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Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 dl20- zacy, winstrol is IMO one of the 2 or 3 most powerful drugs out there and is only a cutting drug because people are usually cutting on it. 350mg of winny is more powerful than just about 350mg of anything else. Troo. Winny and water made my cow huge but he always complained bc of the daily sticks. He also said that korean drol are the strongest stuff I've ever given him. dl
I dont get these threads. Why do you need others to tell you if your clothes fit? Invest in a mirror. dl
Enough of this crap. Why dont u take the lv sunglass jerkoff and go post in the buyers feedback thread idiot. dl
I'm guessing OP is a 15 yo pimple popper awaiting football tryouts in the fall
you guys are friggin lame dl
Quote: Originally Posted by j BTW, it does not help your case when you post from another account (we can check IPs, duh) to "cosign" your accusations. Quote: Originally Posted by plei89 necessary if ignorant people don't understand the paypal process Isn't that grounds for banning J? dl
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 aging clinics are tough now. since quality vet and british dragon went under and steris is gone, there isn;t a lot around. mostly underground bathtub shit. getting raw powders and making your own is the way to go. Glad I'm out of the game nowdays. The powders were just coming around when I was calling it quits and guys were getting popped left and right. I was a big tren fan which I had cooked up for my by...
Quote: Originally Posted by zillka i feel pretty bad for DC Real World and The Hills..after watching this show, everything else seems dead with no pulse... seriously watch a chick at Real World "beef" with her roommate about weight or watch j-wow throw elbows hmmm +1 they should have never began a season of the RR overlapping JS. I watched 5 min of one episode and shut it off. dl
Thats certainly it, thanks JP [quote=JPHardy;2858351] Quote: Originally Posted by dl20 I have to find it but theres a pic of a buyer from Brunello cucinelli on the sartorialist with an amazing patterned DB sportcoat that I have always wanted to have made. Ill see if i can find the pic.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwiteaboy Do you want to be a professor of psychology? Then it's a workaholic type of career for little pay. What program are you in Kwiteaboy? Most academics I come across are lazy asses content to do very little, if any real clinical work and enjoy exerting their "power" by breaking students balls. The adjuncts I have had are by and large hardworking clinicians who get a little extra nut every month by...
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