks, freshwater or saltwater. I had a 150gallon reef tank years ago that I disassembled when I went to college but was considering setting it up again in my new home. It can be a frustrating hobby that drains your wallet like no other but a well designed reef tank is a beauty to look at. Any fans? dl
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