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if you are wearing sneakers, shouldnt the pants look to short? dl
Quote: Originally Posted by VincentMilano Last week I caught 2 boys by myself who tried to steal, they're just 14 years old!? Where is the world going to? What did you do with them Vincent? 14 or not, I hope you prosecuted them to the fullest extent of the law. If word gets around that you are a permissive shop owner, everyone in the neighborhood is going to take a shot. Also, put up one of those dumb "Free ride in the back of a cop...
Last 6 cases or so have been Stoudt's double IPA. To me its the perfect IPA with DFH 90 min right behind. Once in a while I'll drink weyerbacher "blithering idiot" barley wine, or Stoudts belgian triple. I went through a phase of trying everything I could get my hands on for a while until I found Stoudts. I also have a beertender that I keep a fresh mini keg of Heineken in. dl
How old r u neways? dl
Also, if you feel yourself going to early flip her over and get her in a new position. Use the time in between to think about your grandparents. dl
Quote: Originally Posted by Albern I'm a fan. My current set up is a 90 gallon aquarium with 4 fancy goldfish. I don't think I'll ever try a reef / marine set up because it seems like a lot more work than I have time to put into unfortunately. I'm happy sticking with freshwater (goldfish now, maybe tropical in the future). You're tank is a good size, why not go tropical instead? I suppose I could but a reef tank is just more appealing...
Wondering if any forum members are big into fish tanks, freshwater or saltwater. I had a 150gallon reef tank years ago that I disassembled when I went to college but was considering setting it up again in my new home. It can be a frustrating hobby that drains your wallet like no other but a well designed reef tank is a beauty to look at. Any fans? dl
I dont know how you guys wear shirts more than once, regardless of the season. Ironing a dirty shirt to wear again just seems wrong to me. Even if the shirt doesnt smell, its still dirty from touching your skin. I machine wash on cold, hang dry and hand press. If it starts backing up I'll bring them to the cleaners for a hand press. dl
Quote: Originally Posted by VincentMilano Indeed, I'm sharing my knowledge and not my sausage... Got enough orders for that one already dl
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 dl20- zacy, winstrol is IMO one of the 2 or 3 most powerful drugs out there and is only a cutting drug because people are usually cutting on it. 350mg of winny is more powerful than just about 350mg of anything else. Troo. Winny and water made my cow huge but he always complained bc of the daily sticks. He also said that korean drol are the strongest stuff I've ever given him. dl
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