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Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday Call me Don Draper. Don Draper dl
Hmmm I wonder about their watches. is hautelook the same company as Gilt? dl
So sad as others have mentioned. When I was watching tonight, the commentator mentioned that walls had been put in place overnight to make the track more safe. Maybe they should have thought of this beforehand. This kids death seemed to be preventable which makes it all the more sad. many years back a young tour de france rider crashed on a descent, as many others have before him but hit his head on a cement block and died. Tragic all the same but more of a freak...
Quote: Originally Posted by Augusto86 I feel like no one would work for LESS than they could get for doing nothing, so... They dont. Go into a poor section of town. A Wednesday morning looks like a Saturday there are so many working age people mulling around doing nothing. dl
Quote: Originally Posted by pokey07 Ok... I never said I deserved a high salary or top tier position. I'm just trying to figure out what I want to do with my life before it's too late. I have friends on paths in their careers as cops, accountants, getting PhDs, and I just haven't seemed to figure out what the hell I should be doing. Thank you for all of the solid advice so far. I honestly appreciate it. Ok, thats fair. Take a...
Corporal punishment has been proven ineffective in the literature time and time again. All is does is teach violence as a primary method of problem solving, causes the child to learn ways to avoid the punishment, and sometimes only results in transitory behavior change. There are more effective ways to shape behavior that dont require the parent to be overly permissive but still set firm limits. dl
Quote: Originally Posted by pokey07 I'm scared that I'm stuck moving from average job to average job. dude, you just graduated from undergrad. you have no skills and dont deserve a high salary or top teir position. Take your average job and do exemplary work. You will build equity in experience. I've been in grad school for 7 yrs and am (finally) getting paid 12k this year until I get my doctorate this may. Some will surely say that I...
Quote: Originally Posted by philosophe Sounds like tremendous PTSD crossed with major sadism. What the guy did is horrendous, but it really sounds like he needs help after combat, not just jail time. No offense Philosophe but the PTSD defense gets thrown around way to frequently for vets who commit heinous crimes post combat. "severe" PTSD does not lead to this type of behavior. A severely traumatized person may seclude/isolate themselves,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma having lived a little I know that if we had scores of individuals behaving like him the end results would be quite scary. I bet you'd have less people acting like idiots with their liquid courage though. dl
^ did I claim to be funny ass clown? dl
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